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CoE Torture Watchdog Accuses Croatia of Abusing Migrants at Borders

The Council of Europe's anti-torture committee has called on EU external border state Croatia to stop police ill-treatment of migrants and asylum seekers in its borders.

On Friday, its report called on authorities to take "determined action to stop migrants from being ill-treated by police officers and to ensure that cases of alleged ill-treatment are investigated effectively".

Far-Right Exploiting Pandemic to Spread Hate, in the Balkans Too

When Hope not Hate conducted its research in the summer of 2020, the 20 most popular videos on the platform were a mix of extreme racist propaganda and harmful disinformation, mostly originating from QAnon and anti-vaxxer groups.

Hojs advocates unity in migration response in Sarajevo

Sarajevo – Interior Minister Aleš Hojs took part in a regional ministerial conference in Sarajevo on Thursday, advocating the strengthening of cooperation and partnership in the Western Balkans region regarding migration management and maintaining security, said the Interior Ministry.

Nearly Half of Bosnia’s Youngsters Pondering Emigration

Nearly half of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 47 per cent, are thinking of leaving the country, a survey issued by the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, published on Wednesday, says.

Shrinking Balkan Populations Give Neglected Roma Their Chance

The example of Kotez is replicated in other towns and cities in Serbia, and in the Balkans, and explains the noticeable rise in the employment rate of Roma people, mainly in lower-paid service sectors, due to a shortage of labour.

Croatian NGO Doubts Violent Pushback Was ‘Individual’ Act

After a number of European media outlets published disturbing footage of a violent migrant pushback on Croatian territory last week, government officials condemned the incident - but insisted it was an act of individuals, not of the police as an institution.

Investigation finds illegal, violent pushbacks at EU borders

Migrants are suffering sometimes-violent illegal pushbacks carried out by special police units at the EU's borders, especially Greece and Croatia, an investigation published on Oct. 6 by media including Germany's Der Spiegel found.

US tells Dodik: "You have no right to secede"

That is the message from the US Embassy regarding the statement of the Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina that official Banja Luka will ask for the rejection of all decisions imposed by the High Representative.

Hate, Lies and Vigilantes: Serbian ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Brigade Plays With Fire

He was tall and athletic, with close-cropped hair and a black leather jacket. Back in his twenties, he played professional basketball for clubs in Bosnia and Switzerland until, he says, the crisis hit and the money ran out. Now in his early thirties, he has his own business, cleaning and maintaining the facades of Belgrade's skyscrapers.

Slovenian police join campaign against online child abuse

Ljubljana – The Slovenian police have teamed up with Europol and police forces from the Western Balkans for a campaign against online abuse of children and youths in the region, which starts this week.

Police break up migrant smuggling ring

Koper – The police have uncovered a criminal ring that has been smuggling migrants from Bosnia through Croatia and Slovenia to Italy. According to the Koper Police Department, the ring consisted of six members – four Slovenians, one Kosovo national and one national of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnian Religious Group to Protest Against Sarajevo LGBT Pride

Participants carry placards and rainbow colored flags during Sarajevo's first-ever gay pride parade, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on September 8, 2019. PHoto: EPA-EFE/Fehim Demir

The group called on Muslims and Christians to "join us against this plague".

"The Bible, like the Quran, condemns homosexuality!" it said in a Facebook post on Monday.

Ziga Divjak: Slovenia Is Complicit in Violent Pushbacks of Refugees

His team also visited Bosnia, seeing the tough situation on the ground and talking to migrants, listening to their points of view.

"The police and Interior Ministry are on TV every day, but these people never get a voice," the 29-year-old director states.

Political decisions with personal consequences

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