Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Film to Premiere About Children of Bosnian War Rape Victims

'Invisible Child', a film directed by Muhammed Ibrahim Sisman that includes interviews with the daughters of women raped during the Bosnian war, will have its first public screening in Sarajevo on August 19.

Dodik Threatens Drastic Action Over Bosnian Govt Delays

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik has threatened to torpedo a number of major achieved reforms in the country, including the formation of joint armed forces and a state court and police agency, unless a state-level government is formed soon.

Bosnian War Hotspot Becomes Focal Point for Peace-Building

It was a long and arduous road to recovery for Pervanic, but now, in 2019, he's the founder and main driving force behind Most Mira (Bridge of Peace), an international organisation currently focused on peace-building in Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically among young people.

Kosovo Government: Kosovo had never impeded the dialogue with Serbia

They said that they are prepared to sit down at the table to find a final, legally binding agreement within existing borders, which leads to mutual recognition.
Commenting on the request of the Quint countries for the resumption of dialogue, a statement from the outgoing prime minister's cabinet said for Radio Free Europe that "no conditions should be set on that process".

Bosnia Failing in Fight against Extremism Online

"So, the terrorist groups have just moved from one platform to another," Farid, a senior advisor to the Counter Extremism Project, told BIRN.

Bosnia, however, is still playing catch-up, bereft of the legislative framework to tackle online radicalisation, according to a BIRN analysis.

Forgotten Children of Bosnian War Remembered in Srebrenica

An exhibition titled "Breaking Free", hosted by the "Forgotten Children of War" association - focusing on the stigmatized children of the 1992-5 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina - will open at the Cultural Centre in Srebrenica, in eastern Bosnia, on Saturday.

Week in Review: Breakthroughs and False Starts


In a move that surprised many, Bosnia's three most powerful political leaders - Bakir Izetbegovic, Milorad Dodik and Dragan Covic - announced a landmark deal to form a government at the central state level. The announcement comes ten months after elections were held.

Bosnia Activists Mark More Wartime ‘Suffering Sites’

As part of an initiative called "Unmarked Suffering Sites", a group of peace activists in July put up nine more signs at new locations where they say war crimes occurred, either through capture, physical and mental violence or forced labour.

Bosnian Deal on New Govt Leaves Key Issues Unsolved

Without a consensus on the key point of NATO, experts and opposition politicians in Bosnia says this week's 'landmark' deal on forming a new state government is worth very little.

Sculpture Rides Through Bosnian Capital, Recalling Wartime Courage

A metal sculpture named Kentauromahia was transported on a tram through Sarajevo on Wednesday as part of an artistic performance designed to remind the inhabitants of the Bosnian capital of a traumatic event at the start of the years-long Bosnian Serb siege of the city.

Serbia the only WB Country with more Trust in the Government than in the EU

BRUSSELS - According to the newest Eurobarometer Survey, conducted in June this year and published this month, Serbia is the only Western Balkan country whose citizens have more trust in the national government (41%) than in the European Union (33%).

Woman Wins 4,000-km Bulgaria-France Bike race after Sleeping by Road

A cyclist from Germany won a 4,000-kilometre race from Bulgaria to France and became the first woman to triumph at the endurance event, reports Euronews. 

Fiona Kolbinger crossed the finish line to win the seventh edition of the Transcontinental Race on Tuesday morning.