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Migrants in Bosnia Find Care between Cold Concrete Walls

Conditions are far from ideal, but for more than 2,000 migrants and refugees in Bosnia the cold concrete walls of a former refrigeration factory is the best they can get, biding their time to cross into Croatia.

Human Rights Progress Faltering in South and Central Europe: HRW

The latest report from Human Rights Watch, published on Tuesday evening, says that discrimination and violence against minorities, domestic violence, pressure on media and problems with dealing with the wartime past continued to be major issues for Balkan states and Central Europe last year.

Time for Policy Change on Western Balkans Emigration

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The National Medical Council of Serbia annually issues around 800 certificates needed by doctors when applying for jobs abroad. In Kosovo and Bosnia, national medical workers' associations report that hundreds of highly qualified doctors leave each year.

Bosnia’s Courts Convict More Migrant Smugglers

More than 90 per cent of judgments were pronounced on the basis of plea agreements. Sanctions ranged from conditional sentences to three years in prison. Ancillary penalties of several dozen thousands euros were also imposed and the proceeds of migrant smuggling worth over 10,000 euros were seized, along with several vehicles used to execute the crimes.

Heroes of 2019: People Who Took Action for Positive Change

Adil Amanet and the Husic family. Photo:

In 2019, the migrant crisis hit Bosnia and Herzegovina more severely than it did four years ago when the whole of Europe was dealing with a vast number of people moving towards Western Europe along the so-called Balkan route.

Migrants wander through Bosnia in Balkan winter

Bosnia's notorious Vucjak camp may have closed down after an international outcry, but the plight of migrants stranded in the country while trying to reach Western Europe is far from over.
The tent camp near the northwestern town of Bihac stood on a former landfill and near a minefield, becoming a symbol of migrant suffering as they travel through the Balkans.

Bosnia’s Inching Forward, Despite its Gangland Politics

Even by these standards, though, political developments over the last month have been startling. To begin with, while we do not know the exact contours of the deal that finally allowed Tegeltija to assume his post, it is clear that a breakthrough was made about Bosnia's Atlantic accession prospects.

Bosnia Constitution Still ‘Outrageously’ Violates Minority Rights – HRW

A decade after the European Court of Human Rights first ruled that the Bosnian constitution violates the rights of minorities, Human Rights Watch, HRW, has said in a press release that Bosnia has done nothing to end second-class status for Jews, Roma, and other minorities.

Bosnia Struggling to Prosecute Migrants when Identity in Doubt

Experts who spoke to BIRN BiH say the rules must urgently be harmonised and the law updated to reflect the new challenges.

"This could be disastrous because many of them [migrants] do lack personal identification documents," said Vehid Sehic, a former judge and lawyer in Bosnia.

Bosnian Children’s Home Managers Sacked Over Abuse Claims

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Sarajevo on Friday, demanding that that children be better protected at the care home for children with special needs in the village of Pazaric near the Bosnian capital, and calling for the alleged abusers to be prosecuted.

Bosnians Protest Alleged Child Abuse at Special Needs Home

The protesters were incensed by images revealed at a news conference a day earlier by Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina lawmaker Sabina Cudic, which appeared to show children at a care facility in the village of Pazaric tied to beds and other furniture.

Bosnia Powerless to Halt Demographic Decline

This is the latest in a series of articles about the demographic crisis facing Central and Southeast Europe.

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"For 25 years I lived in hope," he said. "Now I hate myself because of that."

Serbia Still Putting Children with Disabilities in Institutions: Report

More than three quarters of children living in state institutions in Serbia are children with disabilities, according to the latest United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty.

At 77 per cent, Serbia ranks joint third with Hungary behind Turkmenistan and China in a total of 57 countries analysed.

Croatia Suggests Police Unintentionally Shot Migrant

A migrant shot and seriously wounded by Croatian police may have been struck by accident, Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said late on Sunday, responding to the latest incident that has raised questions about the tactics used by the European Union member against migrants and refugees trying to cross its territory.