All News on Economics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia Experts Query Reduction in Trade Deficit

Bosnia recorded a reduction in its trade deficit - the gap between imports and exports - in 2015, generating hope that the country is becoming less dependent on imports.

Unions Pile Pressure on Bosnia Federation Govt

Leaders of the union of pensioners' associations in Bosnia's Federation entity will meet next week to decide the date for protests against worsening living standards, the vice-president of the union, Mehmedalija Rapa, said.

Rapa said that up to 35,000 pensioners are expected to join the protests, expected sometime in the latter half of September.

Turkey cheaper than Europe but cars, booze, tobacco remain expensive

Turkey is more expensive than a few European countries but it remains cheaper than a majority of the continent, according to a new comparative purchasing power parity index released June 19 by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜ?K).

However, car prices stood above European levels, as did the prices of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and consumer electronics.

World Bank issues report on growth prospects in SEE

BELGRADE - Positive economic growth is expected this year throughout the region, with the exception of Serbia, whose gross domestic product is projected to drop by 0.5%, according to the World Bank's latest South East Europe Regular Economic Report.

Foreign Investors Shy Away From Macedonia

In the first eight months of 2014, Macedonia attracted €176 million in FDI, which was 11 €million less than the same period last year, data from the Central Bank show.

Macedonia attracted only €251 million in FDI in 2013, which was the worst score in the region, below Kosovo, which attracted slightly more - €259 million.

IMF downgrades Serbia's GDP growth forecast

WASHINGTON - Serbia would have a 0.5 percent drop in economic activity this year, and a growth of one percent next year, according to the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) autumn forecasts.

Outlook For Bosnian Job-seekers Remains Grim

Almost 35,000 people in Bosnia lost their jobs in the first half of this year, new figures published by the Agency for Labour and Employment show.

Statistics published in late August reveal that 34,605 became unemployed from January to June, approximately 5 per cent of the total workforce.

Donor conference provided "favorable loans"

Donor conference provided "favorable loans"

BELGRADE -- Marko Blagojević has said that out of EUR 995 million which donors pledged for Serbia during a conference earlier this week, "115 million are pure donations."

The rest, the head of the Serbian government's office for flood reconstruction explained, are favorable loans.

Warning Issued Over Bosnia Money-Laundering Risks

The Council of Europe's expert committee on money-laundering issues, Moneyval, warned on Sunday that financial institutions should take precautions when conducting financial transactions with Bosnia.

Increase of employment for women to lead to GDP growth

BELGRADE - Increase of employment for women could bring about an increase of the GDP per capita in Serbia of up to 16 per cent, the analyses carried out by the World Bank (WB) have shown.

In Serbia every 5th individual jobless

In Serbia every 5th individual jobless

In the first month of 2014 even 42,771 jobless people have registered them with the National Employment Service. That is almost 2,000 people more than in December last year.