All News on Social Issues in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s President and Austria’s Chancellor: Guarding the EU's External Borders is Key to tackling Illegal Migration

"Protecting the external borders of the European Union is a common commitment of all member states and is key to tackling illegal migration." This was the general position of President Rumen Radev and the Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria Karl Nehammer, who talked today in Vienna, reports the press service of the Bulgarian presidency.

Bulgaria is Third in the EU in share of Children at Risk of Poverty

In 2021, in the European Union, residents under the age of 18 who were at risk of poverty or social exclusion represented 24.4 percent of all in this age group. At the same time, this share among the adult population of the Union was 21.1 percent, according to the latest data of the European statistical agency Eurostat.

Bulgaria approved the Project to Purchase 8 New F-16 Fighter Jets

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria adopted a decision approving the project "Acquisition of 8 new F-l6C/D Block 70 aircraft, ammunition, training equipment, maintenance equipment, spare parts, initial maintenance and training for the Bulgarian Air Force".

Bulgaria with the most Drastic Drop in Life Expectancy

The COVID pandemic has caused an unprecedented increase in mortality worldwide, leading to a decrease in life expectancy. A study last year found that 2020 saw a significant drop in life expectancy - by more than two years in the US and by one year in England and Wales.

78% of Bulgarians Fear how they will Manage Financially in 2023

78% of Bulgarian society is afraid of how they will manage financially in 2023. This is clear from the data of the national representative survey on the economic attitudes among the adult population in our country, prepared by the sociological agency "Trend".

1001 respondents participated in the research.

Migrants Jump over the "Golden" Fence with Ladders at the Bulgarian Border

Footage of a group of migrants jumping over the border fence between Bulgaria and Turkey using a simple ladder was broadcast by bTV last night.

The fence swallowed tens of millions of leva - and it is not even known exactly how many, since it was refinanced many times during the time of the government of GERB and the so-called "patriots" from VMRO.

Not Many Ukrainian Refugees have Stayed in Bulgaria since the Start of the Invasion

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Bulgaria has received 782,043 refugees at its borders and has granted temporary protection as per the Temporary Protection Directive of EU, to approximately 136,818 Ukrainian refugees, 87 percent of whom are women and children. 54,579 Ukrainian refugees remain within the country as of 5 October.

Bulgaria: "We Continue the Change" did not accept GERB's offer - they remain Opposition

The co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Asen Vassilev rejected the offer of GERB's leader Boyko Borissov for the formation of a Euro-Atlantic government with clear priorities.

"We remain a constructive opposition to GERB. We will not join a coalition of theft," he announced at a press conference in BTA.

Border Control in Bulgaria: At Least 10 Border Police Officers have Helped Migrants

"There are data on at least 10 border police officers involved in various schemes for illegal passage of migrants into Bulgaria". This was stated by the Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev in Plovdiv.

He also added that there are doubts about other colleagues, but they have no evidence about them.

Bulgarian Minister: The Introduction of the Euro will Not Increase Inflation

"The adoption of the euro will not increase inflation further". This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov on the air of BNT.

He noted that the euro is stronger than 10 years ago when we could have seen turmoil. "We don't have that at the moment. We adopted measures to calm the markets. Institutionally, the euro is stronger", Pekanov stressed.