Latest News from Albania

Belarus declared Bulgaria an “unfriendly” country

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers Bulgaria an unfriendly state.

Today, the government in Minsk approved a list of countries it considers "unfriendly".

Albanian Women in Politics Still Suffering Violence, Study Finds

The findings of a study on "Violence against women in politics", conducted by UNDP in cooperation with Albania's Ombudsman and Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, were published on Wednesday at a roundtable held in the Albanian parliament.

Iranian Citizen Faces Terrorism Charges in Albania

Albania Special Prosecutors Office in Tirana

If found guilty, Pooladrag faces up to 10 years for the first charge and up to 15 for the second. He is suspected of working for the Iranian secret services and of eavesdropping on The People's Mujahedin of Iran, MEK, an exiled Iranian opposition group many of whose members moved to Albania in 2013 on the advice of the US.

Censorship and Blackmail Accusations Rock Albania’s Top TV Station

An unknown person on Top Channel's show Top Story's Facebook page on Thursday sent shockwaves across Albania after claiming that the TV channel's bosses had cancelled the airing of an important documentary entitled "The Oligarchs of the Urban Renaissance".

Albania Unveils Sanctions on Russia Over Attack on Ukraine

Albania's Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhacka, said Albania was joining EU and Western sanctions on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, presenting its raft of measures on Sunday.

In Albanian City Once Named ‘Stalin’, a Base for NATO

NATO says the upgrade will bring the base - once home to Soviet- and Chinese-made MiG fighter jets - up to alliance standards by renovating the runways, taxiways, and storage facilities.

Albanian Exhibition Puts Faces of Dictatorship on Display

Hoxha was the First Secretary of Politburo until his death in 1985, when he was replaced by Ramiz Alia until the Communist regime was ousted. Also on display at the exhibition are portraits of officials from the state security service, senior police and judicial figures and chiefs of prison camps.

Artist Recreates Images of Albanian Communist-Era Prisoners’ Lives

An exhibition of drawings by Albanian artist Ina Elezi, based on her conversations with former prisoners who were jailed at Spac, where Albania's Communist regime used political detainees as forced labour, went on display on Sunday at the Destil Creative Hub in Tirana.

EU answer to W Balkan issues, Pahor tells Munich conference

Munich – President Borut Pahor took part in a panel debate on the Western Balkans at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, arguing the EU enlargement process should be stepped up and offering the EU as the answer to all the issues troubling the region.

Albania Urged to Ban Glorification of Communist Regime

The Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture NGO launched a petition on Thursday evening in Tirana which will be presented to parliament calling for legislation to curb the enduring influence of dictator Enver Hoxha's former Communist regime.

Albania President Wins Constitutional Battle to Stay in Office

Albania's President, Ilir Meta, will end his mandate in office after winning a Constitutional Court battle with the ruling Socialist Party, which dismissed him via a vote in parliament nine months ago.

In a verdict on Wednesday, the Court said the accusations made against Meta "do not constitute serious violation of the constitution".