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UPB students gain four medals at SEEMOUS 2020

Students at the Automatics and Computers Faculty of the Politechnica University of Bucharest gained four medals, one gold and three silver, at SEEMOUS - a maths competition for Southeast Europe, with international participation, which took place between March 3 and 8 in Greece, in Thessaloniki.

More Balkan Countries Confirm First Coronavirus Cases

Albania, Bulgaria and Moldova registered their first cases of the coronavirus at the weekend as the illness continues to expand its reach in the Balkans and worldwide.

The Albanian Ministry of Health on Sunday said the two cases had arrived from Italy, were in a stable condition and have been placed in care.

Albania Backs Special Law “Against Crime” Despite Rights Concerns

Albania Prime Minister Edi Rama on March 5, 2020, defending his proposal in parliament. Photo: Malton Dibra/LSA

The law, technically called a Normative Act, implying a law undertaken under extraordinary circumstances, received 89 votes for and 17 against.

"Access point to the sea, this is a compromise offered to Serbia"

Reka said Serbia was offered a major compromise, he said, and that is the access to Durres port in Albania via Kosovo, without explaining the proposal in more detail.
He said that Serbia is blocked and does not have access to the sea because it is blocked from Montenegro, and it cannot access it through Northern Macedonia either, Kosovo online reports.

Montenegro Albanian Mayor Disputes Municipal Boundary with Capital

Nik Gjeloshaj Photo: Courtesy of Nik Gjeljoshaj

The territory claimed by both Tuzi and Podgorica includes the largest waste landfill site in Montenegro, a livestock market and part of the vineyards belonging to Plantaze, the largest wine company in Montenegro.

Representatives of Tuzi believe that their municipality should collect taxes from these businesses.

"Measures against Belgrade to be introduced"

He explained that such measures are being introduced instead of suspending fees, because "he wants Kosovo to act as an independent state, which it is".
"Reciprocity will happen because we have decided to act as an independent state. Just as we are.

Commission Reports Raise EU Hopes in Albania, North Macedonia

Albania and North Macedonia have "stepped up their work and delivered further tangible and sustainable results in the key areas," since June 2018 the revised European Commission progress reports published on Monday said.

Montenegro Resort Says Coronavirus Quarantine Centre Would Wreck Economy

Ulcinj.  Photo: Municipality of Ulcinj

All political parties in the local assembly in Ulcinj have demanded an urgent meeting with the government after the Health Minister Kenan Hrapovic said that if cases start to occur, quarantine facilities will be opened at the former military base in Zoganje near Ulcinj and in the Danilovgrad and Niksic municipalities.

"Stop provoking Haradinaj"

Meta said Haradinaj was a "living hero for all Albanians" and Rama "a great shame", Gazeta Express reported.

EU enlargement chief urges opening to West Balkans

The European Union could open accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia within weeks as both countries have made good progress in their preparations, the European Commission's enlargement chief, Oliver Varhelyi, said on Thursday.

Social Media a Help and Hindrance in Balkan Coronavirus Fight

Serbia has no confirmed cases of coronavirus yet, but on Tuesday a WhatsApp voice message began doing the rounds on social media claiming several people had already died from the virus in the capital, Belgrade.

"Doctors are strictly forbidden to talk about the virus," the woman is heard saying on the message, which was published on several Serbian news portals.

Protesters Win ‘Battle’ in ‘War’ Over Albanian Theatre’s Fate

Protesters clashing with Albanian police on 24 July 2019 at the gates of the National Theatre. Photo: Gent Shkullaku.LSA

The announcement by Rama of the initiative on March 2018 was followed by two years of regular protests over the fate of the country's cultural heritage, political cronyism and concerns about the over-development of the centre of Tirana.

Montenegrin Crew of Cocaine Ship Arrested in Caribbean

Cocaine on Aressa ship. Photo: Montenegro's Police Directorate

Montenegro's Police Directorate on Wednesday said that the arrest was part of a months-long international action initiated by Montenegrin, Serbian, Dutch and British law enforcement.