Montenegro Plans to Purge Intelligence Agency

The Montenegrin parliament is shortly to discuss a government proposal to retire all existing intelligence officers aged 50 and older by March 1.

Under an amendment to the law on the National Security Agency, employees with 30 years of work experience, of which at least 15 have been spent working for the Agency, will be retired "under favourable conditions".

'Horrific' record 1,020 rhino killed in South Africa

A record 1,020 rhinos have been poached in South Africa this year, the government said Nov. 20, scuppering multiple efforts by authorities to curb the slaughter of the endangered species.
The vast Kruger National Park, has been hit the hardest by poachers, with 672 killed inside the park, which is roughly the size of Wales.

Bulgaria Pledges to Boost Defence Spending

Bulgaria will increase defence spending in line with decisions of the recent NATO summit in Wales to address global challenges, President Rosen Plevneliev said on Friday.

"The crisis in Ukraine returned us to harsh reality," Plevneliev said at a defence industry forum in Sofia attended by senior NATO officials and representatives of Bulgarian military plants and research institutes.

Scotland Votes to Stay in UK

The "Better Together" camp is leading on the "Yes Scotland" campaign, with partial results showing between 54 and 55 percent voted "No".

Results quoted by the Guardian suggest support for Scotland to remain part of the UK was at 1.397 m as of 05:15 BST (06:15 GMT), and those wanting the country to secede from Britain were 1.176 m.

Gasic: Serbia reliable, credible partner

BELGRADE - Serbia's attendance of the NATO summit in Wales underlines the fact that the country is assuming the position of a reliable and credible partner and that it is clearly committed to adopting the highest standards in specific fields in cooperation with different countries, Serbian Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic said on Tuesday.