New Year's Day

PM: Bulgaria Maintained Stability Despite Last Year's Global Challenges

In a Facebook publication on the occasion of the new year, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov noted that Bulgaria had managed to maintain stability despite the dynamic events taking place around the world in 2015.

Borisov identified 2015 as a year full of work and new challenges, when many projects had been fulfilled and the foundations for the long-awaited reforms had been laid.

‘Happy New Year’ in 27 different languages (vid)

In a few hours a lot of people will say “Happy New Year” around the world in many different languages.

In Greece we say ” Kali chronia”, in English-speaking countries “Happy New Year” and in Spanish-speaking countries ” ¡Feliz año nuevo”. But, what do people say in other countries around the world? Watch the video and learn how you can wish a Happy New Year in another language.

Campaign Launched to Curb Fatal Party Gunfire

A new social media campaign has been launched for the Western Balkans called "Don't Ruin the Party" - to raise awareness about the dangers of the custom of celebratory shooting ahead of the New Year's celebrations.

The practice, which was abandoned during the Cold War and communist period, experienced a dramatic comeback in the Nineties.