All News on Social Issues in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is looking for Places to House 59,000 Ukrainian Refugees

59,085 Ukrainian citizens are currently staying in Bulgaria. By May 31, refugees staying in hotels that will receive tourists must be transferred. A measure is being developed through which people who have found a job will be able to apply for rent assistance.

Pro-Russian Protesters Prevented the Wrapping of a Soviet Monument with Ukrainian and Bulgarian Flags in Sofia

Citizens tried to wrap Bulgarian and Ukrainian flags onto the Soviet Army monument in the center of the capital of Bulgaria. The initiative is a sign of support and sympathy with the Ukrainian people, but also as a protest against the fact that the monuments erected during the totalitarian regime in our country have not yet been removed.

Bulgarians celebrate May Day

The 1st of May is one of the official holidays in Bulgaria and an official day off work.

About 48 million Euros from the EU will be Directed to Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

About 48 million euros of the 148 million euros Bulgaria received from the European Union will be directed to Ukrainian refugees in our country. This was commented by the Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Governance Kalina Konstantinova during a discussion at the House of Europe on the topic "The Road ahead for Ukrainian Refugees in Europe and in Bulgaria", quoted by BTA.

Freedom House: Corruption is still the Main Issue in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is classified as a "free" country in the latest Freedom House report on democracy and freedoms around the world.

Bulgaria has 79 points out of 100, one point more than last year (78). According to the rating for political rights, Bulgaria has 33 points out of 40 possible, and according to the rating for civil liberties - 40 out of 60 possible.

Payroll Costs in Bulgaria: What You Need to Know Before Hiring

Since joining the European Union in 2007, Bulgaria has become a hotbed for foreign investors and multinational companies. Thanks to its cheaper but highly skilled labor and a hungry consumer base, it's not surprising that companies from all over the world are interested in expanding to this country.

Bulgaria will take out a New Debt of Half a Billion BGN

Bulgaria will take out a new debt of half a billion levs (BGN). This is clear from a statement by the Ministry of Finance.

It is about 3.5-year government securities (bonds) denominated in BGN, maturing on May 17, 2025. The weighted average annual yield of the issue is 0.88%.