According to a UN Report in 2018, 12,000 Children Were Killed or Injured in Armed Conflicts

A record number of more than 12,000 children were killed or injured in armed conflict last year, the UN reports.
Most children have been killed in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and Yemen, according to a UN report cited by the BTA.

The United States Wants to Create an International Military Coalition For the Region of Iran and Yemen

The United States wants to build an international military coalition to ensure the security of the waters in Iran and Yemen. This was announced by the head of the US Army Staff Chiefs General Joseph Dunford.

The aim is to ensure safer navigation in the area through which some of the most important maritime trade routes pass.

Bulgarian Vulture Detained for Espionage in Yemen

Vulture marked in Bulgaria became hostage to the Yemeni army. The story begins in the autumn of 2018 when the vulture starts its traditional autumn migration. Flying through Yemen where currently is war conflict happening, though, caught by local people. Once the authorities understand that there is a transmitter, the Griffon Vulture, which is a protected species, is captured.