All News on Politics in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is considering Giving Up Russian Oil: Fuel Prices - Unchanged?

"Bulgaria can get out of the exception for Lukoil to use Russian oil until the end of 2024, without changing fuel prices". This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov.

He recalled that fuel prices in Bulgaria depend on the regional market.

Bulgaria’s PM: I am not looking for War with Anyone

Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov insisted that he is not looking for war with any institution.

"I'm not looking for a war with anyone, on the contrary, we need calm - the government, in the political sense of the word, so that we can fulfill our program and people can start living better," he commented.

Revealed: Warning from Serbia; That will mean war and we will respond

After the sabotage of Nord Stream, Hungary and Serbia warned the international community that any endangerment of the gas supply system from the Russian Federation would be considered a casus belli, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated in a conversation with American journalist Tucker Carlson.

The EU is considering preventing New Members from Blocking other Candidates

A special clause in the countries' accession treaties to the European Union can ensure that they cannot block other applicants immediately after entry.

This was stated by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, at the Strategic Forum in Bled, which gathered heads of state and government from the Western Balkans and other countries, including Bulgaria and Greece.