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Bulgarian PM: Refugee Centers Occupancy at 50% Amid Schengen Agreement

In a parliamentary control session today, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov disclosed that refugee centers across the nation are currently operating at just 50% capacity, attributing the decline to the recent implementation of the air and sea Schengen agreement.

Major Migrant Trafficking Operation Dismantled in Bulgaria

In a significant crackdown on organized crime, Bulgarian Border Police have detained ten individuals involved in migrant trafficking during a targeted operation in the Burgas area. Chief Commissioner Anton Zlatanov, Director of the General Directorate Border Police, disclosed the details of the operation to bTV on Wednesday, revealing that more arrests may follow.

Bulgaria Tightens Citizenship Criteria: Language Fluency Now a Must!

The Bulgarian Parliament has voted to amend citizenship laws, making proficiency in the Bulgarian language a prerequisite for obtaining citizenship. The amendment, proposed by the Council of Ministers, received overwhelming support with 154 votes in favor and 22 abstentions during the first reading.

Gender Pay Gap Widens in Bulgaria: Women Earn 12.6% Less Than Men

In Bulgaria, a stark reality persists: women continue to face significant disparities in earnings compared to their male counterparts, with the latest data from the National Statistical Institute revealing a troubling trend.

Landmark Achievement: Majority of Med Grads Opt to Stay in Bulgaria

Anesthesiology is the most desired specialty among the graduating class of 2023 at the Medical University of Sofia

A record number of young doctors - 62.5%, wish to practice in Bulgaria - these are the results of a survey among Bulgarian graduates from the Class of 2023 at the Medical Faculty of MU-Sofia.

Bulgaria Commits 100,000 Euros For The Recovery Of Ukraine

In a move to support Ukraine's industrial recovery efforts, Bulgaria has announced its participation in the "Green Program for the Industrial Recovery of Ukraine" initiated by the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO). The decision was made by the Council of Ministers, as revealed by the press service of the cabinet.