In Australia, Some Croats Openly Celebrate Fascism

Similar clubs operate across Australia, gathering places for more than 43,000 Croatian-born Australians and more than 133,000 others who claim Croatian ancestry.

Tens of thousands of Croats migrated to Australia after World War Two and the collapse of the NDH, when Croatia became part of the socialist Yugoslav federation under Josip Broz Tito.

Serbian Club Parks Tank Outside Stadium, Sparking Controversy

Controversy erupted after a decommissioned T-55 tank was installed near the north stand of Red Star Belgrade's football stadium on Monday, with critics in Croatia accusing the club of celebrating Serbian "aggression" during the wars that broke out as Yugoslavia collapsed in the 1990s.

Memory Loss: The Campaign to Whitewash Croatia’s WWII Children’s Camps

Beneath the landmark red-brick bridge in the town of Sisak, some 50 kilometres from the Croatian capital Zagreb, there's an unusual statue.

It depicts seven small children standing or sitting around a rock in a - now dried-up - pool of water. Nothing about it suggests its purpose.