Latest News from Albania

UN: Alarming Levels of Air Pollution in the Balkans

Residents of all major cities in the Western Balkans face worrying levels of air pollution that reduce life expectancy, because the underdeveloped and politically unstable region depends largely on the burning of coal to produce energy, the Associated Press reported. of the UN.

‘We're ready to welcome you’ NATO tells North Macedonia

NATO's secretary-general commended North Macedonia on Monday for making the reforms necessary to join the transatlantic military alliance next year.

"We are ready to welcome you," Jens Stoltenberg told reporters after meeting Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

Violence Flares in Albania Opposition Protest

Albanian opposition protesters using firecrackers against police on June 2. Photo: Gjergj Erebara/BIRN

At their seventh large protest, the opposition parties again called for the removal of Prime Minister Edi Rama and his Socialist-led government.

Opening ceremony of Saber Guardian 2019 Multinational Exercise at Smardan range

Secondary Centre for Combat Training in Smardan, southeastern Galati County, hosted on Monday the opening ceremony of the Justice Sword 2019 Multinational Exercise, attached to the Saber Guardian 2019 (SG19), a release by the Information and Public Relations Office of the 2nd Infantry Division Getica (host of the drill) informs.

Thaci’s Pan-Albania Union Plea Scorned as Populism

On Monday, commemorating a battle between Serbian forces and the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, in Pashtrik, Thaci went further by asking the Kosovo and Albania parliaments to take action.

"New circumstances are being created, and the best solution would be that two parliaments, of Kosovo and Albania, approve the statements of people's wish to live in a single state," he said.

Unlike Europe, Bulgarians Believes mostly Television and least the Print Press

Bulgarians believe mostly what is being said on television and at least the print media, unlike other European peoples, who are skeptical mostly to social networks. This shows a year-by-year study of the European Union of Electronic Media, which collected data from 33 countries in Europe, reports Dnevnik. 

The EC Has Warned that EU Enlargement Talks Are Long And They Will Take Time

The European Commission has today recommended for the second time that the EU should start negotiations on the accession of northern Macedonia and Albania. 
     EU Neighborhood Commissioner Johannes Hahn noted that the negotiation process has so far been protracted and that it will not change.

EC Recommends Accession Talks With Albania, North Macedonia

The newly adopted enlargement report of the European Commission has recommended opening accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia - but has not set a date for them to start, which will be left for the European Council to decide in June.

BIRN Wins Appeal to Declassify Albanian Secret Police Files

The landmark ruling by the Administrative Court of Appeals in Tirana on Wednesday paved the way for the declassification and publication of written reports and statistical data produced by Albania's Sigurimi security service.

North Macedonia official gets "Greater Albania" gift

"Greater Albania" is a nationalistic, expansionist project that would see internationally recognized borders of Albania expand to include parts of neighboring countries - i.e., Serbia, Greece, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Police in Albania catch second suspect in Zafeiropoulos murder

Albanian authorities have arrested a second suspect in the murder in 2017 of Athens lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos.

Eno Mata, known as the Winged Maradona, was arrested following a shootout between the villages of Vlore and Fieri in southern Albania.

Mata had been with an accomplice who was fatally injured.