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North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister: The Macedonian Language will become Official in the EU

"The Macedonian language issue has been resolved and all lies related to it must be dismantled". This was said at a press conference in Skopje by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the RNM Bujar Osmani.

The framework that needs to be signed with the European Union will state that North Macedonia will translate the legislation into the Macedonian language.

Head of Petkov’s Office: Spokespeople for Russia receive 4,000 BGN Per Month in Bulgaria

"Spokespeople for Russia's position in Bulgaria often do not act completely free of charge. The Bulgarian services have data on this since February, since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine. The 'reward' is BGN 4,000 (EUR 2,038) per month".

This was reported on Saturday by Lena Borislavova, head of the office of the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, on Radio "Darik".

All of the EU except Bulgaria and Hungary Demand the Expulsion of Russia from World Sports

The sports ministers of more than 30 European and non-European countries adopted a common call for Russia and Belarus to be completely removed from international sports. Bulgaria and Hungary are not among the EU countries, and from the European Economic Area Switzerland has not signed up

Polish Minister Kamil Bortniczuk presented the common position, which states:

Bulgaria will not Fulfill the Russian Ultimatum

Bulgaria will not fulfill the ultimatum set yesterday by Russia - to revise its decision on the expulsion of 70 people - diplomats and employees from Moscow's missions in our country.

Bulgaria: Asen Vassilev is Proposed for New Prime Minister

Two important political plots await an outcome today - who will be the candidate of "We Continue the Change" for prime minister in the new attempt to form a government and how will Bulgaria react to Moscow's ultimatum to cancel the unprecedented decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats and officials from Bulgaria the embassy.

Bulgarian Defense Minister: The Expulsion of the Russian Diplomats is Logical

"The expulsion of the Russian diplomats is logical, when there is no respect, such steps follow," Defense Minister Dragomir Zakov said on BNT.

According to him, ways must be sought for the Russian state to continue to be represented in Bulgaria in a way that respects the dignity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country.

UAE sends Aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

The UAE has sent a plane with 52 tons of food products in support of Ukrainian refugees to the Republic of Bulgaria as part of the UAE's ongoing assistance to alleviate the humanitarian consequences facing Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine's neighboring countries, the Emirates News Agency reported.

The number of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria is estimated at more than 90,000.

Poll: BSP Voters are Bigger Russophiles than the Voters of “Vazrazhdane”

In June, eight parties received enough support from voters to enter parliament, and in three of them, those who sympathize with Bulgaria's alliance with Russia and Belarus outnumber those who support the European Union and NATO. In just one of them, more than half are about to turn to Moscow and Minsk, which together attacked Ukraine four months ago.

Petkov: The Decision for the Russian Diplomats was Not Mine Alone

"There is an interdepartmental report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and there is a decision of the Security Council, which was attended by the Ministers of Interior, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister of Finance, Minister of e-Government, Chief of Defense, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior, SANS, the chairman of Intelligence Agency director of Military Int