Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Plenums Tell Bosnia Federation Govt to Quit

Participants from plenums from dozens of towns from the Federation, one of two entities in Bosnia, gathered on April 9 in front of the entity government building in Sarajevo and read out their demands, starting with the resignation of the Federation government.

Serbia Extradites War Crimes Suspect to Bosnia

Prosecutors in Bihac in northwest Bosnia said that Milutin Babic, from Kljuc, suspected of war crimes in Bosanski Petrovac, had been extradited from Serbia.

Pro-Govt Serbian Tabloid Blasts New TV Station

The Serbian tabloid Informer on Monday accused the US of trying to subvert Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's likely future Prime Minister, by setting up a new regional TV station, N1.

HDZ Chiefs Back Croat Demands in Bosnia

The head of the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, Tomislav Karamarko, and the head of its Bosnian sister party, HDZ BiH, Dragan Covic, said Croats needed to gain real equality if the country was to make progress.

Bosnia Court Frees Two Alleged Arsonists

Salem Hatibovic and Nihad Trnka were released on April 4 after a court bowed to the demand of the prosecutor to set them free.

The two men were suspected of terrorism offences after they allegedly participated in the arson attack on the Bosnian Presidency building in Sarajevo on February 7.

NATO investing in Balkan countries

NATO investing in Balkan countries

The Alliance is restoring bridges and improving the infrastructure to assist regional countries.

EUFOR troops in Bosnia and Herzegovina demine a strip of land to enable infrastructure development. [Bedrana Kaletovic/SETimes]

Successful completion of regional police operation

DIMITROVGRAD - In a joint operation by police forces from seven regional countries, named "Nisava 2014", a large amount of foreign currency was seized as well as a so-called ATM skimmer - a fraud device used for stealing customer bank card data, chief of Serbia's border police Nenad Banovic said on Monday in Dimitrovgrad.

Serbia-Bosnia War Crimes Protocol Generates Indictments

The Bosnian prosecution will soon file two indictments over war crimes against Serbs as a result of cooperation agreed with Belgrade in a landmark protocol signed last year.

Bosnia Given Deadline on Money Laundering Law

Moneyval, the Council of Europe's Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism, has given Bosnia an extended deadline until June to adopt a law on money laundering.

Samir Omerhodzic, member of the Bosnian delegation, said the country could be blacklisted unless the law was adopted by then.

She conquers Internet by Serbian house

She conquers Internet by Serbian house

Tens of thousands of people of the countries in the region have seen on the Internet the footages of young violine player Jelena Urosevic (23) of Ljig.

War crimes suspect arrested in France

War crimes suspect arrested in France

SARAJEVO -- The French police have arrested Bosnian Serb Radomir Šušnjar, a former member of a paramilitary group in Bosnia, wanted for war crimes.

Rock Band Urges Bosnians to Keep Protests Alive

While performing several songs in the Bosnian capital's main Ferhadija pedestrian area, the popular band Dubioza Kolektiv urged the citizens of Sarajevo to maintain support for the street protests and civic plenums that have toppled local governments in the country.

Balkans Rank Midway in Social Progress League

A new report rates Western Balkan countries midway in the world when it comes to quality of life and social progress.

The Social Progress Index 2014 Report rated a total of 132 countries using more than 50 indicators.

Ashton: Kosovo dialogue example to region

Ashton: Kosovo dialogue example to region

BRUSSELS -- EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton commended on Thursday participants of the Belgrade-Priština dialogue.

According to her, they are "an example to the entire region of the Western Balkans."

RS raises referendum issue "when under pressure"

RS raises referendum issue "when under pressure"

BELGRADE -- Nebojša Radmanović has said that relations between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia are "very important and thus need to be improved on a broad basis."