Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Floods across Republika Srpska, no casualties

SARAJEVO - Almost the entire territory of Republika Srpska (RS), the Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been hit by floods, but there are no casualties, RS Parliament Speaker Nebojsa Radojicic has said.

Attacks on Muslims Reported in East Bosnia

Attacks on Muslims in the eastern Bosnian town of Zvornik have become more frequent, with many reports of verbal and physical abuses, the Islamic Community in Tuzla said on Wednesday.

“In the urban area of Zvornik in recent times several incidents were reported, which have disturbed Muslims in the town,” the organisation said in a press release.

Bosnia’s Tuzla Commemorates Deadly Battle

Tuzla residents commemorated the anniversary of the Brcanska Malta battle in 1992, when 37 people died as local police in the north-eastern town fought the Yugoslav People’s Army.

State of emergency in BiH Federation, 14 RS municipalities

SARAJEVO - The government of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH) declared a state of natural disaster Thursday after heavy rain that caused rivers to burst their banks and flood a large number of infrastructure and housing facilities and agricultural and other sites.

Bosnia Deploys Army to Rescue Flood Victims

Bosnia's state presidency has deployed the armed forces to help people in Maglaj, central Bosnia, many of whom have no power or drinking water and are trapped in their homes by flooding.

  Photo AP/ Amel Emric

Massive storm causing flooding, gale force winds in region

Massive storm causing flooding, gale force winds in region

SARAJEVO, ZAGREB, LJUBLJANA -- A large storm system that has engulfed the region and much of Europe beyond has caused flooding, strong winds, and damage in Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia.

In Serbia, the government decided to declare a state of emergency.

Increase of employment for women to lead to GDP growth

BELGRADE - Increase of employment for women could bring about an increase of the GDP per capita in Serbia of up to 16 per cent, the analyses carried out by the World Bank (WB) have shown.

Mostar to Miss Bosnian Local Elections Again

Lawmakers of Bosnia's House of Representatives, one of two chambers of parliament, failed to adopt changes to the electoral law on holding elections in Mostar on Wednesday.

As a result, local elections expected in October will again have skip the ethnically divided city in southwest Bosnia.

Flooding Hits Several Parts of Bosnia

Constant rain over the last few days has left many areas in Bosnia flooded, damaging homes, bridges and agricultural land. Forecasts say the bad weather will continue until next week.

Flooding was worst in Sarajevo and Tuzla regions, as well as in central Bosnia, in Gorazde in the east and Bijeljina in the northeast.

Serbia's Bosniaks Urged to Scrap Serbian Surnames

Esad Dzudzevic, acting head of the Bosniak National Council, BNV, in Serbia, said the council will urge members of the Bosniak [Muslim] community in Serbia to remove Serbian-sounding endings to their last names, such as "vic" and "ic".

EU "must not forget about Balkans"

EU "must not forget about Balkans"

BRATISLAVA -- The EU must not forget about the Balkans because of the crisis in Ukraine, Slovakia's Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčak has said.

Ljajic: Tourism revenue at USD 2.5 billion

BELGRADE - The total revenue from tourism in Serbia in 2013 was USD 2.5 billion, with the foreign currency revenue at EUR 800 million, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic said on Wednesday, adding that the data proved the vitality of that industry despite the economic crisis.

Montenegro Stages First Merllnka Gay Festival

The Merlinka festival, which has been organized in two other countries in the region since 2009, is running this year for the first time in Montenegro.

The festival is always held on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17, which is marked all around the world.

Serbian PM satisfied with visit to Sarajevo

Serbian PM satisfied with visit to Sarajevo

SARAJEVO -- Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has said he was very pleased about the results of his visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, on Tuesday.

He stressed that the talks saw "far fewer political statements than some earlier meetings and dealt more with concrete topics."