All News on Politics in Albania

Albania Opposition Unites to Challenge Rama in April Elections

The main opposition Democratic Party, PD, and the smaller left-wing Socialist Movement for Integration, LSI, put their ideological divisions aside on Monday to sign a pre-election agreement ahead of a legislative vote on April 25, under the slogan, "Albania, a home that wins".

Albania Breaks Pledge to Ensure Diaspora Can Vote in Election

With the deadline to set up a register of diaspora voters about to expire next week, Albania has missed its chance to ensure around 1.2 million Albanians living abroad can vote in the next general election, which is due in April.

COVID-19 Cafe Ban Prompts Protests, Blockades, in Montenegrin Town

Protests in the town of Tuzi against the government health measures. Photo: BIRN/Samir Kajosevic

Protesters called on the government to withdraw its decision to prohibit the work of cafes and restaurants in the town. Police forces are currently deployed in the town where the cafes are still working, despite the ban.

US Names Albanian Judge as Anti-Corruption ‘Champion’

Judge Adrian Dvorani. Photo: Gjergj Erebara/BIRN

"Judge Dvorani developed mechanisms to reduce political and criminal influence in the justice system, steps that contributed to the EU's decision in March to open negotiations for Albania's accession," the State Department said in a statement.

Kosovo’s Next Foreign Policy: A Wish List

To help flesh this out, here is my wish list for what an active, innovative and principled foreign policy should include:

End the custodian and vassal relationships

Supporters of the Vetevendosje party celebrate the party's projected victory in the parliamentary elections, in Pristina, Kosovo, 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/VALDRIN XHEMAJ

Kosovars Take to Streets to Mark State’s 13th Birthday

Marking the 13th anniversary of Kosovo's proclamation of independence, at a ceremony organised at the compound of the Kosovo Security Force KSF, the country's Acting President, Vjosa Osmani, recalled the past struggle for independence and the future goal of "integration into the community of European nations".

Albania Urged to Save Wild River by Proclaiming National Park

Twenty environmental organisations have called on the Albanian government to declare the river Vjosa - one of the last "wild" rivers in Europe - a national park. The request was sent on Wednesday to the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Blendi Klosi,

Supporting Western Balkans’ EU Prospects Won’t Hurt Macron

In the 2019 Eurobarometer, only a third of French respondents - 32 per cent - approved of enlargement, while 58 per cent were against. This was comparable to opinion in Germany or Austria, where 57 per cent were also opposed - but despite that, the governments of these countries strongly favour EU membership for the Western Balkans.

Albanian Govt Plan to Secretly Extend Airport Contract Condemned

The Albanian government under Prime Minister Edi Rama has secretly proposed to extend the contract for the private management of Tirana International Airport from 22 to 35 years, parliamentary submissions show.

Albanian PM looks to Turkey ahead of election

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama appears to be promoting Turkey as the country's main ally and benefactor and has been criticized for that.

Ramahas promised that a hospital will be built, with Turkish money, and will be ready by the April 25 election.

War Crimes Prosecutors to Quiz Albanian Army Ex-Officer

Shehu is one of scores of Albanian army officers who joined the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA in its war against the Yugoslav Army and Serbian police and paramilitaries in 1999.