All News on Entertainment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Book Documents Culture Buildings Used as Balkan War Jails

Photographer Hrvoje Polan, writer Viktor Ivancic and journalist Nemanja Stjepanovic presented their new book 'Behind the Seven Camps: From Crimes of Culture to Culture of Crime', about the use of cultural buildings as wartime detention and killing sites, on Thursday evening at Zagreb's Gric cinema.

Cable Operator United Group to Meet Potential Buyers

Dutch-based cable and pay-TV operator United Group is to conduct meetings over the coming week with potential buyers, two sources familiar with the matter told BIRN, ahead of a reported auction in September.

Balkan Docs Feature in Kosovo Film Festival

Of the six competing categories in Kosovo's international documentary and short film festival, Dokufest, which opens on Friday in Prizren, the Balkan Dox category will feature 16 documentaries from the region.

Sarabande, a film by the Kosovo director Kaltrina Krasniqi, started as a personal documentary on the classical music virtuoso Petrit Ceku.

Romanian pupils win seven medals at Balkan Geography Olympiad

Romania's Geography Olympic team won two gold, two silver and three bronze medals at the Balkan Geography Olympiad, which was held in Iasi between 24-29 June, thus placing Romania first in the ranking of nations.

Bill Clinton's Novel Features Female Bosnian Assassin

Bill Clinton and James Patterson's new novel 'The President is Missing' stars an attractive, pregnant, female vegetarian from Bosnia and Herzegovina who is also an assassin. 

The Bosnian woman is a classical music-loving, cold-blooded killer known only by the code name Bach because she likes to listen to the compositions of Johann Sebastian while doing her job.

Michael Douglas to unveil Karl Malden monument in Belgrade

Tanjug reported this on Friday, citing Srpski Telegraf.

Malden, whose father was a Serb, had a long career in the US, where was born, primarily as a character actor. He passed away in 2009 at the age of 97.

Douglas has always been pointing out that Malden - born Mladen Sekulovic - had been a decisive influence on his career, the report said.

Campaign to improve working conditions of journalists

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) said in a press release, that this state of affairs was documented by the European Commissions Enlargement package 2018 published in April 2018.

Belgrade's International Film Festival Kicks Off

The 46th edition of FEST, under the slogan Come Closer, will take place from February 23 to March 4., featuring 116 premiers and ten cinematic classics.

Film Star's Death Highlights Plight of Bosnia's Roma

Bosnian Roma actor Nazif Mujic, who won a prestigious award at the Berlin Film Festival five years ago, will be buried on Wednesday - his death at the age of 48 coming after his cinematic success failed to prevent his return to poverty in his home country.

Popular Serbian Actor Nebojsa Glogovac Dies

Serbian actor Nebojsa Glogovac had died in Belgrade having been admitted to the Institute of Oncology ten days ago, which is when media reported that he was seriously ill and that his health condition was serious.

Glogovac was born on August 30, 1969 in Trebinje, southern Bosnia, into a family of Orthodox priests. The family moved to Pancevo, Serbia, when he was seven years old.