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"I cannot go where my people are accused"

"I cannot go where my people are accused"

BELGRADE -- Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić said that he will not attend First World War centenary event in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Turkey hosts Balkan youth to boost interaction

Turkey hosts Balkan youth to boost interaction

A new initiative would tell Turkey's story to future leaders of Balkan countries.

Thirty-seven young people from across the Balkans gathered in Turkey last month to participate in a youth conference in order to boost interaction between Turkey and the Balkan countries.

Bosnia’s Investigative Agency Chief Indicted Over Protests

The state prosecutor’s office confirmed to Balkan Insight on Friday that an indictment had been issued against Zubac, who is charged with failure to react properly and send special police forces to curb the unrest in February, when many state institutions, including the presidency, were set on fire.

Linta:Croatia erased 50,000 Serbs from register of residents

BELGRADE – The Croatian ministry of interior has unlawfully erased more than 50,000 ethnic Serbs from the national register of permanent residents in the period between 1991 and the end of 2013, the president of the Coalition of Refugee Associations in Serbia Miodrag Linta has said.

Bosnia Bows to EU Money-Laundering Pressure

The Bosnian parliament's House of Peoples adopted an anti-money laundering law on June 6, bowing to European Union pressure to do so.

But the necessary changes to the country's criminal law have still not won the support of Serbian MPs, who say the matter should be left to the country's two entities.

Youth Sport Games in Serbia from July 13 to 27

BELGRADE - Youth Sport Games, which bring together pupils and high-school students, will be held in Serbia from July 13 to 27 for the first time, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said on Friday.

At the promotion of the project, Vucic added that the initiative for their holding had been launched by Miodrag Rakic, the late chief of staff of the former Serbian president Boris Tadic.

Bosnia Finishes Burying Livestock Killed in Floods

Federation entity inspectors on June 5 said work on gathering, destroying or burying the remains of thousands of animals and birds killed in the recent floods was coming to an end.

Around 200 tons of dead cattle and poultry have been removed from the Posavina Canton of northern Bosnia to an incinerator in Indjija, in Serbia, Balkan Insight has learned.

FM: Funds from donations won't be enough

FM: Funds from donations won't be enough

JAGODINA -- Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić says it is "not realistic to expect that Serbia will be able to make up for all the damage from the floods with foreign donations."

Greece optimistic about World Cup chances

Greece optimistic about World Cup chances

Pundits and predictions say the team could advance past the group stage for the first time.

Editor's note: This is one in a series of stories previewing the 2014 World Cup and teams from Greece, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Mladic Memorial Erected Near Sarajevo

A memorial plaque dedicated to the former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic, who is on trial for genocide and other crimes in Bosnia, has been erected on the hills above Sarajevo.

Armed forces of Balkan states continue to cooperate closely

SARAJEVO - The armed forces of the Balkan states will continue to cooperate closely within the B-9 forum with a view to strengthening regional security, but also assisting each other in the crisis situations caused by natural disasters, their chiefs of the general staff concluded in a meeting in Sarajevo.

Bosnia to Start Building New Prison Soon

Construction of a modern high-standard prison in Bosnia is set to start this month after the authorities on June 4 signed an agreement with the Czech-Spanish company OHL, which is to carry out the works.

Greece seek to chart new territory past group stage

By Karolos Grohmann

A second consecutive appearance at the World Cup finals represents a huge success for a Greece side who have set their sights on going one step further than they did in South Africa and advancing past the group stage.

"Regional force" to deal with natural disasters proposed

"Regional force" to deal with natural disasters proposed

SARAJEVO -- A joint regional force for natural and other disasters is one of the topics discussed at the 8th Conference of the Chiefs of Staff Forum of Balkan countries.

This is according to Serbian Army Chief-of-Staff Gen. Ljubiša Diković, who spoke on Wednesday.