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Vučić: Another tough day, especially in terms of the number of dead

As he said, Serbia is trying to maintain its health system.
He pointed out that a large number of young doctors have turned in to work in new hospitals and help combating coronavirus.
"I hope that we will always be able to say that our doctors and medical staff worked extremely better than others on the continent, and you can see that," Vucic said.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Serbia arrested

According to the press service of the State Security of Azerbaijan, he was arrested on suspicion of embezzling a large sum of money from the budget.
It was also published on the official website of the state security of Azerbaijan.

Amnesty Accuses Croatia of Torturing Asylum-Seekers on Border

The international rights watchdog Amnesty International on Thursday described "a horrifying escalation of police human rights violations at the Croatian border with Bosnia", when it said that "a group of migrants and asylum seekers was recently bound, brutally beaten and tortured by officers who mocked their injuries and smeared food on their bleeding heads to humiliate them".

NGO Charges Croatian Police With ‘Inhumane Treatment of Refugees’

A human rights NGO, the Center for Peace Studies, filed a criminal complaint on Friday to the Croatian State Attorney's Office against "unknown perpetrators" from the police, "based on a reasonable doubt of degrading treatment and torture of 33 people and their violent, illegal expulsion from the territory of the Republic of Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina".

Bosnian Security Minister Resigns over Political Disputes

Fahrudin Radoncic told his colleagues at a session of Bosnia's Council of Ministers on Tuesday that he will submit his resignation as security minister after explaining earlier in the day that "political differences on strategic issues" with governing coalition partners were behind his reasons for quitting.

Poverty Will Stalk Bosnia When This Pandemic Ends

As in the rest of the Balkans, the aftermath of the pandemic will push hundreds of thousands of people into economic misery.

Thousands of Bosnian are lining up every day already, waiting to register at unemployment bureaus, while the full socio-economic impact of the pandemic is yet to come.

Budget Delays Force Bosnia to Postpone Local Elections

Bosnia's Central Election Commission, CIK, has postponed local elections due in October for six weeks, to November 15, after political rows held up the adoption of a budget for 2020 and funding for the ballot within the legally permitted deadline to start preparations. 

Government of Bulgaria Grants Financial Assistance to Western Balkans and Vietnam

The government of Bulgaria approved the granting of EUR 112,000 of financial assistance to the countries of the Western Balkans and Vietnam.

The money is for coping with the consequences of Covid-19 and will be used for the implementation of 6 projects in fulfillment of the Team Europe initiative - the global EU response to Covid-19.

Migrants Trapped in Balkan Camps Find Ramadan a Trial

After making several unsuccessful attempts to cross the Croatian border into the EU, his odyssey remains unfinished.

Meanwhile, he is spending the holy month in a camp that he cannot leave at all now due to the movement restrictions imposed in Bosnia because of the coronavirus.

IOM says it is doing its best:

Croatia Accused of Slurring Watchdogs in Police Violence Dispute

Human rights organisations have accused the Croatian Ministry of Interior of resorting to slurs, after it rejected media reports of police tagging migrants and refugees who attempted to enter Croatia from Bosnia with paint.

Wildly Wrong: North Macedonia’s Population Mystery

This is the latest in a series of articles about the demographic crisis facing Central and Southeast Europe.

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Ultra-Right Groups Show Their Face in Bosnian Town

When the content of now defunct international right-wing forum, Iron March, was made public in late 2019, Prijedor featured in its communications.

Symbols of "Combat 18" and "Blood and Honor" groups are written in the center of Prijedor. Photo: BIRN 

Company Linked to Serbian Minister’s Husband Gets State Contracts

Out of the spotlight, companies linked with Bojan Kisic secured lucrative contracts with several state companies and ministries, including a three-million-euro deal to maintain Serbia's integrated health information system. The software handles the most sensitive private information of the Serbian public health-care system.