All News on Social Issues in Bulgaria

Commuters Account for 18% of Bulgaria's Workforce - Trade Unions

Nearly 0.5 million Bulgarians, or 18% of the total of persons employed, are internal labor migrants, according to statistics of trade unions.

According to statistics of Bulgarian trade unions, the number of commuters exceeds 400 000 but their exact number remains unknown.

Refugees in Bulgaria Demand Documents Allowing Entry in EU Countries

Refugees in Bulgaria are staging a protest to demand papers allowing them to head for Germany or another EU member state.

The protest is to be held Wednesday in front of the European Commission Representation in Sofia, according to reports of Trud daily.

Bulgaria Records Negative Budget Balance in February - Stat

As of end-February Bulgaria's budget balance is negative, amounting to BGN 688.2M, according to the official data released by the Financial Ministry.

Compared to the same period of the previous year there is an improvement in the Consolidated Fiscal Program (CFP) budget balance by BGN 43.8M, or 0.1% of the projected GDP.

Amnesty Warns EU Against Transfer of Asylum Seekers to Bulgaria

Amnesty International

European countries must not transfer any asylum seekers to Bulgaria until the country truly improves its appalling reception conditions and addresses its deeply flawed asylum procedures, said Amnesty International.

Bulgaria's Tax Revenue Lower Than Last Year's

The tax revenues in Bulgaria in the first two months of 2014 are by BGN 12 M less, compared to the same period of 2013. 

The main reason are the lower VAT revenues and the increased capital, social and health spending. The budget deficit for January and February 2014 is BGN 688 M. 

Compared to the same period in 2013, however, the deficit is by BGN 43.8 M smaller. 

Court Releases One Arrested for US Card Fraud, Other Stays Locked Up

One of the two Bulgarians arrested in Bulgaria for card fraud in the US, remains in custody, the other is released under home arrest, ruled the Sofia City Court. 

Mihail Petrov was released because he suffers from cerebral palsy and has clean police record, while Radoslav Pavlov is in good health and, though he also has clean record, will remain in custody for at least 60 days. 

Attias: Release of Libya HIV Case Medics Took 70 Hours of Talks

Cécilia Attias, ex-wife of former French President Sarkozy, met Thursday in Sofia with the Bulgarian medics who spent 8 years in prison in Libya over a HIV trial.

Cecilia Attias, then-wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, had a major contribution to the release of the medics.

Growing Numbers of Bulgarian Pensioners Visit Greece

Bulgarian pensioners become more frequent visitors to Greek islands for Easter. 

A survey of Bulgaria's Darik national radio among tourist agencies found that this spring Greece and Turkey are more preferred by Bulgarians above middle age. 

61 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended At Bulgaria's “Green” Border

Sixty-one illegal immigrants were apprehended at Bulgaria's “green” border with Turkey in the last 24 hours, Interior Ministry said. 

They are taken to the primary holding centers and are receiving medical attention. Later they will be processed in accordance with the legal requirements. 

Bulgarian Statistical Institute Riven by Scandal over 2011Census Data

Ivan Balev, head of the Demographic and Social Statistics unit of Bulgaria's National Statistical Institute (NSI), has insisted that the 2011 census was deeply flawed.

Balev, as cited by Darik radio, claimed that the shortcomings of the 2011 census were due to mistakes of census workers and statisticians.

Thank God For Bulgarians Abroad

Georgi Papakochev, Deutsche Welle Bulgaria

The Bulgarian seasonal workers and the permanently living abroad emigrants have long since become “sponsors of the fatherland”. Without their money transfers, thousands of people in Bulgaria could not survive.

Bulgarian Experts Warn of Food Price Hikes

There is an increased risk of drastic food price hikes in Bulgaria because of Government's actions against the modern retail chains. 

According to Yordan Mateev, executive director of the Modern Retail Association, the draft amendments to the Competition Protection Act would affect not only the retail sector, but all business activities.