All News on Social Issues in Albania

Albania Proposes Controversial Amnesty for Undeclared Assets

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama (left) and Socialist Party secretary-general Damian Gjiknuri. Photo: LSA

The opposition claims that the scheme would allow criminal to launder proceeds of illegal activities, in a country where money-laundering and organised crime are a serious concern.

Albania Fined by Strasbourg Court for Segregating Schoolchildren

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday found the Albanian state guilty of violating anti-discrimination measures in the European Convention on Human Rights by segregating children from the Roma and Egyptian minorities at the Naim Frasheri primary school in the south-eastern city of Korca.

Albania Investment Law Branded Tool for Clientelism

In 2015, Albania's parliament approved a bill designed to attract major investments - but seven years on, it's clear that local businesses eyeing short-term profits have reaped most of the benefits.

Kosovo’s Street Kids: Neglected at Home, and by the State

A lack of capacity in social welfare centres means that many children - mainly from Kosovo's Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities - are left to fend for themselves, forced into work from an early age despite the dangers. Despite the odd police operation against human traffickers or abusive parents, Kosovo's state institutions largely turn a blind eye.

Albanian Women in Politics Still Suffering Violence, Study Finds

The findings of a study on "Violence against women in politics", conducted by UNDP in cooperation with Albania's Ombudsman and Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, were published on Wednesday at a roundtable held in the Albanian parliament.

Minorities in Albania Urge More Accurate Headcount in 2022

After widespread criticism of its 2011 population census, authorities in Albania are facing calls to improve the way they count minorities when the headcount is repeated in 2022.

Photographer Portrays Pain – and Hope – of Refugees Reaching Albania

Supported by Caritas Albania, UNHCR and Caritas Austria and Caritas Italy, a new exhibition in Tirana called "The Dreams We Carry" shows portraits of refugees that have come to Albania. Most of the pictures were taken at border points, mostly at the Greek-Albanian border called Kapshtica, at nearby refugee reception centres.

First Two Cases of Swine Flu have been Registered in Albania

The Albanian Institute of Public Health announced that the AH1N1 virus, better known as swine flu, was circulating in the country, and that the first two cases of infection had been confirmed, Ora News TV reported.

In Albania, a Worrying Rise in Drug Gangs Hiring Minors

Under questioning, he admitted selling drugs for a dealer who paid him a fixed monthly wage of 10,000 leks, or roughly 82 euros. He refused to name the dealer.

The boy is one a growing number of minors used as distributors by organised drug gangs operating in densely-populated districts of Tirana, in exchange for a meagre wage.

Shrinking Balkan Populations Give Neglected Roma Their Chance

The example of Kotez is replicated in other towns and cities in Serbia, and in the Balkans, and explains the noticeable rise in the employment rate of Roma people, mainly in lower-paid service sectors, due to a shortage of labour.