Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian Capital’s Businesses Cash in on Stranded Migrants

For now, he is trapped in Bosnia, like thousands of other migrants.

Since making two failed attempts to cross the border into EU-member Croatia, Ahmed must remain in Sarajevo until his next attempt.

US Supreme Court Confirms Dismissal of Lawsuit Against OHR

The US Supreme Court has confirmed that it long ago dismissed an appeal by a Bosnian Serb for it to hear his case against the Office of the High Representative, OHR - the international body overseeing the 1995 Dayton peace deal in Bosnia.

Exhibition Highlights Deportation of Croatian Jews in WWII

An exhibition entitled 'If I Forget You… The Holocaust in Croatia 1941-1945/Final Destination Auschwitz' opened in Zagreb on Wednesday, highlighting the persecution of Croatia's Jews with a special emphasis on the fate of those deported to the Nazi-run Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Artificial Snow Rescues Balkan Ski Resorts amid Warm Winter

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the skiing season opened as planned in mid-December, with the two main ski centres in Bjelasnica and Jahorina on the mountains that overlook Sarajevo relying on artificial snow to keep the skiers happy and maintain the influx of tourists.

EU overhauls process for admitting new members

The European Commission will propose changes to the system for letting new countries into the European Union to give existing members more say, in a bid to mollify France which has vetoed expansion of the bloc to six countries in the Balkans.
In October, President Emmanuel Macron halted the process of admitting Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and North Macedonia.

Six Balkan hopefuls aspire to join the EU

The European Commission, the European Union's executive, will on Wednesday propose reforms to the way the bloc admits new members in an attempt to convince French President Emmanuel Macron to lift his veto on membership negotiations.

Here are some facts about the six Balkan aspirants:


Forgotten Victims: The Story of Bosnia’s Iron Bridge Executions

"Each time after a person had been taken out, I heard a volley of fire or a single shot," Salkic said.

He recalled that it was raining heavily when he approached the bridge, where he saw police officers in blue uniforms and soldiers in olive-grey Yugoslav People's Army uniforms, as well as members of a unit called the Red Berets.

Vucic: I won't give up VIDEO

Vucic added that in spite of this, he will not give up the fight for that solution and he is willing to participate in the process.
After talking with EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, Vucic recalled that he discussed with him the missed chances and what could be done, including the proposals to reach a compromise solution.

BIRN Bosnia Launches ‘Forgotten Victims’ Campaign

BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday begins its 'Forgotten Victims' campaign, which intends to enable victims of unprosecuted war crimes and their families to speak about what they went through and draw public and judicial attention to violations that have still not been prosecuted.

Romania's Transgaz signs MoU on development of natural gas networks in Eastern Europe

Romania's Transgaz national natural gas transmission corporation signed on January 28 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Partnership for the Development of Natural Gas Networks in Eastern Europe (EE-NGP), according to a press statement released on Friday to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). The memorandum was signed by all the entities that are members of the project.

Bosnia Seeks Arrest of 47 War Crimes Fugitives

The Bosnian state court told BIRN that 47 people accused of committing crimes during the 1992-95 war are being sought for arrest, 25 of whom are outside the country.

Twenty-four of those who are wanted have Serbian citizenship, or dual citizenship of Serbia and Bosnia, according to prosecutors.

Srebrenica Pupils Who Published Serb Nationalist Photo Disciplined

Nine schoolboys at the First Elementary School in Srebrenica have been disciplined for misconduct after a photograph of them in fur hats doing Serb three-finger salutes, captioned 'Chetnik Brothers', was posted on Instagram, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Bosnia's Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity announced on Thursday, according to the website.

Bosnia Lacks Border Guards to Handle Migrant Crisis

A shortage of border guards may be hampering Bosnia's ability to stop migrants from illegally entering the country, officials say.

The rulebook on its internal organisation says the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina should have 2,426 officers, but currently has only 2,038, which is 388 less, Franka Vican, a spokeswoman for the state border police, told BIRN.

Bosnia’s Federation Eyes Potential Windfall From Oil Tax

The lower house of Bosnia's Federation entity parliament backed a law on hydrocarbon taxation on Wednesday evening, hoping to add 30 per cent to the current corporate income tax on oil that might be produced in future.