How Much will Cost the Christmas Tree?

Christmas markets and garden centers now offer Christmas trees for Christmas decorations.

On average, a tree height of 120 cm is about BGN 20 leva.

A living tree in a pot cost BGN 70, again for the same height. Artificial tree is about BGN 25.

The custom of decorating the tree in our country comes from Russia, as it is not only a Christmas tree but also a New Year tree.

Christmas in New York - 25 Thousand Swarovski Crystals and 50 Thousand Lights (Video)

Crowds of tourists gathered in downtown Manhattan with enhanced security measures to light the lights of New York's largest Christmas tree.

The tree is 23 meters high and weighs over 12 tonnes. At its top is a star with 25,000 Swarovski crystals and its decoration includes 50,000 lights.