Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wilhelm: Mercedes bus signal to Germans to invest in Serbia

BELGRADE - German Ambassador to Serbia Heinz Wilhelm has said that Mercedes-Benz’ cooperation with Serbian companies is a good signal to other large German companies to invest in Serbia.

Bosnia Protesters Reject Officials' Complaints

One month after the escalation of the largest protests seen in Bosnia in two decades, hundreds of people are still taking to the streets of Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica and other towns each day.

Heavy police forces in Sarajevo secured the streets and prevented the protesters of blocking the main crossroads on Friday.

New gov't will have much to do, must continue reforms

KOPAONIK - The new Serbian government will have much to do, but its most important task is to seize the historic opportunity presented by the EU accession process and continue the initiated reforms, ambassadors of leading European countries said on Thursday.

Bosnian Prosecutor Denies Eavesdropping Claim

Bosnia's Prosecutor's Office has denied eavesdropping and rebuffed claims that it works unde the influence of the country's main Bosniak parties.

“It is sad that some judicial officials, even judges... join in media attacks on institutions,” the Prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Croatian Ex-President Urges New 'Dayton' For Bosnia

The former Croatian President on Friday is to propose a new Dayton-style agreement on Bosnia in Mostar, where he is due to deliver a speech.

Mesic's proposal involves Croatia initiating the main changes to the 1995 Dayton Ohio deal, which ended Bosnia's 1992-5 war.

Tourist visits to Belgrade up by 12 percent in January

BELGRADE - A total of 36,295 tourists visited Belgrade in January 2014, which is by 12 percent more than in the same month in 2013, the data of the City Institute of Informatics and Statistics show.

MSP: Avoid trips to Ukraine

BELGRADE - The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSP) recommended to Serbian citizens on Tuesday to refrain from trips to Ukraine and warned those who are staying and working in Ukraine to avoid public gatherings and keep in touch with the Serbian Embassy in Kiev.

Hartmann: There was no genocide in Croatia

BELGRADE - No genocide was committed during the war in Croatia, and even Serbia and Croatia are aware of this, Florence Hartmann, a former spokesperson for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, has said, adding that the two countries' mutual genocide lawsuits will be dropped by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Obradovic: Genocide committed against Serbs not Croats

THE HAGUE - Sasa Obradovic, Serbia's agent to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), stated on Monday that genocide was committed against Serbs in Croatia rather than the other way round as the Croatian side claims, noting that today only one third of Serbs live in this country compared to 1991.

Women to assume greater role in Balkan militaries

Women to assume greater role in Balkan militaries

Military officials said they are working to attract, employ and retain women more effectively.

Serbian servicewomen assemble AK-47 assault rifles at the Sombor barracks. Serbia has instituted a 20 percent quota for women at its military academy in Belgrade. [AFP]

Athletes return from Olympics with sense of togetherness

Athletes return from Olympics with sense of togetherness

Memories of friendship and solidarity were forged among athletes from the Balkans and Turkey during the 2014 Sochi Games.

The region's Olympians, like alpine skier Igor Laikert of BiH, returned home from Sochi this week with many memories. [AFP]

Belgrade wins Tourism Oscar as best place for tourism in SEE

BELGRADE - Belgrade has been proclaimed the best tourist place in South Eastern Europe (SEE) in a tourism action to pick the best in SEE tourism in 2013 carried out by Sacen International, an international center for tourism and hospitality development based in Serbia.

Bosnia to Map Wartime Detention Camp Locations

A new project aims to create a comprehensive database of all the prison camps and other wartime detention facilities across the country over the next five years.

Bosnia ‘Running Out of Courtrooms’ for War Crimes Trials

The Bosnian state court said that the increasing number of war crimes prosecutors being employed to tackle a huge case backlog meant that it could need more courtrooms to try suspects.