Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia Floods Reveal Human Bones Near Doboj

Power company workers repairing the transmission system and cleaning the area last week found human bones on the banks of the river Bosna near flood-stricken Doboj.

Lejla Cengic, of the Institute for Missing Persons, on May 26 said the flood had washed away part of the river bank, which is why the bones became visible.

Germany to give Bosnia EUR 6mn for loans, mine clearance

Germany to give Bosnia EUR 6mn for loans, mine clearance

SARAJEVO -- The German government has set aside EUR 6 million as emergency assistance to Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is dealing with the consequences of the recent floods.

This was announced in Sarajevo by the German foreign minister.

Kotor-Varos Crimes Trial Opens in Sarajevo

The trial of seven indictees charged with crimes in Kotor-Varos begins with the reading of indictment and presentation of introductory statements by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Defence teams.

Flood Relief Solidarity Trumps Ethnic Divisions

From sportsmen from Bosnia and Serbia who raised money together to volunteers who went from one part of the country to another to help people, Bosnia’s recent floods have prompted many to put solidarity ahead of ethnic divisions.

Health Ministry "on alert," situation "under control"

Health Ministry "on alert," situation "under control"

BELGRADE -- Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar stressed on Monday after a government session that the cleanup and recovery phase after the floods is "yet ahead."

Belgrade Philharmonic stages humanitarian concert in Zagreb

BELGRADE - The Belgrade Philharmonic will close the regional cycle dubbed Pika-Tocka-Tacka with a humanitarian concert in Zagreb on Monday.

Before and after the concert, funds will be raised at the Vatroslav Lisinski Hall for the flood-affected citizens in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, reads the website of the Belgrade Philharmonic.

Heavy Storm Shocks Skopje Residents

No one was hurt in the 30-minute dramatic storm that overwhelmed Skopje's water collection system and took residents by surprise, police reported late in the evening.

Unlike in neighbouring Serbia and Bosnia, where rivers recently overflowed causing massive floods, the storm in Skopje was short-lived and the River Vardar did not burst its banks.

Nikolic delivers aid to help endangered Ljubovija

LJUBOVIJA - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic delivered humanitarian aid to endangered residents of the municipality of Ljubovija in western Serbia, where the situation is very bad after the recent heavy flooding, on Friday.

Bosnia Sets Timetable to Draw up Flood Damage Bill

As the floodwater recedes from Bosnian towns that were submerged over the past eight days, concern is shifting to the threat of contagious diseases and to the cost of repair.

While thousands of homes have been destroyed, many roads and railways are also damaged, as are factories and farms.

Turkey supports donor conference for Bosnia

Turkey supports donor conference for Bosnia

ANKARA -- Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has signed a book of condolences opened at the embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Ankara.

Davutogu did so "on the occasion of the tragic balance of the floods in this, for Turkey, brotherly state," said reports.

Russia sends aid to Serb entity in Bosnia

Russia sends aid to Serb entity in Bosnia

BANJA LUKA -- A plane carrying humanitarian aid from Russia landed late on Thursday in Banja Luka, in the Serb entity (RS) of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This was reported by the Nezavisne Novine newspaper.

The Ilyushin Il-76 airlifted some 37 tons of goods intended for the RS areas affected by severe floods.

Serbian president asks for France's backing

PARIS, May 22 (Tanjug) - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic appealed to his French counterpart Francois Hollande on Thursday for France's backing for the holding of an international donor conference for Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia after the catastrophic floods.

Actress Angelina Jolie Donates USD 50,000 for Balkan Flood Relief

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has made a USD 50,000 donation to the Red Cross flood relief efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The floods in the Western Balkans have claimed dozens of lives and damaged thousands of homes over the past week. The damages are yet to be calculated.