Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Serbian Photographer Exhibits Frontline Images of Bosnian War

The exhibition, entitled 'My Bosnia', includes pictures that Cvetkovic took in Skelani, Bratunac, Visegrad and around Sarajevo, as well as images of people who escaped to Montenegro as refugees or ended up in Serbia as prisoners.

Cvetkovic's picture of Serbs leaving their homes in the Grbavica and Ilidza settlements of Sarajevo, March 1996. Photo: BIRN.

In Depopulated Srebrenica, Shuttered Shops and Open-Hearted People

Driven by curiosity, we walked into the building the music was coming from, which is called The House of Good Tones. Hilda Djozic, office manager of the House, tells us later on that what we heard was a rehearsal by one of the youngest bands they have, and that the drummer was a seven-year-old girl.

Geopolitical Strife Fuels Dangerous Parallel Crises in Balkans

In the midst of Russia's failed mutiny, Dodik - one of the few politicians in the world who in past years has met Putin regularly, almost every year - may have tried to draw the Kremlin to support his two-decade-long separatist dream, some officials have said. 

Balkan Youth Deserve the Truth About the Past – Not Denials

But the process of peacebuilding is never a straight line and is often slowed down by chauvinistic and nationalist narratives and actions coming from key politicians, state-controlled media and extremist groups.

Lawyers in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro Question Sky ECC Data Legality

Data from the SKY ECC communications app, seized in a French and Dutch-led police operation, cannot be legally used in criminal proceedings, lawyers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro concluded in a debate in Belgrade.

BIRN Presents ‘Telco Accountability Research Using Ranking Digital Rights Methodology’

On the third day of the Internet Freedom Meet in Belgrade, BIRN presented its months-long research report titled "Hidden in Plain Sight: Telco Accountability Research Using Ranking Digital Rights Methodology".

The research showed that the customers of telecom companies in five Balkan countries and Moldova face challenges in making sure their rights to privacy are respected.

Some Telco Users in Balkans, Moldova, in Dark over Rights

Applying methodology developed by Ranking Digital Rights, an independent research programme at the Washington-based New America policy think-tank, BIRN analysed the practices of the two biggest telecom companies in each country: Albtelecom and Vodafone Albania in Albania; BH Telecom and Telekom Srpske in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ipko and Vala in Kosovo; A1 and T-Mobile in North Macedonia; Moldce

Balkan Mobile Users Roam Freely – Unless They’re in Kosovo

Western Balkan Ministers for Telecommunications signing the agreement in Belgrade to gradually remove all roaming costs in the region. Photo: Information Society Ministry of North Macedonia.

Coverage limited in northern Kosovo

Sarajevo Mourns Young People Killed in Artillery Attack

People gathered to lay flowers and pay their respects on Bakarevica Street in the Bistrik neighbourhood of Sarajevo on Monday, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the deaths of seven young people and children in an artillery attack.

Mersudin Secerovic, whose older brother Sinanudin was killed on June 26, 1993, said that despite the passage of time, "the wounds stay the same".

Bosnia Hands Down First Verdict Based on Sky Evidence

Thanks to plea bargaining, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has handed down its first verdict based on evidence obtained through the global crackdown on Sky ECC and Anom apps, the court stated on Friday. 

Bosnian Serbs Change Law to Defy International Envoy’s Decisions

The National Assembly in the Serb-dominated Republika Srpska Entity adopted amendments to the Law on Publishing Laws and Other Regulations on Wednesday evening to stop publishing decisions by the Office of the High Representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the entity's Official Gazette, which would render them invalid.