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Nailing the Virus: How One Bosnian Canton Halted a Pandemic

"Our health system has its limits," Salkic said during his interview with country's most popular evening news programme, warning: "We should not fool ourselves but use the two-week-long window of opportunity and prevent this explosion." That evening, Colic took a deep breath and told herself that she had "to take it one day at a time" - something her father told her repeatedly throughout the 19

COVID-Related Boom Reveals Video Conferencing’s Dark Side

"Disclosure of personal data, recording sensitive information, or storing people's profiles on unauthorized servers are some of the risks that go hand in hand with the use of video-conferencing tools," says Skopje-based cybersecurity practitioner Daniel Trenchov.

Turkey repatriates 390 more nationals amid coronavirus

Turkey brought back 390 more Turkish nationals from African and Balkan countries on April 28 as part of ongoing
repatriation efforts for Ramadan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A total of 119 nationals from Kenya and 153 from Tanzania arrived at Samsun Airport in northwestern Turkey.

Virus Keeps Bosnian Families of ISIS Fighters in Syrian Camps

Dolamic expressed frustration at the continuing delay to the repatriation of the remaining Bosnians from the Middle East.

"Why can't they deport around a hundred women and children from Syria?" she asked, suggesting that the problem lies in the fact that they are "labelled as terrorists".

Bosnian Serb Entity Denies Ignoring Illegal Power Plants

Authorities in Republika Srpska, RS, Bosnia's mainly Serbian entity, have denied that investors are using a lack of oversight, owing to the situation with coronavirus pandemic, to illegally build small hydropower plants on some of the country's unspoiled but increasingly endangered watercourses.

Turkey sent aid to at least 57 countries to fight virus: Minister

Turkey has so far delivered aid to at least 57 countries around the globe to help their fight against the coronavirus outbreak, the country's top diplomat has said.

"We provided medical equipment support to 57 countries," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on April 27.

IMF, EU 3bn Loan Welcomed in Balkans Despite Unknowns

EU candidate states from the West Balkans have welcomed the offer of 3 billion euros in emergency loans, to be distributed among 10 states bordering or near the EU, although the borrowing conditions remain to be determined, the European Commission confirmed to BIRN.

Why Serbian Media Scorned a Peace Message from Srebrenica

To understand how important this was, one has to know that the Srebrenica Memorial Centre operates in a very hostile environment in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska, where denial of the Srebrenica genocide is widespread, alleged war criminals live freely, and there is little state support for truth-seeking and research of wartime crimes.

Bosnia Compiles List of Illegal Migrants Due for Deportation

Bosnia's Service for Foreigners' Affairs, SFA, on the orders of the country's Security Ministry, has begun preparing a list of illegal economic migrants for deportation, Slobodan Ujic, the director of the SFA, confirmed to BIRN on Thursday.

Bosnia Court Rules Against Movement Curbs on Minors, Seniors

Bosnia's Constitutional Court, the top court in the country, ruled on Wednesday that banning minors and people over 65 from leaving their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic breaches their right to freedom of movement.

Bosnia celebrates Turkish parliament's centenary

Bosnia and Herzegovina's historic Mostar Bridge was illuminated with the colors of the Turkish flag late on April 21 to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Turkey's parliament.
"The Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey marks its 100th anniversary. We are celebrating with joy," the Turkish Consulate General in Mostar said in a statement.

Bosnia Shifts Vulnerable Migrants and Refugees to New Temporary Camp

The authorities in the Una-Sana Canton, in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, moved a first group of about 120 migrants and refugees to the new reception centre in Lipa, not far from the town of Bihac, on Tuesday.