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Bosnia Remains Hostage to Old, Obsolete Narratives

Despite that danger, Bosniak, Bosnian Croat or Bosnian Serb politicians and their affiliated media continue to confuse and frustrate both the local and international public by clinging to their conflicting, outdated and unrealistic narratives.

Smuggling ring caught after making millions of euros

Thousands of consumers paid 3.27 million euros over the last couple of years for counterfeit trainers brought into Greece and sold by a gang recently busted by the country's Financial Crime Squad (SDOE).

What will happen to North Macedonia - a new name on hold

This is carried out by the Plusinfo portal.
President Pendarovski explains that it will be on hold until the accession negotiations with the EU begin as a part of the Prespa Agreement that deals with internal and external communication and the use of the new state name.

Albanian PM to Sue Kosovo’s Haradinaj for Libel

Albania Premier Edi Rama speaking in Tirana on 24 October 2019. Photo: LSA

"In the courts of Kosovo, the gentleman should prove the allegation of about 10 billion euros that would have been divided between me, [Kosovo President] Hashim Thaci and [Serbian President Aleksandar] Vucic," Rama told the audience of Opinion TV show.

‘Strict – but Fair?’: Dutch Approach to EU Enlargement

No, is the answer, according to the Netherlands, at least when it comes to Albania. While most of the blame was placed on French President Emmanuel Macron, the question arises why the position of the Netherlands differs from the overwhelming majority of other member states.

EP Adopts Negotiating Resolution with Northern Macedonia and Albania

The European Parliament has adopted, by a large majority, a resolution to support the opening of negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania.

The text expresses disappointment at the failure of last week's summit after France, the Netherlands and Denmark blocked the decision. The lack of a solution is a strategic mistake, the resolution underlines.

Macron offers special partnership to the Balkans?

A privileged special partnership would be a substitute for a full membership.
According to the proposal, financial support, special arrangements for access to European markets and other benefits would be offered to the Western Balkan countries in exchange for a "silent withdrawal" of full membership.

Hahn laments failure to green-light North Macedonia, Albania accession talks

The European Union commissioner for enlargement, Johannes Hahn, on Thursday lamented last week's decision not to open accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania as "a matter of deep disappointment."

In opening remarks at the European Parliament plenary debate on opening the accession talks, Hahn said that EU leaders have "failed to live up to their commitment."

Albania Police Expose ‘Terrorist Cell’ Targeting Iranian Exiles

Ardi Veliu, Albanian Police General Director, speaking during a ceremony in Tirana on 21 October 2019. Photo: LSA

Police General Director Ardi Veliu told journalists that they had identified the alleged terrorists from "sources inside the cell".

Proposed Euro Parliament Resolution Advocates Balkan Enlargement

MEPs from the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament on Wednesday submitted a motion for a resolution condemning France for vetoing the opening of accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia during the European Council summit last week.

Vucic for "Financial Times": They are more honest now

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic stated this, adding that the only responsible approach is to rely on ourselves.
Such a decision, despite reform efforts taken by Albania and Northern Macedonia, made it clear to the region that "it is not all up to us", Vucic said in an interview given to the Financial Times, entitled "Balkan nations bank on regional ties after EU snub".