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Painter Vladimir Zamfirescu has died at 84

Painter Vladimir Zamfirescu has died on Monday evening, aged 84. He will be buried on Thursday at the Bellu Catholic Cemetery. "The National Museum of Romanian Literature (MNLR) with great sadness announces the demise on June 1, 2020, of painter Vladimir Zamfirescu, a great personality of the Romanian and European contemporary art," reads a post on the MNLR Website.

May 24 - Bulgaria Celebrates National Day of Culture and Slavic Script


Bulgaria celebrates May 24 as the day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavic Script, the official Day of Holy Brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodius - the Byzantine scholars who wrote the first Slavic alphabet in 855 A.D., and translated into Old Bulgarian the Bible and the religious literature of Orthodox Christianity.

HealthMin Tataru worries relaxation, says danger of infection just as great

Health Minister Nelu Tataru says that he is worried about the moment of coronavirus lockdown being eased because the danger of infection is just as great, "and maybe greater in the first days after relaxation." "I am concerned about the moment of relaxation, the moment when we will have a resumption of the inflow of people from one area to another, an interaction and maybe a resurgence of local

Bulgaria's Health Minister: The Shopping Centers Will Be Opened Last

"The malls will be opened last" That was stated by the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev in front of reporters.

"The time will come for the opening of sports halls", he said..

According to him, the order clearly states that all anti-epidemic measures must be followed, including social distance.

For cinemas, up to 30% of the capacity of the venue is allowed.

The Emmy Nominee Series "20 Minutes" Premieres in Bulgaria on TDC

The hit Turkish series "20 minutes", nominated for the prestigious Emmy Awards, debuted in Bulgaria on Timeless Drama Channel (TDC). The unique global channel recently launched in Bulgaria and is available on the Bulsatcom network. 20 Minutes will offer viewers a story filled with dramatic twists, love emotions and endless battles between the good and the evil.

Ambassadors from Spanish speaking countries to read from Cervantes on International Book Day

Personalities representing the diplomatic and cultural life of the Spanish speaking countries in Bucharest, alongside the Spanish writer Care Santos, will read from the work of Miguel de Cervantes and several other great Spanish authors to the Romanian audience, on the International Book Day, informs a press release of the Cervantes Institute sent to AGERPRES.

Turkish band’s response to Queen’s challenge draws worldwide attention

A Turkish band's response to a challenge launched by the world-famous British rock band Queen on social media has drawn international attention.

Queen had shared a new post on its official Twitter account, revealing new videos from the "Jam with Brian" challenge that the band's guitarist, Brian May, started.

Regulations for navigators, rules for farmers crossing into Bulgaria in the making

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Sunday evening at the Nadlac I border crossing point that regulations should be worked out for navigators carrying goods and having to leave Romania, much as the regulations for truck drivers, and at the border with Bulgaria transit by farmers in the two countries should be allowed, as is the case at the border with Hungary.

Romania, below EU average, above Austria in terms of healthy years of life

Romania is below the European Union average when it comes to the number of years a person is expected to continue to live in a healthy condition at birth, but above other EU member states, such as Austria, Finland and Slovenia, show data released on Tuesday by Eurostat.

“The Global PR Revolution” by Maxim Behar Now in Ebook Format in Bulgarian

One of the most successful PR books at the moment "The Global PR Revolution" by Maxim Behar is now available in ebook format in Bulgarian language. The book can be purchased from the website of Helikon bookstore and in the next weeks it will be offered by some other online stores, as well.

Bulgarian Investigative Journalist Attacked by Masked Men

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry suggested on Wednesday that the attack on investigative journalist and editor Slavi Angelov on Sofia's central Dondukov Boulevard could be related to his work.

"Most likely it is an attempted assassination," Ivaylo Ivanov, the Interior Ministry's chief secretary, told Nova TV.