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Jamie Shea: NATO Feared Russia Might Seize Kosovo

Jamie Shea was the public face of the NATO campaign to drive Serbian forces out of Kosovo in 1999. Admired in Kosovo and reviled in Serbia, his was an inescapable presence on TV for months.

Today, the now-retired NATO veteran has a lower public profile as Professor of Strategy and Security at Exeter University in south-west England.

FM expects "no agreement with Pristina - they don't want it"

He told Bijeljina-based BN broadcaster late on Thursday that "delimitation" of Kosovo is not a new idea, that it has been talked about for years, and that Serbia in 2005 had a proposal from the international community to partition Kosovo.

"EU membership of Balkan states - question of war or peace"

Juncker - who showed up for a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday wearing a bandaid across his cheek, apparently a shaving accident - warned that, otherwise, there is a risk of "a return to the 1990s."

Vucic "cares about legacy, not daily politics"

This is what the president told Politico on the sidelines of the recent Munich Conference, the Brussels-based website is reporting.

"I believe in someone's legacy, that's what I would like to see," he is quoted as saying.

He also "stressed that a deal had to be done, Otherwise we'll face a catastrophe."

Haradinaj "could put suspending taxes on govt. agenda"

This was published by Pristina-based Koha.

"Haradinaj has, according to the valid rules, constitutional powers and law, so far addressed all issues on the agenda and will continue to deal with all issues related to the agenda," Doneta Gashi, Haradinaj political adviser, told the newspaper.

"Not time for protests, talks with Kosovo more important"

The head of the NGO said that now is not the moment because the finalization of negotiations with Pristina, which should be completed as soon as possible, is in the interest of the security of the whole region and should currently have priority.

Wine Heroes of New Europe

One of main objectives of 2019 Grand VINART Tasting, taking place 1 - 2nd of March, is to present the potential, variety and quality of wines from New Europe. In the wine world, it unites, in addition to Slovenia and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia and Serbia.

Western Diplomats Criticise Bosnian Serb Srebrenica Commission

The US embassy in Sarajevo and Bosnia’s peace overseer criticised Bosnian Serb officials’ decision to establish a commission to probe crimes committed in Srebrenica during the war, which Bosniaks claim is a bid to rewrite history.

UNSC united on issue of Pristina's taxes; Pristina: charade

During the debate, held in spite of the previous opposition by a number of members of the UN Security Council, Pristina institutions were unanimously called on to abolish taxes increased by 100 percent last November on goods coming from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Bosnian Serbs Appoint Israeli to Head Srebrenica Commission

Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska has appointed Israeli historian and Holocaust researcher Gideon Greif to head its controversial commission probing crimes committed in Srebrenica during the Bosnian war.