Greek retail turnover improves but most consumers cautious

Eight years into the debt crisis which has shaken Greek economy and dramatically changed Greeks' everyday life, positive financial indexes and retail turnover results indicate that Greece is recovering. Athens and international creditors are set to celebrate the exit from the bailout era next summer.

In Anticipation of Christmas Eve

On the eve of Christmas is one of the brightest celebrations - Christmas Eve. Orthodox churches are hosted by the Holy Mass. According to the biblical tradition of Christmas Eve, the birth struggles of Virgin Mary, which began at Ignazhden, was completed. In the different parts of the country the people call the day Little Christmas, Cadenese Dinner.

Bulgarians will Spend an Average of BGN 235 For Presents During the Christmas Holidays

 We are just a mere few days away from Christmas - the most valued holiday out of the entire year and the hysteria about shopping has begun. Overcrowded shopping malls, promising attractive rates, and huge shopping bags are an increasingly common sight in recent days. And the peak in shopping will be this weekend. Then we are expected to spend the most, Nova TV reported.