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Albanians Raised in Communist Labour Camp Recall Lost Childhood

"I'm realising over time that what I'm doing is a cleansing, a spiritual catharsis, and I was very young at the time of that system, I wasn't even a member of any [Communist] organisation, nothing. But it is your duty, it is your obligation to the history of your country," he insisted.

Turkish cryptocurrency boss arrested in Albania

The founder of a cryptocurrency exchange Thodex, suspected of having fled Turkey with the assets of his clients, has been arrested in Albania, the Turkish Interior Ministry said on Aug. 30. 

Türkiye issued an international arrest warrant in April last year for fugitive businessman Faruk Fatih Özer, who fled with a reported $2 billion in investors' assets.

Fugitive Turkish Cryptocurrency Businessman Arrested in Albania

Elbasan prosecutor Kreshnik Ajazi confirmed to BIRN on Tuesday that fugitive Turkish Faruk Fatih Ozer, suspected of staging a massive cryptocurrency scam, is being held in the Albanian city, saying that "he was arrested today in Elbasan".

Unbalanced Vucic-Rama Double Act Benefits Only Serbia

Both understand that bad moves at the local level are more tolerable to the West than those at the regional level, as long as you play nice with the neighbours; both rule their countries with an iron fist - Vucic overtly, Rama's hidden behind a velvet glove.

Macedonians, Albanians ‘Most-Deported Nationalities’ by Germany

The German federal authorities told the Bundestag that 6,198 foreign nationals were deported from the country from January to June this year, after a request for the information from MPs from The Left party, media reported on Friday.

Albania Charges Russian ‘Spies’, or Are They Just Explorers?

Albania is awash with talk of Russian espionage, but might two Russians and a Ukrainian arrested at a former military factory simply be members of an 'urban exploration' community who photograph abandoned buildings for fun?

The Bulgarians in Albania Need Support, They Want an Urgent Meeting with President Radev

The Bulgarian-Macedonian dispute is also being carried over to Albania. Another misunderstanding arises over the possible separation of two regions in Albania - Golo Bardo (Gollobordë) and Gora, into separate municipalities, reports BNT. The Bulgarian minority, recognized by the Parliament in Tirana in 2017, is concentrated in these areas.

Albania Probes Russians, Ukrainian Arrested at Arms Factory

The Albania government said on Monday that it is seriously examining an incident at the weekend in which two Russians and a Ukrainian passport holder were detained while entering an arms factory in Gramsh and allegedly assaulted soldiers.

Russians sent submarines to the Adriatic Sea; "If they only fire one missile..."

Just to recall, Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" announced that Russian warships tried to block the exit of the American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" from the Adriatic Sea. They were allegedly at the height of Ancona, and Akrap points out that the Russian frigate "Admiral Grigorovic" was also at the height of Split, seen from the Croatian coast.

Albanian Police Officer Investigated for Criticising Journalists

State Police in Albania said on Friday that they are investigating Deputy Commissioner Anisa Kostani, a police officer in Elbasan, after she harshly criticised journalists on social media for their reporting of a killing in the city.

Türkiye bags most medals in Islamic Solidarity Games

Türkiye has bagged a whopping 265 medals in the fifth Islamic Solidarity Games being held in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, while the Turkish men's national U23 football team has become the champion of the tournament recently.