Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lawyers adopt resolution on protection of their profession

SREMSKI KARLOVCI - Officials of bar organisations and participants of an international roundtable on problems related to the lawyer profession and its relations with notaries public adopted on Tuesday a resolution on the protection of the independence of the lawyer profession in Serbia.

Dodik sworn in for another term as RS president

Dodik sworn in for another term as RS president

BANJA LUKA -- The Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Serb Republic (RS), on Monday in Banja Luka inaugurated its new parliament.

At the same time, Milorad Dodik was sworn in as president for another term in office.

Meeting on water supply in Adriatic region to open Tuesday

BELGRADE - The Belgrade-based Jaroslav Cerni water management institute will from Tuesday, November 25, to November 28 host a regional meeting of partner countries in the Adriatic region as part of the Drinkadria project.

Mihajlovic to take part in CEI summit in Vienna

VIENNA - A summit of the Central European Initiative (CEI), presided by Austria this year, will be held in Vienna on Monday, with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Construction, and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic as Serbia's representative.

FM talks Dayton agreement, Russia, Kosovo

FM talks Dayton agreement, Russia, Kosovo

BELGRADE -- Ivica Dačić has stressed there would be no revision of a peace deal that ended the Bosnian war "without the consent of all who participated in reaching it."

The Serbian foreign minister spoke on the 19th anniversary of the Dayton Accords that ended the 1992-95 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina....

United States "fully engaged" in Balkans

United States "fully engaged" in Balkans

WASHINGTON -- U.S. State Department Office for South Central European Affairs Director Thomas Yazdgerdi says his country is "fully engaged in the Balkans."

This especially applies to "resolving the remaining key issues," he said.

"Stable Bosnia for stability in Serbia, region"

"Stable Bosnia for stability in Serbia, region"

BELGRADE -- Serbia wants a stable Bosnia-Herzegovina, Aleksandar Vučić said on Thursday, noting that this is important for preserving stability in Serbia and the region.

Serbian woman entrepreneur- first IWEC awardee from Balkans

BELGRADE - Biljana Jovanovic, the owner and director of the Luna fashion company, is the first woman to receive the prestigious International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) award for development of international business in the Balkans.

Trials of Bosniaks For Srebrenik Crimes Opens

The trial of three former Bosniak police officers for war crimes against Serb civilians in north-western Bosnia during 1992 started in Sarajevo.

EU expects "written commitment" from Bosnian leaders

EU expects "written commitment" from Bosnian leaders

BRUSSELS -- Political leaders and the government in Bosnia must make a written commitment to the reforms necessary to resolve a standstill "on the road to the EU."

This was announced on Monday at the end of a session of the Council of Ministers of the EU in Brussels....

Bosnia Presidency Pledges End to Stale Conflicts

Mladen Ivanic, Bakir Izetbegovic and Dragan Covic, the newly elected members of Bosnia's presidency, were sworn in on Monday and pledged to end years of political stalemate in the divided country.


Seselj Release Alarms Croatian Leaders

Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic on Monday criticised the temporary release of the war-crime suspect and Serbian ultranationalist Vojislav Seselj.

Pusic characterized Seselj as a "lunatic element in the region", adding that she would warn the European Union about his release from prison in The Hague.

Hague prosecution won't appeal Šešelj decision

Hague prosecution won't appeal Šešelj decision

BELGRADE -- Hague Tribunal (ICTY) Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz says his office will not appeal a decision to grant provisional release to Vojislav Šešelj.

Russia Flexes Muscles on EU Bosnia Mission

Diplomats and experts believe Russia is trying out a new strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after Russia's representative on the UN Security Council abstained from a vote to extend the mandate of the EU mission, EUFOR, in Bosnia on November 12.