Venezuela's Guaido thanks Mitsotakis for recognition

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido on Friday thanked Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the new government for recognizing his as the interim president of his country.
"Greece, the cradle of democracy, will undoubtedly be a great European ally in our struggle," Guaido said in a tweet, commenting on the Greek announcement earlier this morning.

Financial Times: Borrell to face five challenges, Kosovo among others

Federica Mogherini's successor, Josep Borrell, will face with the open issues of Iran, Venezuela, China and relations with USA.
"Spanish veteran will face with numerous challenges, starting from Venezuela to the Balkans, in times of EU fading impact", FT reports, adding that tensions between Belgrade and Pristina are rising, despite EU mediation.

Cuba Is Considering the Use of Cryptocurrency as Part of the Measures to Tackle the Economic Crisis

Cuba has announced it is considering the use of cryptocurrency in order to bolster its finances.

According to a report from SBS-AAP, the country's Communist government announced on state-run TV that it would potentially use crypto as part of a package aimed to boost incomes for as much as a quarter of Cubans and assist with market reforms.