All News on Social Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Report Accuses Croatian Police of Abusing Migrants

A Human Rights Watch report published on Tuesday alleged that Croatian border police have been threatening, beating, insulting and extorting money and valuables from migrants and refugees, and pushing them back into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatia has denied the allegations against the police, according to the report.

EU foreign policy chief tells Thaci tax needs to be revoked

Mogherini, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, and Thaci "reviewed the latest developments in the context of the EU facilitated Dialogue for normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia."

Bosnia MP Challenged Over Change in Ethnic Status

While Bosnia awaits the formation of governments at entity and state level, an attempt by a new MP to change his ethnic status has highlighted a strange loophole in Bosnian law and politics.

Bosnian Serbs Slash Funds For Muslim, Catholic, Charities

The Muslim charity Merhamet, as well as Caritas Banja Luka, the Catholic relief organisation, will receive far less funding in 2019, according to the draft version of the Republika Srpska budget.

Bosnia Courts Struggle to Address Rise in People Smuggling

Bosnian courts have done little to address the problem of people-smuggling, which is believed to be growing, as thousands of people attempt to cross from the non-EU Bosnia into EU-member Croatia.

86,000 Bosnians Give Up Citizenship for Foreign Passports

From 1996 to 2018, a total of 86,755 people renounced their Bosnian citizenship - more than the population of the town of Brcko in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina - according to data that BIRN has obtained from the country's annual migration profile.

Low Crime Rate Among Migrants in Bosnia, Data Reveals

The increasing number of migrants and refugees entering Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 has raised concerns about security, especially in towns near the border with EU member state Croatia, but official data shows that they have not committed large numbers of criminal offences.

Migrants in Bosnia 'Taking Wrong Path': EU Official

Johannes Peterlik, the EU's Secretary-General for Foreign Affairs, told media in Sarajevo on Thursday that migrants and refugees currently in Bosnia must be told that they are trying to take the wrong path to the EU.

Serbian FM on three-day visit to Spain

Dacic will attend the opening of the Consulate of Serbia in Seville, while in Malaga he will participate in the OSCE Mediterranean Conference.

The opening ceremony of the Consulate, with Honorary Consul Juan Manuel Contreras, will be held on October 24.

Dacic will participate in the OSCE Mediterranean Conference on October25-26 in Malaga.

Migrants Clash with Police on Bosnia-Croatia Border

Several migrants and refugees were injured when they tried to break through a police cordon on Wednesday that has been preventing them from entering EU member Croatia at the Maljevac border checkpoint in northern Bosnia, local media reported.

Bosnia: Migrants clash with police, break through cordon

They are headed towards the border.

The cordon was set up by the Border Police of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH)

According to information from Sarajevo-based media, the clash between police officers and migrants has produced injuries.

Migrants, Refugees Block Bosnia-Croatia Border Crossing

Some 200 migrants and refugees blocked the main road towards Bosnia's border crossing with Croatia on Wednesday morning, resulting in the Maljevac border checkpoint being closed to all traffic, the Bosnian border police said.

Migrants Gather on Serbian, Bosnian Borders to Enter Croatia

Some 400 migrants and refugees gathered on Tuesday on Bosnia and Herzegovina's border with Croatia, with a similar number massing on Serbia's border with Croatia, local media reported.

Croatian police announced that misinformation had been spread that the EU state would open its borders.

EU: KSF can "transform only in accordance with constitution"

Last week, the Kosovo assembly adopted three draft laws on the transformation of the KSF, with Serb List members of the assembly opposed, Albanian language paper Zeri is reporting. The aim was to circumvent the constitutional changes, which must have be supported by the Serbs.

Anti-Migrant Protest Held in Bosnian Border Town

Some 1,000 people in the Bosnian town of Bihac, on the border with Croatia, staged their third consecutive evening protest on Monday, demanding that state-level officials find a proper solution to the rise in the number of migrants and refugees arriving in the area.

  People of Bihac gathered in the town centre, demanding the relocation of migrants and refugees Photo: Courtesy of N1