All News on Social Issues in Bulgaria

Five illegal Migrants Caught Attempting to Cross the Danube

The signal was filed with the Border Police by member of the public who saw them boarding a boat on the bank of the river at Bulgaria's Rousse during the night of May 20th, reports BNT. 

About 40% of Households in Bulgaria Live in Overcrowded Housing

Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Valentin Yovev, who opened "Residential Forum 2019" in the capital announced that according to statistics, there are an average of 550 homes per 1000 people in Bulgaria, and that houses were more than households.

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy: Relations Between Bulgaria and Ukraine Are on a Solid Foundation

"The traditionally good relations between Bulgaria and Ukraine are on a solid foundation and have deep roots." With these words, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Demographic Policy Mariana Nikolova addressed the new Ukrainian president. She took part in the official inauguration ceremony of Volodymyr Zelenski, which took place in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Thousands missing out on palliative care in Greece

Up to 135,000 people in Greece require relief from the pain of terminal illnesses yet only around 10 percent of them receive the appropriate treatment as there is no institutional framework for the dispensing of palliative care.

Today Is The Tax Freedom Day, From Now On Bulgarians Will Work Only For Themselves

Today is the day of tax freedom, according to economists from the Institute for Market Economics. Experts say that if we have worked for the government till today, we have already redeemed the budget and by the end of the year we will work only for ourselves. Therefore, it is symbolically assumed that we are free from our financial obligations from the specified day.

17,000 Elderly Bulgarians will Receive Health-care Services under a Patronage Care Project

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Biser Petkov, announced during the parliamentary scrutiny that 80 projects under the Human Resources Development Operational Program (OPHRD) have already been approved "Patronage for the elderly and the disabled". The value of approved projects is 9.9 million BGN. The total number of users to be covered by the approved projects is 7939 people.

More And More Young Bulgarians Are Deciding To Emigrate

Bulgarians are starting to emigrate around the age of 17. 33 225 people left the country permanently in 2018. They have declared to the border authorities that they will move their permanent address abroad.

787 children from 0 to 4 years left Bulgaria, 1083 - between 5 and 9 years and 1,191 - between 10 and 14 years.

Last Day For Free-Trip Requests Under the 'Discover the EU' initiative

Today is the last day in which EU citizens of 18 years of age can declare their willingness to participate in the distribution of 20 000 free travel cards within the framework of the European Union's "Discover the EU" initiative.

The quota for Bulgaria is 275 tickets. Those wishing to apply can apply through the European Youth Portal.

NGO Organizes Survey To Find Out What Will Bring The Bulgarians Abroad Back

Market Links Agency and the Movement for National Cause NGO are organizing a survey among Bulgarians living abroad. The survey will be carried out by volunteers on the day of the European Elections, in polling sections of as many EU countries as possible. The purpose of the survey is to find out what would make Bulgarians return to Bulgaria and what are the obstacles to making such a decision.

Four arrested over as many illegal adoptions

Police in northern Greece have arrested four suspects and identified another six accused of running an illegal adoption racket using pregnant women from Bulgaria.

20% Of Women Working In The IT Sector Leave Their Work Due To Gender Pay Inequalities

According to an international study conducted by Tek Experts, a significant number of women are considering leaving the IT sector because of unfair remuneration and gender prejudices. In Bulgaria, one in five women (19.3%) is about to give up their IT career because of the gender pay gap.

Pediatricians Stage New Protests in Sofia and Block Main Avenue

Pediatricians and nurses from the only in Bulgaria specialized pediatric hospital protested in Sofia on Friday morning together with parents of ill children. They blocked one of the main avenues in Bulgaria's capital Ivan Geshov.

‘Build Peace and Bridges’, Pope Francis Urges Bulgarians

After a tightly-packed three-day programme, Pope Francis left Bulgaria on Tuesday morning with a call for the country to continue "building peace and bridges" with its neighbours.

"Keep building peace, sow goodness," the pontiff told Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who saw him off as he departed for North Macedonia for the next leg of his Balkan trip.