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A lone pedestrian walks through an empty park in the Romanian capital amid the global novel coronavirus pandemic. Photo: EPA-EFE/Robert Ghement.

A Romanian woman wearing a protective face mask waits at a bus stop in central Bucharest on March 26, 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/Robert Ghement.

Albania, North Macedonia Expect Good News on EU Talks

EU ambassadors are to make a decision on Thursday on a draft document agreeing the start of accession talks for Albania and North Macedonia.

If they approve the draft, the decision is expected to be confirmed later this month by EU foreign ministers and prime ministers, who are set to convene, probably via video conferences, on March 24 and 26 respectively.

Further restrictions to travel; cruise ships banned

Greece has decided to close its borders with Albania and North Macedonia, with some exceptions, stop flights to and from Spain and end passenger ship service to Italy.

Also, cruise ships will no longer be allowed at Greek ports.

Greek citizens, as well as permanent residence of Greece, will still be allowed to cross from Albania and North Macedonia.

Rama Takes his War on Media to Albanians’ Phones

Albanian mobile phone users have unexpectedly received a recorded message from the Prime Minister, advising them on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus - and the media.

"Wash your hands, don't move from your house for pleasure, open windows as much as you can, protect yourself from the media," the message from Edi Rama said.

In Greece, ‘Trained in Cruelty’

None of them knew what awaited them on the other side. Maybe they'd end up in jail on the Turkish side or fall prey to violent smugglers.

This was in 2006. Looking back, it seems like a happy era of order and predictability, as the world today seems to flirt with the abyss: economic insecurity, the epidemic of coronavirus and the biggest refugee crisis of the century.

Montenegro Albanian Mayor Disputes Municipal Boundary with Capital

Nik Gjeloshaj Photo: Courtesy of Nik Gjeljoshaj

The territory claimed by both Tuzi and Podgorica includes the largest waste landfill site in Montenegro, a livestock market and part of the vineyards belonging to Plantaze, the largest wine company in Montenegro.

Representatives of Tuzi believe that their municipality should collect taxes from these businesses.

"Measures against Belgrade to be introduced"

He explained that such measures are being introduced instead of suspending fees, because "he wants Kosovo to act as an independent state, which it is".
"Reciprocity will happen because we have decided to act as an independent state. Just as we are.

Montenegro Resort Says Coronavirus Quarantine Centre Would Wreck Economy

Ulcinj.  Photo: Municipality of Ulcinj

All political parties in the local assembly in Ulcinj have demanded an urgent meeting with the government after the Health Minister Kenan Hrapovic said that if cases start to occur, quarantine facilities will be opened at the former military base in Zoganje near Ulcinj and in the Danilovgrad and Niksic municipalities.

"Stop provoking Haradinaj"

Meta said Haradinaj was a "living hero for all Albanians" and Rama "a great shame", Gazeta Express reported.

EU enlargement chief urges opening to West Balkans

The European Union could open accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia within weeks as both countries have made good progress in their preparations, the European Commission's enlargement chief, Oliver Varhelyi, said on Thursday.

Greece’s neighbors and EU expansion

The foreign ministers of European Union candidate countries in the Western Balkans will meet in Greece's northern port city of Thessaloniki on Monday. The foreign ministers of EU members Croatia (which currently holds the bloc's rotating presidency), Romania and Bulgaria will also be present.