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As of this morning, Serbia is ahead of the United States of America PHOTO

When it comes to the number of revaccinations, Serbia is the first in Europe and the fourth in the world, has learned.
For the sake of comparison, Serbia has more revaccinated citizens in absolute numbers than Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Albania.

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Vaccination Campaign Moves into Higher Gear, 20,236 Inoculated in One Day

A record number of vaccinated during the last day -20,236 reported by the Single Information Portal for February 24.

The newly infected were 1,733 documented after 12,066 tests - 6,331 PCR and 5,735 antigen.

This means that 14.4% of the tests were positive. The total number of confirmed cases in Bulgaria since March last year is 242,124.

EP Democracy Group hearing on Slovenian media scheduled for next week

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Janez Janša and other Slovenian officials have been invited for a virtual exchange of views on the media in the country with the European Parliament’s Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Monitoring Group on 5 March.

ID Papers Forgery Ring Busted in Bulgaria - Prosecutor General

"Illicit trade in forged US and Bulgarian ID documents has been intercepted," Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev wrote on Twitter.

The operation was carried out by the Prosecutor's Office and the GDBOP (organized crime task force) and targeted crimes in cyberspace.

The Prosecutor General also noted that "fighting cybercrime is a challenge that we successfully tackle."

CITUB Expert: Switching from Remote Situation Back to Office Will Be Real Challenge

Todor Kapitanov, labour law expert and National Secretary of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria, predicts that returning to the office will be the next major issue. Re-adjusting to the physical workplace will be just as hard as getting used to teleworking because employees have acquired new habits, Kapitanov told BTA.

Amid the Pandemic, It’s Now Corruption That ‘Performs Better’ in Hungary

Although national income indeed grew significantly after 2013 (on average around 4 per cent per year until the pandemic), the overall performance of the economy proved to be much bleaker than depicted on the government posters, even before the current crisis.