Indictment for war crimes against Serb civilians in Odzak

SARAJEVO - The prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Prosecutor's Office has raised an indictment against four former members of the Croatian Defence Council suspected of rape, torture and sexual abuse of Serb women in the area of Odzak, northern part of the Bosniak and Croatian entity of Bosnia-Herzegovina, during the war in the former Yugoslavia, in the

Merkel Hails Balkans’ EU Progress in Dubrovnik

Merkel stressed that the countries of South-eastern Europe, SEE, have an ally in Germany as they continue on their path to membership of the European Union.

The Chancellor, widely seen as Europe’s most powerful leader, was attending the Brdo-Brijuni summit, which gathers political leaders from all the states of former Yugoslavia plus Albania.

Djokovic to Marry in Montenegro Luxury Resort

After claiming his second Wimbledon title on Sunday, tennis star Djokovic is set to marry his fiancée Jelena Ristic on Thursday at a glittering wedding ceremony near Budva, Montenegro, including around 140 guests.

Djokovic and Ristic arrived in Montenegro on Tuesday by private plane for what media in Serbia and Montenegro are already calling "the wedding  of the century".

Russian State Duma calls for Seselj's release

BELGRADE - MP Vyacheslav Tetyokin of the Russian State Duma called for release of leader of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) Vojislav Seselj from his detention unit in The Hague, SRS released.

According to the release, at the initiative launched by communist MPs, Tetyokin sent a letter of encouragement to Seselj as one of the most famous political prisoners in Europe.