United Arab Emirates


An urgent meeting requested

She asked for a meeting on December 29.
The United Arab Emirates called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to be held tomorrow on the rapid escalation of the situation in the West Bank and its impact on the sustainability of the two-state solution," she said on the X platform (Twitter).

Tensions rise between Sudan army and United Arab Emirates

For months, Sudan's army kept silent amid alleged Emirati interference in the country's civil war, but its anger has finally boiled over, leading to harsh exchanges between Khartoum and Abu Dhabi.

The brutal conflict broke out in mid-April between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), killing more than 12,000 people and displacing millions.

Dubai summit adopts world-first 'transition' from fossil fuels

Nearly 200 nations meeting in Dubai on Wednesday approved a first-ever call for the world to transition away from fossil fuels, the top culprit of climate change behind a planetary crisis.

After 13 days of talks and another sleepless night in a country built on oil wealth, the Emirati leadership of the COP28 summit banged a gavel to signal the world had reached consensus.