Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Confirmed: 10th country revokes recognition of Kosovo

"It will be the 10th country that has done so," Dacic told RTS on Wednesday.

B92 later learned, and it has in the meantime been confirmed, that recognition of the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo has been withdrawn by the Union of the Comoros - a small island state in the Indian Ocean that recognized Kosovo in 20009.

Kosovo Customs Tariff Angers Serbia, Bosnia

Mirko Sarovic, Bosnia's Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, on Wednesday condemned Kosovo's decision to impose customs tariffs of 10 per cent on imports from Serbia and Bosnia, calling the move "intolerable".

Bosnian Entrepreneurs Face Bureaucratic Obstacles to Success

Denis Zvizdic, the chair of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Council of Ministers, painted an optimistic picture in his speech to the Sarajevo Unlimited regional forum on Tuesday, saying that regional cooperation and networking would help young entrepreneurs find their place on the global market.

Kosovo Imposes Customs Tariffs on Serbia, Bosnia

The Kosovo government decided on Tuesday to impose a customs tariff of ten per cent on products made in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dodik Urges US Serbs to Vote for Republicans

The hardline leader of the Bosnian Serbs, Milorad Dodik, has called on Serbs who are living in the US to vote for candidates who are supported by President Donald Trump at the mid-term elections on Tuesday.

West Helps Bosnia Dispose of Yugoslav Weapons

Bosnia and Herzegovina plan to destroy 8.3 tons of remaining old munitions and mine-explosive devices, known as MIMES, by the end of 2020.

The Netherlands has been contributing to the destruction of this unstable ammunition for four years, and this year donation to this goal is worth around 200,000 euros.

CIA "hid reports about massacres committed against Serbs"

Analyst Robert Spencer told Vecernje Novosti daily in an interview - commenting on the newspaper's recent discovery of the role of US intelligence officials in hiding reports about crimes perpetrated against Serbs in Podrinje (along the Drina River), said the Saudi authorities had a huge impact on the state apparatus in Washington.

"We'll beat that beast, fascist creation Serbia, together"

On that occasion, this former member of the Serbian government from 2008 until 2014, stressed that that the BNV "has remained and continues to be Bosniak, adding that he was "happy and proud" that there had been no incidents during the voting, "confirming the Bosniaks as a mature nation."

Serbians in Favour of Belgrade-Pristina Talks: Survey

A survey published on Friday by Serbian opinion research company Demostat suggested that the majority of Serbians support the ongoing talks between Belgrade and Pristina. 

"This is perhaps the first time that Serbs are for the talks and for the solving of the problem, as four out of five [79 per cent] respondents say," Demostat said.

Sarajevo to Honour Iron Maiden Frontman

The frontman of legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, will become an honoury citizen of Sarajevo, the City Council of Bosnia's capital decided on Wednesday.

Dickinson will be presented with a plaque at the official award ceremony scheduled for November 25, the council announced in a press release.

86,000 Bosnians Give Up Citizenship for Foreign Passports

From 1996 to 2018, a total of 86,755 people renounced their Bosnian citizenship - more than the population of the town of Brcko in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina - according to data that BIRN has obtained from the country's annual migration profile.

Bosnian Croat Leader Criticises Zagreb for Election 'Meddling'

The newly-elected Croat member of Bosnia and Herzegovina's tripartite state presidency, Zeljko Komsic, claimed in an open letter to EU officials on Tuesday that Croatia is involved in "diplomatic aggression" against his country.