Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Karadzic Phones in to Montenegro Debate From Jail

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals has so far not taken any action to sanction Radovan Karadzic after he addressed a public discussion in Montenegro over the telephone from the UN Detention Unit in the Netherlands, his lawyer Peter Robinson told BIRN on Monday.

Abandoned by the State: Bosnia’s Wartime Torture Victims

Alic says that he still remembers everything about his ordeal, and is still woken from sleep by nightmares, 27 years afterwards. What also angers him is that the state does not seem to care about him and the other detainees and torture victims of the 1992-95 war.

Croatians Make Most of Life near Bosnian Border

Bosnia's Brcko was long an urban centre for the Croatians of Slavonia. And so it is today, with the added benefit of VAT-free shopping.

Bosnia Reopens Historic War-Ravaged Mosque

The Aladza mosque in Foca in eastern Bosnia, a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, was reopened with a ceremonial event attended by thousands of people on Saturday after it was rebuilt following its destruction in 1992.

Sarajevo Wartime Frontline Area Becomes ‘Park of Friendship’

A hilltop site in Sarajevo's Sedrenik neighbourhood from which Bosnian Serb forces fired on the city during the wartime siege has been turned into a forest park which opened to the public on Friday.

The project was funded by Turkish General Directorate of Forestry and supported by other Turkish institutions and Sarajevo's Stari Grad municipality, in which the new park is located.

Serbian Family Keeps Pianos in Perfect Tune

"My sister Ana handles the concert season and public relations, my wife handles the administrative duties, and I am a multifunctioning device," he jests.

After attending music high school in Belgrade, Vrbanec went on to receive a degree in piano and a Europiano technical degree.

Bulgaria Will Send the 38th contingent of the Armed Forces to Participate in NATO's Mission in Afghanistan "Resolute Support"

With a solemn ceremony on May 2, Bulgaria will send the 38th contingent of the armed forces to participate in NATO's mission in Afghanistan "Resolute Support". The ritual will take place at 14:00 in Svoboda Square in Haskovo and will include Deputy Minister of Defense Atanas Zapryanov and Deputy Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Dimitar Iliev.

Serbia’s Ukrainians Struggle to Keep Identity Alive

Hocak says that families like his migrated to Bosnia as part of a policy of the Austro-Hungarian authorities to resettle territories they had seized off the collapsing Ottoman Empire. [The Habsburg Empire occupied Bosnia in 1878 and annexed it in 1908.]

After World War II, Hocak's family moved to Vojvodina, seeing this region as more developed.

Bosnia’s Snagovo Massacre Commemorated as Killers Remain Unpunished

The killings of 36 Bosniak civilians in the village of Snagovo near Zvornik in eastern Bosnia on April 29, 1992, are being commemorated on Monday with a religious ceremony, a lecture for young people and a visit to the cemetery where the victims are buried.

Bosniak Ex-Soldiers’ Sentences for Attack on Serbs Increased

The third-instance chamber of the Bosnian state court on Friday sentenced Muhamed Sisic to ten years in prison and Tarik Sisic and Aziz Susa to eight years each for wartime crimes in the village of Kukavice in the Rogatica municipality in August 1992.

The attack on Kukavice by Bosnian Army troops saw 21 Serb civilians killed, including two children, and 39 wounded.

Bosnia’s Post-Election Deadlock Stalls Progress Towards NATO

The post-electoral political deadlock in Bosnia in Herzegovina has stalled progress towards NATO membership, as political leaders fail to adopt the country's first Annual National Program, which the Western alliance requires as a condition for activating the Membership Action Plan, MAP.

Serbia Convicts Bosnian Serb Ex-Soldier of War Crimes

Belgrade Higher Court on Wednesday sentenced Milan Dragisic, a former soldier in the Bosnian Serb Army, to four years in prison for killing a Bosniak civilian and attempting to murder two others on September 20, 1992 during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.