All News on Social Issues in Albania

Key Workers Told to Get Vaccinated in Some South-East Europe States

Serbia was the first country that made vaccination mandatory for police officers and members of the armed forces in May, followed by Greece and Hungary, which made jabs compulsory for the healthcare sector.

Albania then made vaccination mandatory in late August for health workers, teachers and students.

‘Debate’ on Women Ministers Has Revealed Albania’s Sexist Mindset

Sexist attacks also came from all categories and age-groups owning a social networks account. Memes were also shared, focussing not only on the women in the new government but also conveying the message that they "will be used and exploited".

Thousands Protest Against Femicide That has Shaken Albania

Thousands of activists and citizens joined protests on Wednesday in Tirana and Fier over the murder on September 10 of a young woman by her ex-husband - and over official failures to prevent violence against women more generally in Albania.

Afghan Refugees Fleeing Taliban Arrive in Albania

The refugees fleeing the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan were flown in to Tirana airport on Friday morning, where they received medical check-ups before being sent onwards to the city of Durres.

Milanovic: I will not back down, I am asking Serbia...

"I don't intend to back down on that. We can't ask for war compensation from Serbia, but there are human souls, not bodies. They have that information and they will have to give it to us. We need to focus on the essentials, and those are missing persons. The team in Belgrade can give us the requested information if they want", Milanovic said in Kijevo, a place in Sibenik-Knin County.

Afghan Asylum Seekers - Bargaining Chip in Balkan Politics

Afghanistan is the hot news on everybody's foreign policy agenda right now and the ramifications of the debacle are being felt far and wide.

Take for example the Balkans, where there are three key impacts.

The first concerns Balkan countries providing housing to Afghans who collaborated with the US.

Balkan Countries Offer Refuge to Afghans After Taliban Takeover

Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia have expressed readiness to temporarily host an undefined number of Afghans fleeing their country after Taliban forces seized control over the weekend as the United States pulled out.

‘They are Humans’: Albania Memorializes Dramatic Exodus to Italy

This wasn't the first mass escape from Albania. A few months before, on March 6, 1991, several thousand more Albanians reached Italy after seizing cargo ships in the ports.

A year earlier, on July 1990, some 5,000 others took refuge in foreign embassies in the capital, Tirana. Thousands more crossed the land border to Greece.

Asian Migrants Fill Jobs That Picky Albanians Now Spurn

Haque is one of 10 Bangladeshi workers employed by the INCA factory in Lezha. The manager says Albania no longer supplies enough labour, forcing him to seek workers far away.

"I plan to stay here for a long time because I have no other solution," Abudalep, 28, another Bangladeshi migrant employed at the INCA factory told BIRN. "In my country there is no work," he adds.