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Families of Albanian ISIS Fighters Face Long Road Home

Currently, a group of 108 women and children from Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia want to return to the Balkans from the Al Hol camp. There are a small number of ethnic Albanian families in two other camps in Syria.

Tsipras, Rama discuss Albania’s EU course, seizure of Greek properties in Himara

Less than a week after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warned Albania that Tirana's moves to seize seaside properties of members of the Greek minority in the city of Himara will hinder Tirana's EU course, Tsipras discussed the issue in a telephone conversation with his Albanian counterpart, Edi Rama, today.

Tsipras, Rama speak on phone after property crisis

Bidding to defuse recent tensions, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke on the phone with his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama on Thursday, in the wake of last week's bilateral crisis sparked by a call published in the Albanian government gazette for the seizure of properties belonging to members of the ethnic Greek minority in the town of Himara.

Crisis in Greece-Albania ties over Greeks’ properties in Himara

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reacted strongly to a move by the Albanian government of Edi Rama to effectively expropriate large tracts of prime seaside properties owned by members of the Greek minority in the upscale coastline town of Himara and neighbouring Sarande.

Albania removes gazette entry on confiscation of ethnic Greek property

The Albanian government removed from its gazette a law that would allow the arbitrary nationalization of land belonging to the ethnic Greek families in the south of the country, a diplomatic source from the Greek foreign ministry said on Saturday.

Bulgaria Gives BGN 3.5 million to Western Balkan Countries And the Eastern Partnership

Bulgaria will financially support 9 Western Balkan countries and the Eastern Partnership by providing grants of BGN 3 485 028 million for the implementation of projects for the development of education, science, culture, social integration and civil society.
This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Former Ambassador: Regional Security in the Balkans is Not Threatened

Mass protests have covered the Balkans. What is the cause of the people's dissatisfaction in Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, and is there any chance the stability of the Balkans to be threatened, Albania and Kosovo's former ambassador to Bulgaria Bobby Bobev commented in the morning block of the Bulgarian National Television.

Albanian Family Pleads for Return of ISIS-held Children

Many women and children have been evacuated from the enclave to refugee camps run by Kurdish forces and the US-backed anti-government coalition Syrian Democratic Forces in anticipation of a final, bloody stand by ISIS fighters. There are indications Ndregjoni's niece and nephew may be among them, alongside other children of ISIS fighters from the Balkans.

Thousands of Albanians Went to the Streets to Demand the Resignation of the Prime Minister

Thousands of Albanians went to the streets on Saturday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Demonstrators clashed with the police as they tried to enter the prime minister's office in the capital Tirana.

Four demonstrators and two police officers were injured during the clash, according to the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

EC closely monitoring situation in Albania

In response to a question from a Greek MEP over the appropriation by the Albanian state of land belonging to members of the Greek minority there, European Commissioner for Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn reportedly said Monday that the European Commission is closely monitoring the situation throughout the country.

"Let's open borders between Montenegro, Serbia, and RS"

The initiative by these two opposition politicians in Montenegro is addressed at Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, and the chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Milorad Dodik.

Albania PM Axes Seven Ministers After Protests

Prime Minister Edi Rama on Friday axed seven of his 14 ministers after a year of popular protests against government policies.

Rama summoned the National Assembly of his governing Socialist Party in Tirana and insisted that the changes were "not the result of failures".

Mitsotakis urges Tirana to respect ethnic Greeks in Albania

Opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday urged the government in Tirana to respect the rights of the Greek minority in Albania, reminding the Balkan country that its performance in this respect is key to determining its aspirations for European Union membership.

Albania defends seizure of minority properties

Albania has defended a controversial decision to confiscate property belonging to ethnic Greek families in the south of the country.

On Tuesday, the Greek Foreign Ministry urged Tirana to annul the decision, which also involves the sale of minority property with an eye on tourism development, calling it a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Tensions at Greek-Albanian border as mourners try to reach Katsifas service

There were tensions at the Greek-Albanian border on Saturday morning when Albanian authorities reportedly stopped Greek citizens trying to enter the country to attend a memorial service for an ethnic Greek man, Konstantinos Katsifas, who was fatally injured by Albanian police in an exchange of fire in late October in the village of Bularat.