Bosnia’s Jews Still Hoping for Return of Seized Property

Sarajevo's architecture and its charming historical buildings often impress visitors to the capital, but for those whose families once owned some of them - or at least, the land on which they are built - they are a painful reminder of what they believe Bosnia and Herzegovina owes them.

Kosovo is US aircraft carrier on ground - German politician

In an interview for Vecernje Novosti, which recalled that this German politician said back in 2000 that Kosovo was "America's need to dominate the Balkans" - he pointed out that since the aggressive war against the the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999, NATO, led by the United States, did not stop its conflicts.

Bosnian Serbs’ War Commissions: Fact-Seeking or Truth-Distorting?

Two controversial new commissions set up by the Republika Srpska government to examine wartime crimes in Srebrenica and Sarajevo are to hold their first meetings in late March despite widespread concerns raised by international experts, diplomats and Bosniak war victims' organisations that their aim is to rewrite history.

US ambassador triggers Serbs with "side of history" comment

The daily Politika writes this on Friday, adding that, as in most other cases when US Ambassador Kyle Scott crossed the imaginary line of diplomatic propriety toward Serbia, or when his words hurt the feelings of a large number of citizens here, reactions followed this time as well - both from officials and from the public.

In Northern Macedonia, Are Preparing For the Presidential Election

The speaker of Macedonia's parliament on Friday set April 21 as the date for presidential elections, reported Reuters. 

"I'm convinced that all involved in the electoral process will give their contribution so the elections can be conducted in a fair and democratic atmosphere," Talat Xhaferi said after announcing the date.