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Albania's Fatos Lubonja Brings Apocalyptic Memoir to UK

The book tour will starts on October 15th at the London School of Economics, LSE, with a conversation between Lubonja and his translator, and later move to other cities including the Welsh capital, Cardiff, ending at the Ilkey Literature Festival.

‘Butterfly’s Dream’ best film at Durres

The Turkish film “Kelebeğin Rüyası” (The Butterfly’s Dream), written and directed by Yılmaz Erdoğan, won the “Best Film of Balkans” award at the seventh Durres Film Festival in Albania.

Depardieu: Serbia is a small big country

BELGRADE - Famous actor Gerard Depardieu, who is on a visit to Belgrade, said on Thursday that he is pleased that Serbia is not following the European Union's policy of anti-Russian sanctions, and noted that life is too beautiful for people to occupy themselves with conflicts.

EU's Creative Europe programme promotes Balkan culture

EU's Creative Europe programme promotes Balkan culture

The Union allocated 1.5 billion euros for cultural and media projects.

The European Union’s Creative Europe programme is making 1.5 billion euros available to support regional cultural organisations, including cinema, and for translating books into regional languages.

Short story festival in Kikinda on July 2-5

BELGRADE - The short story festival Kikinda Short 09 will take place in five cities and three countries from July 2 to 5, and gather 20 authors from 14 countries who will read their stories to the audiences in Kikinda, Szeged, Timisoara, Zrenjanin and Belgrade, announced the festival organizer, Kikinda Short association.

Albania criticized for stance during floods

Albania criticized for stance during floods

BELGRADE -- Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić on Monday noted that "some countries" did not act properly toward Serbia when the country was hit by the floods in May.

According to a Beta news agency report, Dačić said that "an official reaction" would be sent to these countries.

Copenhagen Choir to stage humanitarian concert Thursday

BELGRADE - As part of its Balkan tour, the Copenhagen Music Choir, directed by Ole Reuss Schmidt, will stage a humanitarian concert at the Slavija Theatre in Belgrade on Thursday evening.

The choir will continue its international tour by May 30 in Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia, Batric Zarkovic, Slavija Theatre founder and director, has said.

Cash-Strapped Balkan States Miss Eurovision

The semi-finals of the Eurovision, which started on Tuesday in Denmark, will include only six participants from the Balkan region - Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Greece.

Viewers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey will only watch Eurovision from their TV sets.

International Music Youth Competition to be held March 21-29

BELGRADE - This year's international Music Youth competition will be held between March 21 and 29 at the Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade, featuring young pianists from nine countries of the world.