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Vučić: It was a bigger tactical victory than we presented it

President Vucic talked about important political issues in the entire region.
"The situation for us is serious and it is getting complicated because this year we will have many elections in the region, which will be a good opportunity for continued attacks on Serbs," he said.
As he said, attacks on Serbs are a safer option for them.

Cavusoglu calls on US to maintain ‘balance’ in ties with Greece, Turkey

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusolgu on Monday reacted to media reports on the possible sale to Greece of F-35 fighter jets, produced by US defense giant Lockheed Martin, calling on Washington to maintain the balance in its relations with Athens and Ankara.

British warn - Prevent the new outbreak in Kosovo...

In an article analyzing the situation in the Western Balkans, titled "Europe needs to do more", the Guardian states that in December "local disputes" led to the installation of barricades in the north of Kosovo, which is mainly inhabited by Serbs.

Serbia in 58th place in Global Firepower rankings

BELGRADE - In the latest rankings published by the US-based Global Firepower website, Serbia is placed 58th out of 145 countries, ranking higher than any other country in the region in terms of military strength.

Compared to the previous rankings, Serbia has moved up from the 61st position.

Serbia stronger in 2023 but will face challenges - analyst

BELGRADE - Serbia entered 2023 as a stronger country, but it still faces challenges regarding the Kosovo-Metohija issue and, like the majority of European countries, it will also feel the fallout from the Ukraine war, says political analyst Zoran Milivojevic.

There is No Threat of Bulgaria being drawn into a Conflict - For Now

"I have always said that Russia is currently a risk to our national security. There is no other opinion on the matter. But for now, there is no direct threat that involes Bulgaria, as well as NATO, in a military conflict."

This was stated today by the acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov to Bulgarian journalists in Brussels.

Meeting of NATO defense ministers starts today

This will be the first meeting of defense ministers since the NATO summit in Madrid in June and the first that Finland and Sweden will attend as countries invited to join the Alliance.

Bosnia elections indicate time right for civic ideas, says pundit

Ljubljana – Faris Kočan, a researcher at the Centre of International Relations at the Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences, believes the results of the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina available so far indicate time may have come for civic ideas as opposed to nationalism.

Erdoğan due to embark for three-day Balkan trip

President Erdoğan will embark on a three-day Balkan trip on Sept. 6 which includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. The agenda of the visits will be bilateral relations, regional peace and stability, and steps towards increasing the trade volume.

Meeting Vučić, Pahor counts on political wisdom of region’s leaders

Belgrade – The impact of the war in Ukraine on the Western Balkans and the region’s European perspective topped the agenda as President Borut Pahor met his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vučić in Belgrade on Saturday. Pahor hopes the region’s leaders will muster enough political wisdom to solve all bilateral issues through dialogue.