All News on Social Issues in Albania

Outgoing Albanian Parliament to Vote on President’s Dismissal

The Socialists vowed to bring down Meta the moment they secured victory in a parliamentary election on April 25, without even waiting for the new MPs to take their seats in September.

They accuse Meta, a former Socialist prime minister who quit the party 17 years ago, of inciting violence and fomenting political instability with his statements before and during the election.

‘Coffee and Cigarettes’: Albanian Miners Seek Special Status, Fair Pension

Veliu's story and countless like it are the reason why Albania's miners have been calling for 30 years for a special status that would recognise the unique nature of their work, providing for better working conditions, pensions and health cover. Retired miners currently receive pensions of between 194 and 242 euros per month.

Montenegro Urged to Compensate Human Trafficking Victims

Illustration. Photo: EPA/MLADEN ANTONOV

"The victims of trafficking are not given compensation, they should receive compensation for the damage done to them," Petya Nestorova, Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe's Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, told BIRN.

Sex Assault Reports Spark Chain Reaction in Kosovo, Albania

A series of reactions on social networks, and protests against sexual harassment, assault, and abuse of women and girls have started in Albania and Kosovo following recent media reports of the sexual assault and abuse of the young.

Activists Protest Against Killing of Women in Albania

Protesters rallied on Tuesday outside the city court in Elbasan, where a woman was killed last week by her husband.

The 54-year-old victim, a mother of three children who had requested a divorce from her husband, was killed in the court building in the middle of the day in front of her youngest son.

For Some Abused LGBT Kosovars, Albania is Their Only Shelter

A lack of institutional support means LGBT victims of abuse in Kosovo often have to rely on the goodwill and creativity of rights activists, or seek shelter in neighbouring Albania. A new shelter in Pristina might change that.

Rama’s Election Win Cannot Bridge Albania’s Divisions

Albania's Socialist leader is savouring his unprecedented third election victory in a row, but his embittered opponents - convinced they lost an unfair race - won't easily be reconciled.

Politician’s Killing Stains Albania’s Turbulent Election Campaign

Police inspect the scene where a politician was murdered and four citizens were injured in Elbasan, Albania, March 21, 2021. Photo: LSA

Xhuvani is a former state official who had campaigned for several parties, including the Socialist Movement for Integration, LSI, and the Justice and Integration and Unity Party, while being a Socialist Party activist currently.

Albania Prosecutors Investigate Socialists’ Big-Brother-Style Database

Illustration: David Maddison/Flickr

Bushati said prosecutors asked him where the information came from, and said he had refused to reveal his source, calling the meeting "a short meeting without much substance" while suggesting that the prosecutors should instead investigate how the personal data of the citizens ended up in the hands of a political party.

Anti-Semitism Used as Tool in Balkan Disputes: Report

Although there is a "low presence of anti-Semitism" and only a few thousand Jews remaining in Western Balkan countries, the issue is being appropriated for use in ongoing regional political disputes, says a new report published by the International Republican Institute NGO on Thursday.