New Year's Day

Registry offices not to demand fee hike: Minister

Those whose passport appointments were delayed until the new year due to the intensity despite paying the fee last December will be exempt from the hikes made on Jan. 1, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has announced.

The move came after many citizens filed complaints via the Presidential Communications Center (CİMER).

Japan tuna price soars past $270,000 at New Year auction

The top-selling tuna at Tokyo's traditional New Year auction sold for more than $270,000 yesterday, nearly double last year's price, breaking a pandemic trend of slumping demand.

Michelin-starred sushi restaurant Onodera Group and Japanese wholesaler Yamayuki forked out 36.04 million yen ($273,000) for the

212-kilo bluefin tuna in the auction at Tokyo's Toyosu fish market.

Gas Prices in Europe Fall below 70 Euros/MWh for the First time since the Beginning of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Natural gas in Europe continues to fall in price at the start of the new year, falling below €70 per megawatt-hour (MWh) for the first time since the beginning of the military invasion of Ukraine, which Russia launched on February 24, 2022.

Turks celebrate New Year with various events across country

Citizens in many parts of the country, especially in Istanbul, the capital Ankara and western province of İzmir, have welcomed the new year with various events, while a group of people in the southern province of Antalya celebrated the arrival of the new year by entering the sea at a temperature of 10 degrees.