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Romania, below EU average, above Austria in terms of healthy years of life

Romania is below the European Union average when it comes to the number of years a person is expected to continue to live in a healthy condition at birth, but above other EU member states, such as Austria, Finland and Slovenia, show data released on Tuesday by Eurostat.

“The Global PR Revolution” by Maxim Behar Now in Ebook Format in Bulgarian

One of the most successful PR books at the moment "The Global PR Revolution" by Maxim Behar is now available in ebook format in Bulgarian language. The book can be purchased from the website of Helikon bookstore and in the next weeks it will be offered by some other online stores, as well.

Bulgarian Investigative Journalist Attacked by Masked Men

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry suggested on Wednesday that the attack on investigative journalist and editor Slavi Angelov on Sofia's central Dondukov Boulevard could be related to his work.

"Most likely it is an attempted assassination," Ivaylo Ivanov, the Interior Ministry's chief secretary, told Nova TV.

The National Gallery Limits Attendance at its Affiliates

The National Gallery limits attendance at its affiliates. This was reported by the gallery, quoted by BTA.

In accordance with the order issued by the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev RD-01-117 / 08.03.2020 regarding the registered cases of coronavirus on the territory of Bulgaria, introduces the restrictions.

The New Song that will Present Bulgaria at Eurovision 2020 is Out Now!

"Tears Getting Sober" is the song to be performed by Bulgarian contestant VICTORIA at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam.

The song was presented on March 7 during a live broadcast on Bulgarian National Television's morning show "The Day Begins with Georgi Lyubenov", BNT reported.

UPB students gain four medals at SEEMOUS 2020

Students at the Automatics and Computers Faculty of the Politechnica University of Bucharest gained four medals, one gold and three silver, at SEEMOUS - a maths competition for Southeast Europe, with international participation, which took place between March 3 and 8 in Greece, in Thessaloniki.

The 24rd Edition of Sofia International Film Festival Begins in March

Sofia International Film Festival is the biggest film festival in Bulgaria. It began in 1997 and attracts more than 85 000 spectators annually. The festival aims to present the best of the contemporary cinema to local audiences and regional Bulgarian and Balkan cinema to international audiences, as well as to encourage cooperation between local and international filmmakers.

Al Bano and Romina Power's Concert in Bulgaria is Postponed

The concert of the duo Al Bano and Romina Power had to be postponed due to complications and restrictions on the travel and stay of Italian citizens in Bulgaria, the organizers announced.

All passengers arriving from Italy must be subject to mandatory quarantine. Because of this the concert on 19 March will be postponed.

Bulgarian among the Winners of an International Photo Competition (PHOTO)

Atanas Chulev is among the winners of the Sony Photo Contest. He received the national prize for Bulgaria at this year's Sony World Photography Awards 2020. The big winner on April 16.

There is one standout image to represent each nation in 2020.

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper with a Concert in Bulgaria

The event will take place in the Arena Armeec Hall in Sofia

Hollywood star Johnny Depp, rock singer Alice Cooper and co-founder of Aerosmith Joe Perry will arrive in Bulgaria in September. They will perform at a big concert with Hollywood Vampires band at the Arena Armeec on September 11th.

The band performs songs by great rock musicians who are no longer alive.