Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia to Return Migrants to Bihac Despite Opposition

About 1,000 migrants and refugees who have lingered at the site of the burned camp will now over-winter in what was formerly the largest migrant centre in Bosnia.

The decision concludes a several-day search for solutions to the emergency situation that arose after migrants torched the Lipa camp as it was about to close.

NLB completes acquisition of Serbian bank

Ljubljana – Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB), Slovenia’s largest bank, has completed the acquisition of an 83.2% stake in Komercijalna Banka (KB) in Serbia, a move it describes as a milestone in its strategy of becoming the leading financial institution focused on Southeast Europe. NLB paid EUR 394.7 million for the stake.

Serbian Customs Find 2,000 Historic Artefacts Hidden in Truck

A total of 2,113 artefacts that Serbian Customs described as having "great historical and archaeological value" were seized from a truck at the Srpska Crnja border crossing between Serbia and Romania on Tuesday.

The truck had Romanian licence plates and was being driven by a 46-year-old Serbian citizen.

Three bidders cleared for second phase of Divača-Črni Kal track open call

Ljubljana – Three bidders have been designated as eligible to participate in the second phase of an open call for the construction of the rail track between Divača and Črni Kal, the first section of the 27-km Divača-Koper track, a project altogether worth more than EUR 1 billion, the 2TDK project management company said on Monday.

New supervisors appointed at Petrol

Ljubljana – The shareholders of energy group Petrol appointed new supervisors on Monday and voted against a proposal to take legal action against the former management for alleged damages over multiple high-profile transactions.

Two current supervisors – chief supervisor Sašo Berger and Mladen Kaliterna – received new terms.

Pandemic Slows Search for Bosnian War Missing

Twenty-eight years since they went missing during the Bosnian war, Ferida Nisic is still searching for the remains of her brother, Mujo Music, and 10 other relatives.

"The search is your life," said Nisic, secretary of the municipality missing persons association in Hadzici, just west of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.

Heroes of 2020: People Who Made a Difference

In a year like no other, when a pandemic enveloped the world, special gratitude is due also to the doctors and medical workers who took the challenge head on, sparing no effort and risking their own lives to help others.

Bosnia's "Oxygen Man"

Miralem Sabic Mika. Illustration: BIRN/Igor Vujcic 

After Camp Fire, Migrants and Refugees in Bosnia Fend for Themselves

After a fire on Wednesday, some residents of the Lipa camp returned to its burned-out remains to take shelter overnight under the only remaining tent, while others set up in the surrounding forest or sought out abandoned buildings on the outskirts of the nearest town, Bihac.

Joe Biden’s Balkan Policy Scares Moscow

Joe Biden's election is generating anxiety in Moscow that Russia's global ambitions will be more directly challenged. While President Trump focused on withdrawing American forces from Europe and avoiding embroilment in any new conflicts, the Kremlin fears that President Biden will reengage in disputed regions in pursuit of Western integration.

Week in Review: Controversy, Corruption and Conspiracy

Landmark Election

People of the catholic western part of Mostar vote in the first post-war elections in Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina, 30 June 1996. Photo: EPA/ANTONIO BAT