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N1’s Slovenian news portal launched

Ljubljana – A news portal under the N1 brand was launched in Slovenia on Wednesday by United Media. The portal will be managed by Adria News, a company established for this purpose, which is headed by Katja Šeruga, who is also the editor-in-chief of the portal.

One of Slovenia’s bestselling books gets sequel

Ljubljana – Goran Vojnović has written a sequel to his bestselling debut novel Čefurji Raus! after 13 years. Đorđić se Vrača (Đorđić Returns) is no longer a story about Slovenians and immigrants from the former Yugoslavia and their children, but about a world that is disappearing.

"I thank you, Belgrade, from the bottom of my heart"

"I thank you my Belgrade, from the bottom of my heart, because you gave my mother and my sister a chance to get vaccinated, and therefore a chance for a better life.

Romania, Bosnia and Herzgovina celebrating 25 years of diplomatic ties

Romania's Foreign Ministry (MAE) is welcoming the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, emphasising that the European and Euro-Atlantic prospects of the Balkan country is one of Romania's foreign policy concerns.

United Media planning to expand to Slovenia with news portal

Ljubljana – United Media, the media division of United Group, plans to expand to the Slovenian market this year by setting up a news portal under the N1 brand, which is already active in the region.

The Luxembourg-based United Media has already opened the Adria News subsidiary in Ljubljana under which the N1 Slovenija web portal will operate.

‘I Didn’t Ask’: Balkan Women Share Sexual Abuse Traumas

After several Serbian women actors launched a court case against the well-known acting teacher Miroslav "Mika" Aleksic, accusing him of raping several of his pupils, women from various former Yugoslav countries, mostly actors and artists, have started sharing their own experiences of abuse on social media, sending the message to each other that they are not alone.

Bosnia in 2021: The Year Dayton Gets Rewritten?

The determination of some local, regional and international actors to fix Bosnia's dysfunctional Dayton setup - regardless of the depth of disagreement over how - may thrust the country back into the international spotlight in 2021.

Editor-in-chief of Beta News Agency Dragan Janjic passed away

Janjic was born on October 6, 1955 in Lopare, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and began his journalistic career at the Tanjug agency, where he worked from 1983 to 1994 as a journalist, reporter and editor.

Famous Bosnian Actor’s Passing Draws Tributes Across Region

Politicians, actors and public figures across the former Yugoslavia are paying tribute to the famous Bosnian actor Mustafa Nadarevic who died on Sunday after a long battle with illness at the age of 77.

Sefik Dzaferovic, the Bosniak member of the state presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, called Nadarevic's death a great loss for Bosnian culture.

BIRN Wins European Press Prize for Justice Reporting

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina was given the European Press Prize Special Award for 2020 on Thursday for its groundbreaking work in covering transitional justice topics.

Yugoslav Flags at Pop Concert Enrage Croatian Generals

Four retired Croatian generals - Ivan Tolj, Ivan Kapular, Marinko Kresic and Mile Cuk - issued a statement on Sunday saying that it was a "national shame" that Yugoslav flags under which crimes were committed against the Croatian people were flown at concerts by Lepa Brena in Zagreb.