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Canadian Foreign Minister to visit Serbia on Friday

OTTAWA - Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird will arrive on a four-day visit to Serbia on Friday, Serbian Foreign Ministry confirmed Wednesday for Tanjug.

Albanian Media Scrum Expected For Papal Visit

Albania’s Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro, on August 16 said the Pope's forthcoming visit to Albania will generate enormous interest in the country.

“This is a big event that will bring Albania to the centre of attention of the international media,” Kumbaro told reporters.

“About 1,000 journalists are expected to cover the visit,” she added.

Albanian PM Edi Rama to visit Belgrade in September

BELGRADE - Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama will pay an official visit to Serbia in September, which will be the first time an Albanian high official has come to Belgrade in the past 70 years, the Belgrade-based daily Danas reported.

Ice Bucket Mania Sweeps the Balkans

As in many other countries, the "ice bucket challenge" has taken hold among celebrities and politicians in the Balkans.

West Balkans PMs Flag Up Adriatic Highway

Ahead of an important German-hosted meeting in Berlin on Thursday, the Prime Ministers of Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro met on Monday in Cavtat, Croatia, to discuss the planned construction of an Adriatic-Ionian highway.

The highway will connect Central and Western Europe with Greece through the Western Balkans, running down the coast.

Serbia Rebuffs Merkel's EU Criticism

Jadranka Joksimovic, the Serbian minister in charge of EU integration, said on Monday that contrary to the impression given by Merkel, Belgrade was rapidly implementing the tough but necessary reforms that will help the country on its way to EU membership.

Albania Police Stage Major Anti-Drug Crackdown

Nearly 300 police officers, including interior ministry special forces units aided by military helicopters, have swept through the mountainous area of Dukagjin in northern Albania, destroying hundreds of cannabis plantations.

Joint military exercise strengthens Balkan armies

Joint military exercise strengthens Balkan armies

Participating countries said the exercise increases regional co-operation and supports regional security.

Balkan militaries are participating in the Immediate Response 2014 military exercise headed by the US European Command (EUCOM) in Pocek, Slovenia.

Balkan Telecom Regulators Mull Scrapping Roaming Charges

Balkan telecommunications regulators are nearing a decision to cancel roaming charges for mobile communications, Macedonian news agency MIA reported on Thursday.

The proposal, launched about two months ago, has brought together regulators from Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

Ljajic announces talks on free roaming across region

BELGRADE - Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic said Thursday that it is possible to reach an agreement on introducing free roaming between countries in the region, adding, however, that the process will be neither simple nor quick.

Gorani decide against forming minority council

Gorani decide against forming minority council

BELGRADE -- Serbia's Gorani population will not be forming their national minority council, the Gorani Civic Initiative decided on Wednesday.

The initiative is "the sole political and national organization of this autochthonous people in Serbia," Tanjug reported.

Gorani will not form national minority council

BELGRADE - Serbia's Gorani will not be forming their national minority council, the Gorani Civic Initiative - the sole political and national organisation of this autochthonous people in Serbia - decided on Wednesday.

Two Albanian Chromium Miners Die in Shaft

Denaid Barçi, 30, and Xhemal Sela, 53, were among a group of seven miners working in the Gallery No 7, of Fushe Lopa mine.

The causes of the accident remained unknown. However, on Tuesday media reported that police had detained the owner of the company that ran the mine and the technical director.

International children's folklore festival opens in Uzice

UZICE - The 6th Licitar Heart international children's folklore festival has opened in Uzice, western Serbia, with a ceremony that involved its 850 participants.

The festival, which opened late Monday, features 27 folklore groups from 10 countries, which will be performing on nearby Mt Zlatibor, in Mokra Gora, Pozega, Bajina Basta, Visegrad and Republika Srpska until August 23.

Albanian Jihadist Reportedly Killed in Syria

Albanian citizen Idajet Balliu, 24, was reported killed in fighting near the Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday - the latest of ethnic Albanians who have died fighting as part of various Islamic militant organisations since the Syrian conflict started.