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Radovan Karadzic: Psychiatrist-Poet Who Led Bosnian Serbs to War

However he was acquitted of committing genocide in several other Bosnian municipalities in 1992.

Karadzic appealed against the verdict, insisting that there was "no evidence for the accusations concerning the intention to implement ethnic cleansing".

JYSK Bulgaria Received the Investor of the Year Award For 2018

JYSK Bulgaria received the Investor of the Year Award 2018. The company invested over 100 million euros in a new distribution center located in Bozhurishte near Sofia. The facility has two fully automated 42.5 meter warehouses and will operate at full capacity by June 2019.

Sarajevo Siege: How Perpetrators of Deadly Attacks Remain Unprosecuted

A total of 1,601 boys and girls lost their lives during the siege of Sarajevo. One of them was Mirza Imamovic.

His mother Zlatka Imamovic recalled how one day she heard an explosion and ran out of the house with her husband, calling for Mirza, who was playing outside.

Five Balkan Women Inspiring Generations

Marking this important day, we bring you five inspirational women from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bulgaria who - in the battle to achieve gender equality in the region - are using technology, education and activism to empower their work.

Hahn: Name deal could have ‘domino effect’ in the region

Johannes Hahn, the EU commissioner responsible for relations with countries that aspire to join the bloc," has expressed the hope that the recent name deal between Greece and North Macedonia, could have a "domino effect" in the Balkan peninsula.

JYSK Opens 300 New Jobs and at Least 3 Stores in Bulgaria

Danish furniture chain JYSK achieved 68.6% growth in Bulgaria's turnover for the financial year 2017/2018, reaching sales of BGN 43.3 million, reported moneybg.

Profit before tax for the 12 months to end of September increases by impressive 354% to 1.27 million. Globally, the turnover reached € 3.58 billion and the pre-tax profit was € 474 million.

Serb Fighters’ Indictment Details Strpci Train Massacre Plot

On February 27, 1993, Nail Kajevic waited in the southern Serbian town of Prijepolje for his brother Nijazim to arrive by train from Belgrade. But when the train arrived after some delay, his brother was not on it and the other passengers had a gruesome story to tell.

"Get rid of taxes, or Camp Bondsteel might be shut down"

John Erratt and Brad Berkley specified that this includes the possibility of shutting down US army base Bondsteel, located near Urosevac in Kosovo, Pristina-based Gazeta Blic reported late on Thursday.