All News on Economics in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Exports to EU Grew, Imports Shrank in Jan-Jul

Bulgarian exports to the EU grew by 4.3% in the first seven months of this year, compared to the same period of 2015, while imports from other member states dipped slightly, statistics show.

Exports amounted to BGN 17.4966 B. The main trade partners included Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece and France, accounting for 64.7% of the exports to EU member states.

IMF Officially Revises Growth Forecast for Bulgaria

An upward revision of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s economic forecasr for Bulgaria has been announced in a report by the organization.

The move reflects "improved sentiment and rising private consumption," the IMF says.

BNB Reports Positive Balance Of Payments in July

In July, Bulgaria's balance of payments remained positive and marked a solid improvement for the first seven months of 2016, showed BNB data, cited by BNR.

The current account balance and the capital account balance were positive in July and amounted to Euro 635.7 M, compared to a surplus of Euro 566 M in July 2015.

Bulgaria's Exports Grew 4% in 2015 - Final Data

Bulgaria exported BGN 44.949 M worth of goods last year, the National Statistical Institute (NSI)'s final data shows.

The figure constitutes an increase of 4% compared to the previous year.

The highest growth in exports was observed in March (24.4%), the largest fall having been in September (7.5%).

Bulgaria's Fibank Repays BGN 1.2 B State Aid

Bulgaria's First Investment Bank (Fibank) has repaid the BGN 1.2 B state aid, which was provided to the bank in June 2014.

The repayment was made in compliance with the plan approved by the European Commission in November 2014. The international rating agency Fitch confirmed the bank's ratings with Stable outlook.

Bulgarian Govt Proposes to Ban Sale of Two Key Arms Firms

The Bulgarian government has proposed to ban the sale of arms manufacturer VMZ-Sopot and arms trader Kintex on account of their major importance for national security.

Draft legislation to put the two wholly-state owned companies on the list of enterprises banned for privatisation would be submitted to parliament for approval, the cabinet decided at a weekly meeting on Wednesday.

Bulgaria Registered 0.3 % Deflation in February

According to the latest figures of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) released on Monday, the index of consumer prices stood at 99.7 % in February this year compared to the previous month.

This means that Bulgaria registered a monthly deflation of 0.3 % compared to January

Compared to the same month last year, there was an annual deflation of 0.5 %.

Bulgaria Registered Six-Year Peak in FDI in 2015

In 2015, foreign direct investment (FDI) attracted to Bulgaria amounted to nearly EUR 1.6 B, which represented a 22.5 % increase compared to 2014, with the figures registering a six-year peak.

Bulgaria Had 0 % Monthly Inflation in December 2015

According to the latest figures of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) released on Thursday, Bulgaria registered an annual deflation of 0.4 % in December last year.

The index of consumer prices in December 2015 compared to the previous month was 100 %, which meant that the monthly inflation was 0 %.

Flow of Illegal Migrants at Bulgaria's Lesovo Increases - bTV

Bulgarian authorities have been faced with increased flow of illegal migrants across the country's border with Turkey in recent days, bTV broadcaster reported on Tuesday.

Several groups of migrants have been detained by border police while trying to illegally cross into Bulgaria at Lesovo checkpoint, the TV channel said citing prosec?ting authorities in the nearby town of Elhovo.

Bulgaria Swings to Mild Inflation in October

Bulgaria turned to modest inflation in Octover after reporting deflation or no change in prices for each of the previous five months, official data showed on Thursday.

Monthly consumer price inflation was 0.2% in October, the national statistical office NSI reported on Thursday.

In September, Bulgaria reported monthly deflation of 0.1% following zero inflation the prior month.

Bulgaria Had Negative Balance of Trade in 2014

The final figures on foreign trade for 2014, which were released by the National Statistical Institute (NSI) on Friday, reveal that Bulgaria had a negative balance of trade with imports exceeding exports.

In 2014, the value of exported goods amounted to BGN 43.2 B, which represented a decrease of 0.7 % compared to 2013.

FDI in Bulgaria's Non-Financial Sector Drops by 5.9% in 2014  

Foreign direct investment into Bulgaria's non-financial sector decreased by 5.9% last year, reaching EUR 21.95B, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) announced on Monday.

The biggest share of foreign direct investment (FDI) went into industry - EUR 8.95B, according to preliminary data, the NSI said. Services followed with EUR 4.58B in FDI attracted in the course of 2014.

Bulgaria Ranks 32nd in 2015 Global Peace Index

Bulgaria ranked 32nd in the 2015 Global Peace Index with a score of 1.607, with the state of peace in the country identified as "high".

Thus, the country's score has slightly deteriorated from 2014, when Bulgaria ranked 29th.