Latest News from Albania

Welcome Home? ISIS Returnees Test Balkan Countries’ Ability to Reintegrate

Despite the potential security threat posed by their return, which all three countries say they are taking seriously, experts warn that these people cannot be reintegrated only by the political centre; the local communities where they live must play an even greater role.

UN Court Move Raises Hopes for Albania, Greece Border Deal

Unable to bridge their differences in bilateral negotiations, Albania and Greece have turned to the International Court of Justice to settle a maritime border dispute. The move might just work.

Bulgaria Signs Join Statement on Civil Order in Afghanistan

Bulgaria on August 16 signed a joint statement saying Afghans and international citizens who want to leave Afghanistan must be allowed to depart and that airports and border crossings must remain open.

Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia Prepare to Shelter Fleeing Afghans

Albania is reported to be about to give refuge to some 250 Afghan civilians over the course of the next few days, North Macedonia is expecting to take in around 390 and Kosovo is also preparing to receive an unnamed number of people fleeing Afghanistan after it fell to the Taliban at the weekend.

Workplace Accident Lawsuits Cost Albanian Power Giant Dear

"The moment he started climbing, the 10-kV current hit him. He died immediately," the verdict read. His mother, sister and brother had sued his employer for compensation.

Vlinga is not the only employee of the Operator for the Distribution of Electricity, OSHEE, who lost his life lately on the job or suffered serious accidents.

Balkan Countries Offer Refuge to Afghans After Taliban Takeover

Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia have expressed readiness to temporarily host an undefined number of Afghans fleeing their country after Taliban forces seized control over the weekend as the United States pulled out.

‘They are Humans’: Albania Memorializes Dramatic Exodus to Italy

This wasn't the first mass escape from Albania. A few months before, on March 6, 1991, several thousand more Albanians reached Italy after seizing cargo ships in the ports.

A year earlier, on July 1990, some 5,000 others took refuge in foreign embassies in the capital, Tirana. Thousands more crossed the land border to Greece.

Most Balkan Countries Cheer Olympic Medal Scores

Several countries in the Balkans improved their Olympic scores or achieved even more notable successes at the Tokyo Games, with athletes responsible for the medals taking the centre stage in national celebrations.