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Highway horror: 8 dead, at least 35 wounded/PHOTOS, VIDEOS

The Interior Ministry (MUP) announced this on Tuesday morning.

A press release said that the pile-ups happened in both directions of the highway at around 07:20 hours CET, involving multiple vehicles - more than 40 have been damaged, some completely. has learned that 37 people have been injured, while the police put the number at between 35 and 40.

European Commission "unifies" Kosovo and Albania

Namely, according to this report, the EC stated that the digital economy commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, would visit "Pristina, Albania" on October 12.

The announcement further states which Pristina officials she would meet, while Pristina is "placed" in Albania.

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Kosovo Indicts Six For Planning Terrorist Attacks

Kosovo prosecutors indicted six Islamist militants on Saturday for planning attacks and suicide bombings in Kosovo, France and Belgium from December 2017 to June 2018, the indictment obtained by BIRN says. 

Kosovo policeman arrested with half a kilo of cocaine

According to the Kosovo-based website KoSSev, B.J. was arrested with 500 grams of a substance suspected to be cocaine in his possession.

The officer works in the Urosevac police station, while the arrest happened at the Vrbnica border crossing (with Albania).

Serbia President to Resolve Telekom Problem With Albania

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that he will talk to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama about reports that Serbian Telekom's planned investment in Albania's telecommunications company is not welcome.

"First time": EU inks border deal with Albania

According to AP, cited by Tanjug, this is "the first time the bloc has concluded such an accord."

The deal is aimed at tackling irregular migration, in particular sudden changes in migratory flows, and cross-border crime, it was stated in Brussels on Friday.

EU again addresses its view of solution for Kosovo

This has been stated by representatives of EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, according to Pristina-based Albanian language daily Koha.

They are further quoted as saying that a legally binding agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the normalization of relations "must guarantee a viable solution that is in line with international laws."

FM doesn't believe Thaci and Haradinaj will be arrested

Dacic assessed that this was proof that Western powers are keeping the two former leaders of the KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army") "in the game."

Dacic told Radio Television Serbia (RTS) that he had information from Sheveningen about "prison cells being urgently freed up" - but that he did not believe that Thaci and Haradinaj would be arrested.

Thaci says "everyone dreams about unification with Albania"

"Is unification with Albania also not a strategic goal? Albanians will be together in the Euro-Atlantic family, NATO and the EU, but of course everyone knows the dream of Albanians," Thaci told the broadcaster TV Dukagjini, Pristina-based paper Telegrafi is reporting.

"Germans put Serb minister back in Kosovo government"

Jevtic and all other members of the Kosovo government from the Serb List submitted their resignations back in March, after the arrest of Office for Kosovo and Metohija chief Marko Djuric, and have not taken part in any of its sessions since.

The website states that the return of ministers from Serb List was influenced by a German delegation currently visiting Pristina.

Serbian telecom bids for OTE's Albanian subsidiary

Serbia's state-run Telekom Srbija has made an offer to acquire Telekom Albania as it looks to expand in the Balkans, the Belgrade-based Vecernje Novosti reported on Monday, citing sources.

Telekom Albania has a 39 percent market share in Albania's telecommunications sector and is 99.79 percent owned by Greece's OTE.

Confirmed: Serbian company wants to acquire Telekom Albania

This interest is in line with the Serbian operator's announced intention to expand its business in the region.

"The goal of Telekom Srbija is to position itself as a regional leader in the field of telecommunications. We have submitted a bid and it is now under review," Telekom said without revealing any details.

Telekom Albania is the second largest operator in Albania.

Tsipras at UN: Prespes deal was not 'imposed' by the strongest

The agreement signed between Athens and Skopje last June to resolve the almost 30-year-old dispute over the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was not "imposed" on the neighboring country, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a speech at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday.