Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkan Leaders Congratulate Johnson on UK Election Victory

Leaders in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Serbia on Friday warmly congratulated British Conservative Party leader Boris Jonson on his striking victory in the UK parliamentary elections. Johnson, who took power in July after toppling a minority government led by Theresa May, called the election on a pledge to "get Brexit done" if he won a majority.

Bosnian Serb War Criminal Indicted for Train Massacre

The Bosnian state prosecution on Friday charged Milan Lukic, the wartime leader of the Avengers paramilitary group, with crimes against 20 passengers who were abducted from a train at Strpci station near Visegrad in eastern Bosnia in February 1993 and then murdered.

Bosnia Constitution Still ‘Outrageously’ Violates Minority Rights – HRW

A decade after the European Court of Human Rights first ruled that the Bosnian constitution violates the rights of minorities, Human Rights Watch, HRW, has said in a press release that Bosnia has done nothing to end second-class status for Jews, Roma, and other minorities.

Democracy Digest: 20 Podcasts to While Away Winter

The Cable

This production of the Transatlantic Democracy Working Group and the Institute of Current World Affairs in Washington is all about "the threats to democracy in Europe and the transatlantic relationship, with a particular focus on backsliding countries in Central Europe".

Bosnian Lawyer for Arrested Turk ‘Deprived of Information’

The Bosnian lawyer for a Turkish school head who has been arrested as a "security threat", and faces potential extradition, said the authorities had prevented him from presenting a proper defence.

NATO Should Replace OHR as Guarantor of Bosnia’s Stability

Bosnians, at home and among the diaspora communities in the US, Europe, and Australia, are in fact affecting change outside the political process by investing in the country's grassroots economic, cultural, civil society, and educational development. These commendable efforts will take time to develop and mature.

Miodrag Daka Davidovic – Montenegrin Businessman with Powerful Foes

Joanikije, bishop of the city of Niksic in Montenegro, is an outspoken critic of Montenegrin leader Milo Djukanovic and of his plans to support the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, a feared rival to the dominant Serbian Orthodox Chuch.

Ascent began in wars of 1990s:

War Suspect Demands Extradition from Serbia to Bosnia

Former fighter Osman Osmanovic, who was detained at the Serbian border on November 23 and remanded in custody for a month, should be sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina to face charges, his lawyer Mirsad Crnovrsanin told BIRN on Wednesday.

Handke proclaimed "persona non grata"

The Cantonal Assembly unanimously adopted the declaration, filed by Democratic Action Party (SDA).
This declaration strongly condemns the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to "the Srebrenica genocide denier", as they put it.

Bosnia Struggling to Prosecute Migrants when Identity in Doubt

Experts who spoke to BIRN BiH say the rules must urgently be harmonised and the law updated to reflect the new challenges.

"This could be disastrous because many of them [migrants] do lack personal identification documents," said Vehid Sehic, a former judge and lawyer in Bosnia.

Bosnian Children’s Home Managers Sacked Over Abuse Claims

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Sarajevo on Friday, demanding that that children be better protected at the care home for children with special needs in the village of Pazaric near the Bosnian capital, and calling for the alleged abusers to be prosecuted.

"I am not surprised by the decision on Mali's PhD" VIDEO

North Macedonia's President Stevo Pendarovski is on a two-day official visit to our country. In front of the Palace of Serbia, he was greeted by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, with national honors, a guard and the intonation of the anthems of Serbia and North Macedonia.

Bosnians Protest Alleged Child Abuse at Special Needs Home

The protesters were incensed by images revealed at a news conference a day earlier by Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina lawmaker Sabina Cudic, which appeared to show children at a care facility in the village of Pazaric tied to beds and other furniture.