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Bulgaria: Asen Vassilev is Proposed for New Prime Minister

Two important political plots await an outcome today - who will be the candidate of "We Continue the Change" for prime minister in the new attempt to form a government and how will Bulgaria react to Moscow's ultimatum to cancel the unprecedented decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats and officials from Bulgaria the embassy.

UAE sends Aid to Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

The UAE has sent a plane with 52 tons of food products in support of Ukrainian refugees to the Republic of Bulgaria as part of the UAE's ongoing assistance to alleviate the humanitarian consequences facing Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine's neighboring countries, the Emirates News Agency reported.

The number of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria is estimated at more than 90,000.

Bulgaria: No More Money for Employers who Hired Ukrainian Citizens

Employers in Bulgaria, who hired Ukrainian refugees, are facing a new big problem. Surprisingly, some companies have been notified that from July 1 they will no longer receive financial assistance from the state for the employed Ukrainian citizens. The money for hired foreign employees is stopped. What will happen to working Ukrainian refugees?

President Radev: 30% of Bulgarians already Live Abroad

"30% of Bulgarians already live abroad", announced President Rumen Radev. Yesterday he joined the National Conference on the Bulgarian Language "Sacred Language" at Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". According to the head of state, our country needs a National Cultural Institute to unite Bulgarian communities abroad through the Bulgarian language and culture.

EU Commissioner: By Adopting the Euro Bulgarians will have their Voices Heard

"Bulgaria is expected to receive 11 billion euros through the EU for the next 7 years", announced on Nova TV the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit. He clarified that it is about signing the Partnership Agreement and that a year has passed.

There are currently 81,486 Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

"There are currently 81,486 Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. They have requested temporary protection. 45,000 of them are children. With their personal foreigner number after registration, every refugee can exercise their rights." This was stated by the chairwoman of the Agency for Refugees Mariana Tosheva.

Bulgaria’s Embattled LGBT Community Eyes Calmer Celebration This Year

Sofia Pride marks its 15th edition this week with various activities, including exhibitions, film screenings and, on Saturday June 18, an open-air concert featuring some of the best-known local performers followed by a march for equal rights. 

European Rights Court Censures Bulgaria Over Homophobic Murder

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) building in Strasbourg, France. Photo: EPA-EFE.

The court said that Bulgaria must pay Stoyanova 7,000 euros in damages and 3,183.90 euros for costs and expenses for violating the European Convention on Human Rights.

Over 70% in EU Support Economic Sanctions on Russia

Over 70% of people surveyed in the EU agree with the imposition of economic sanctions on Russia, with two-thirds feeling that more stringent sanctions should be imposed. Support for economic sanctions is particularly high in Scandinavian countries, the Baltic states, Romania, Poland and Ireland.

Bulgarian Businessman: Adopting the Euro will tell the World that We are Stupid

The adoption of the euro tells the world: "We are so stupid that we do not deserve an independent monetary policy and we should be ruled by European officials," businessman Ivaylo Penchev commented last night on TV1. Penchev is the CEO of "Walltopia", currently the largest manufacturer of artificial climbing walls in the world.

Bulgarian Posts is returning to Normal Operation

As of today, "Bulgarian Posts" resumes the payment of unpaid express domestic money orders accepted after March 21, 2022, as well as the payment of unpaid ordinary domestic money transfers. This was announced on the official website of the state company.

Bulgaria: How Much will the State give to Ukrainians that Started Working in the Country?

As of today, BGN 356 for 3 months will be provided by the Employment Agency for rents and overheads of expenses of Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection who have started work in Bulgaria.

In addition, the state will provide employers with a minimum wage and insurance for 3 months when hiring Ukrainian citizens displaced after February 24.