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Rama sided with Serbia: "You have to understand, Serbia has special ties with Russia"

"You have to understand that Serbia is in a very different position compared to many others, because of its history, because of its special ties with Russia," Rama said.
He stated that he believes that Serbia should impose sanctions in time, but warned that Belgrade, which is largely dependent on Moscow for energy supplies, should not be pressured to do too much too soon.

Bulgarian PM proposes that Parliament Resolve All Issues on the Topic of North Macedonia

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has proposed that parliament resolve all issues on the topic with the Republic of North Macedonia, including whether or not to lift the veto for Skopje's talks with the European Union. This is one of the points that the Prime Minister proposed for a vote at the beginning of today's government session.

Open Balkan(s) is Not Just Unwise. It’s Dangerous

It's always a good idea to come to the fresh air and crystalline waters of Lake Ohrid, one of the most beautiful places in Europe.  Unfortunately, the reason for last week's gathering of leaders from the region - 'Open Balkan' - is not a good idea. In fact, it's not even a good name.

Kosovo Stunned as Dua Lipa Festival Shifts to Albania

Music fans who have booked accommodation in Kosovo's capital Pristina to attend the Sunny Hill festival will have to change their plans, as Albania's capital, Tirana, has surprisingly become the last-minute location for the event.

Vučić laid a wreath at the Monument to the Košare Heroes; "Thank you very much" VIDEO

President Aleksandar Vucic laid a wreath at the Monument to the Heroes of Kosare to mark the anniversary of the end of the battle.
After laying the wreath, Vui talked to the veterans of the Battle of Koare, who also laid the wreath at the monument, and thanked them for everything they did for the fatherland.

Vučić: I ask what do we need to do now, to recognize Kosovo?

We noticed that, although many on our political and public scene did not want to notice it. But, "the full normalization of relations" is still in the official negotiation process, and there is no talk of mutual recognition", said the President of Serbia, after laying a wreath at the monument to the heroes from Kosare.

Albanian Judges Face Scrutiny over Early Release Rulings

In December last year, Albania's High Court overturned a decision by the country's Appeals Court which, five years earlier, had freed a notorious underworld figure called Lulzim Berisha.

FM Fajon notes importance of credible EU enlargement policy

Thessaloniki – Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon attended a ministerial of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Thessaloniki on Friday, and held a number of bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Greece event. In the debate, Fajon noted the importance of a credible EU enlargement policy for the reform efforts of the Western Balkans.

Kosovo PM Unimpressed with Serbian President’s Energy Deal Offer

Albin Kurti expressed disdain on Thursday about an energy deal suggested by Serbia's Aleksandar Vucic in which lignite coal from Kosovo could be exchanged for electricity.

"This is an attempt by the authoritarian president of Serbia to move from the failed project of a territorial exchange to this one of a coal exchange," Kurti told media.

Week in Review: The Search for Normality

New Beginning

Albania President - elect, Bajram Begaj. Photo credits: Edi Rama Facebook

After the often turbulent and anything-but-dull five year term of Ilir Meta as President of Albania, is the country about to get a 'normal' president? On Saturday June 4, Albania's Parliament elected Bajram Begaj as the country's new President, due to take office at the end of July.

Vučić from Ohrid: "When we are together, we are much stronger" PHOTO / VIDEO

The summit is attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, prime ministers of North Macedonia and Albania, Dimitar Kovacevski and Edi Rama, as well as officials from Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
President Vucic said that he had meetings with representatives of countries that are not yet official members of the Open Balkans.