New Year's Day

Citu, Orban - Jewish New Year speeches; Cîtu: 10 days of repentance follow for you

Bucharest, Sept 6 /Agerpres/ - Prime Minister Florin Citu and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Ludovic Orban, gave speeches on Monday during the Jewish New Year celebration ceremony, in which the head of the Government spoke about the period of repentance, "practice that can be helpful at any time and to anyone", and Orban said that at present there is "a crisis of values".

Delo says quarter of population victim of govt’s bad planning

Ljubljana – Since they are not capable of planning, the Slovenian authorities had been inspiring the one quarter of the Slovenian population involved in the education system with false hope that things would start to normalise as of new year, Delo says in its front-page commentary on Monday.

Speaker Orban's New Year message: War not over yet, but we hold hopes it will end soon

Lower House Speaker and Liberal Chairman Ludovic Orban remarked in his New Year's message that 2020 was "perhaps the toughest year in our recent history", "a year of war that isn't over yet, but which we hope will end soon." Orban also voices his confidence that by mid-2021 vaccination will bring the pandemic to a halt.

Police issues 1,000 fines for holiday violations

Officers of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) issued more than 1,000 fines and made six arrests on New Year's Day alone over violations of health safety measures, ELAS said in an announcement on Saturday.

According to ELAS' press release, officers carried out a total of 57,498 inspections, including 13,159 at Athens International Airport.

Patriarch Daniel:Communion in prayer, cooperation in good deeds can turn fear into courage and hope

Communion in prayer, kindness of the heart and cooperation in good deeds can work wonders, turning fear into courage and hope, Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church said as he delivered the New Year's blessing service, the Akathist of our Lord Jesus Christ, at the Patriarchal Cathedral.

COVID-19 fighters enter 2021 on duty

Filiation teams at the forefront of the fight against the novel coronavirus in Turkey were on duty as they greeted the new year.

Filiation staff in the northwestern Kırklareli province were among them, tracking the virus' spread and conducting PCR tests while far from their families and loved ones on New Year's Eve.