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"Caretaker cabinet has no comment on EU sanctions"

"Caretaker cabinet has no comment on EU sanctions"

BELGRADE -- Serbia did not take a stand on EU's sanctions imposed against officials of the ousted authorities in Ukraine "because the government is in a technical mandate."

The caretaker government "cannot comment on such situations," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Beta on Thursday.

International Music Youth Competition to be held March 21-29

BELGRADE - This year's international Music Youth competition will be held between March 21 and 29 at the Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade, featuring young pianists from nine countries of the world.

IMF Urges Albania to Raise Taxes and Pension Age

In a report issued on Wednesday, following discussing between the Albanian government and the Fund from October to December, the IMF said Albania’s economy had weakened and macro-economic imbalances had widened.

"Serbian municipalities should join Albania and Kosovo"

"Serbian municipalities should join Albania and Kosovo"

BELGRADE -- A leader of ethnic Albanians in the south has said that "if Russia can annex Crimea" southern Serbian municipalities should be given the right to join Kosovo.

According to reports, Jonuz Musliu spoke about the municipalities of Preševo and Bujanovac "uniting with Albania and Kosovo."

South of Serbia Could Request to Join Kosovo

Southern parts of Serbia could request to join Kosovo if Crimea is incorporated into Russia.

"If authorities in Moscow demand that Crimea join Russia, Tirana [Albania's capital] and Pristina [Kosovo's capital] should demand the same for Presevo valley," Jonuz Musliu, head of Bujanovac Municipality, was quoted as saying by Serbian radio B92 and CROSS news agency.

Albania to Toughen Environmental Crime Penalties

The minister said Albania had already “consolidated legal framework on the environment, but criminal sentences for those who break the law should be increased.

“The current measures are not enough,” he told an international conference on the environment held in Tirana.

Five Serbian cities make list of Europe's top 10

Five Serbian cities make list of Europe's top 10

The cities were chosen based on categories including human resources and life and business environment. Also in business news: Cyprus appoints Georghadji as new central bank governor.

Zajecar, Serbia, was chosen as one of Europe's top 10 cities of the future. [AFP]

Global Economic Crisis Made Albanians Poorer

Credit Suisse considers Albania a lower middle income country in 2013, with a per capita wealth per adult estimated $9,450 (€6,796).

According to the Swiss bank's research arm, in mid-2013 every adult Albanian per capita had $1,780 (€1,280) in financial wealth $8,390 (€6,034) in non-financial wealth and $647 (€465) of debt.

Belgrade declaration on social entrepreneurship signed

BELGRADE - The representatives of non-governmental organizations from the region of the Western Balkans and Turkey signed on Friday the Belgrade Declaration on Development of Social Entrepreneurship, with an aim to draw attention of the decision-makers in the EU and other countries to the steps that need to be taken for further development of social economy.

Cafe Gives Young Disabled Albanians Start in Life

The E Jona café is the latest addition to the posh Blloku neighborhood of Tirana, which is made up of hundreds of cafes, bars and nightclubs.

But, unlike anywhere else in the block, morning macchiato can also be ordered here in sign language.

Trade surplus with CEFTA countries USD 89.7 million

BELGRADE - Serbia gained surplus in trade with the CEFTA countries amounting to USD 89.7 million in January 2014, reads a statement by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (RSZ) on Wednesday.

The exports to the CEFTA countries in January amounted to USD 153.7 million, while the imports were USD 64 million, and the export- import ratio equaled 240 percent.

CeSID and several foreign observers to monitor elections

BELGRADE - The Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) is the only domestic organization that requested and got accreditation from the national electoral commission (RIK) for monitoring early parliamentary elections, while foreign observers showed greater interest in that.

Bulgarians Among Most Frequently Expelled from Belgium in 2012

The Bulgarians were among the foreign nationals who were expelled from Belgium most frequently in 2012. 

The five countries, topping the list, according to frequency of expulsions are Albania, Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria and Brazil. 

Albania 'Sold Off' Parts of Butrint, Watchdog Says

Documents obtained by the Forum for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, a watchdog based in Tirana, show that 1,360 hectares of land inside the park were restored to property claimants in 2006.