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Cigarette black market in Romania falls below 11pct in September

The cigarette black market in Romania fell in September below 11pct of the total consumption, for the first time in the last ten years, due to the sharp reduction in "no-name" products, show the findings of the Novel research, made public on Thursday. At the national level, the illegal trade in cigarettes thus reached 10.5pct, down 3.2 percentage points compared to July this year.

Bulgarian Voices feat. Lisa Gerrard | Athens | October 23

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and Lisa Gerrard will be performing at the Galatsi Olympic Hall as part of the Christmas Theater program of events on Wednesday, October 23.

PM Borissov Met with the CEO of Deutsche Welle

The media environment, the positive tendencies in the economic development of Bulgaria and the attraction of a large strategic investor from Germany. These were some of the topics that Prime Minister Boyko Borissov discussed with Deutsche Welle CEO Peter Limbourg.

Les Films de Cannes a Bucarest's special guests - Elia Suleiman, Mounia Meddour, Jasmila Zbanic

Film directors Elia Suleiman, Mounia Meddour and Jasmila Zbanic are the special guests of the Les Films de Cannes a Bucarest festival, which takes places between October 18 and 27 in Bucharest, informs a press release of the organisers sent to AGERPRES. Palestinian artist Elia Suleiman is the winner of the special prize of the jury of this year's edition of the festival on the Croisette.

Bulgaria Dreamt of Live Aid, but got Stung, not Sting

Using court papers a number of related cases, BIRN has pieced together a saga of deceit that, far from putting Bulgaria on the map, left only a trail of lawsuits, squandered cash and the prospect of DiMaggio spending up to 20 years behind bars.

'I just couldn't say 'No''

James Bond Sceneries Designed with Bulgarian Software

The scenery and lighting in some of Hollywood's most iconic blockbusters have been designed with software developed by Bulgarian specialists. Among the movies which scenery and lighting were designed with this software are the James Bond movies, top-rated Marvel titles - Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man, Iron Man, as well as Genesis and the Hunger Games 2.

The 28th Bulgarian Antarctic Expedition departs on 13 November

The next expedition to Antarctica is coming soon, Prof. Hristo Pimpirev said in the studio of the BNT morning block. The first group left on November 13th. Logistics were originally departing because our base was closed in the long Antarctic winter.

ANPC study: 22.78 pct of the products analyzed present differences in Romania compared to Western Europe

A study conducted by the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) shows that 22.78 pct of the total of products checked show differences in Romania as compared to the versions sold in Western Europe, stated, on Tuesday, Paul Anghel, general director of the ANPC, in a specialty conference. "We checked depending on the labels that were presented to us in the European study.

150 Romanian troops participate in Saber Junction 19 exercise in Germany

Approximately 5,400 troops from 16 countries, including Romania, participate over September 3-30 in multinational exercise "Saber Junction 19" (SJ19), which is mostly carried out in the training centres in Grefenwoehr and Hohenfels, but also at the Ramstein Air Base, in Germany, reads a release of the Land Forces Staff on Tuesday.

Oscars: Bulgaria Selects 'Aga' for International Feature Category

Milko Lazarov's film tells a story of an elderly Yakut couple living in northeastern Siberia.

Bulgaria has selected Milko Lazarov's Aga as its submission for the 2020 Oscars' best international feature category.