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Japan Donates Bulgaria a Drug for COVID-19

Japan plans to give free of charge to 20 countries, including Bulgaria, the Avigan flu drug also known as Favipiravir to be used to treat patients infected with the new coronavirus, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said today. by the national news agency Kyodo.

Romania, below EU average, above Austria in terms of healthy years of life

Romania is below the European Union average when it comes to the number of years a person is expected to continue to live in a healthy condition at birth, but above other EU member states, such as Austria, Finland and Slovenia, show data released on Tuesday by Eurostat.

Bulgaria's MPs & Government Forgo Salaries during Coronavirus State of Emergency

Bulgaria's MPs on April 6 voted to forgo their salaries as of April 1 for the duration of the coronavirus state of emergency. The proposal came this evening from the ruling GERB party and received unanimous support from 170 MPs and all parliamentary groups, BNT reported.

Official: Bulgaria Closed its Borders

From midnight Bulgaria officially closed its borders to third countries at all border checkpoints, no matter what the vehicles are.

The measure effectively applies to our borders with Turkey, Northern Macedonia and Serbia and will remain in force until April 17th. An important clarification is that this ban does not affect nationals of EU Member States and their families.

565 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria, 22 Death Cases

565 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Bulgaria at this time. This was announced by the Head of Staff, Ventsislav Mutafciiski, at his regular briefing. The increase from the previous day was more than 4 percent. The mean age of the deceased 22 people is 66 years.

31 people from the medical staff are infected.

Bulgarian Scientists Invented Filter against COVID-19

Bulgarian scientists invented a filter which purifies air from mechanical, chemical and biological pollutants. The hydro-cyclone system has been developed entirely by Bulgarian scientists and is a completed technology for destruction of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, PhD student Viktor Stoyanov told the Bulgarian National Radio.

549 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria, another Death Case

549 are the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria according to data from the National Operational Headquarters. To date, eight more new cases have been proven, all of them in Sofia. The labs continue to work.

201 persons with confirmed COVID-19 are placed under medical supervision in hospitals. 26 of them are in intensive care units and clinics.

British couple self-isolating in parking lot amid outbreak

A British couple who were on a world tour on their caravan has been in voluntary self-quarantine in the parking lot of a sports facilities in Istanbul's historic Yenikapı district for 17 days, after Turkish borders closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Weather Forecast: Windy with Maximum Temperatures between 10C and 15C

Today, rain also in southern Bulgaria will stop, and clouds will break in the afternoon.  

Northern Bulgaria will be mostly sunny. Light northeast winds will continue to blow, increasing to moderate in the east and across the Danube Plain. Maximum temperatures between 10C and 15C. Atmospheric pressure will rise and be much higher than the monthly average.

3,6% more Infected by Coronavirus in Bulgaria than a Day Earlier

The National Headquarters responsible for combating coronavirus spread in Bulgaria announced Monday morning that 19 new COVID-19 cases have been reported in the country for the past 24 hours. The total number of infected has reached 541. The number of newly registered patients is 3.6% higher than a day earlier.

Bulgaria: 531 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases, 20 Death Cases, 37 People have Recovered

531 are the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria according to data from the National Operational Headquarters. According to information from the National Operational Headquarters, 9 more cases were proven during the day, with 5 in Sofia, 1 in Smolyan, 1 in Blagoevgrad, 1 in Stara Zagora and 1 in Haskovo. The labs continue to work.

17 COVID-19 Deaths in Bulgaria

A 54-year-old man died at St. Anna's Hospital in Sofia on April 4. The patient had underlying health conditions including Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) diabetes and hypertension and was diagnosed with COVID-19.

An 86-year-old COVID-19 positive man died in the same hospital. The patient had pulmonary insufficiency and heart disease.

Bulgaria Looking for PCR Tests for COVID-19 from Israel

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has talked on the phone with Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu. They discussed measures to tackle COVID-19. So far, Israeli scientists have not managed to develop a sufficiently reliable rapid test, BNR reported.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: A Total of 15 899 Tests were Performed

A total of 15,899 COVID-19 tests for have been performed in the laboratories in Bulgaria from the beginning of the outbreak until today. The first tests began in the National Reference Laboratory and the Military Medical Academy, after which laboratories were opened in Stara Zagora and Varna.