Russian, US, Ukraine, Embassies in Montenegro Argue Over Ukraine Crisis

Russian ambassador in Montenegro Vladimir Maslenikov at a celebration in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

On February 9, the Ukrainian embassy accused its Russian counterpart in Podgorica of spreading falsehoods about NATO's alleged expansionism and attempts to include Ukraine, calling it a direct threat to Russian security.

Serbia Grants Vukovar Massacre Convict Early Release

Miroljub Vujovic, a Serb wartime fighter who was convicted in Serbia of participating in killing some 200 prisoners from the Croatian town of Vukovar at the nearby Ovcara Farm in November 1991, has been granted early release based on the Belgrade Appeals Court's conclusion that his "resocialisation" is complete.

Judicial Council calls on Masleša to clarify graduation, bar exam

Ljubljana – The Judicial Council has urged Supreme Court judge Branko Masleša to provide an explanation about his law graduation diploma and the bar exam. This is after Masleša has been making headlines in some pro-government media about the level of education, and passing the bar exam a year earlier after graduation than possible under the law.

Kosovo Families Face Losing Homes in Post-War Legal Shambles

From the post-war period in 2000 until Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo was run by the UN's interim administration, UNMIK, which together with domestic political leaders attempted to create institutions that would be able to implement a newly-established legal framework for the country.