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Weather in Bulgaria: Cloudy and Rainy Today

Today the clouds will be significant. Before noon in the western half of the country it will still rain, and in some places in the southwestern regions the quantities will be significant and it will thunder. In the afternoon the precipitation will stop. A light to moderate northeast wind will blow, in southwestern Bulgaria the wind will be from the southeast.

Dutch Firm to Help Retrieve Vera Su Ship Stranded near Bulgaria's Black Sea Natural Reserve

A Dutch company, which was involved in salvaging the Kursk submarine, is drawing up a plan to retrieve the Vera Su ship, which is stranded in the Yaylata area on Bulgaria's northern Black Sea coast. This was announced at a briefing by Bulgaria's Minister of Transport Hristo Alexiev, who arrived at the scene of the incident.

Bulgaria’s Town of Panagyurishte Awarded Title of European City of Sports in 2022

Bulgaria's Town of Panagyurishte Awarded Title of European City of Sports in 2022

The town of Panagyurishte (Pazardzhik district) has met the high criteria to be a European City of Sports in 2022 and has received the prestigious title. This became clear today after an inspection by the non-profit association ACES Europe.


100% Dominance of "Delta" Variant of COVID-19 in Bulgaria

The "Delta" variant of COVID-19 dominates in Bulgaria 100%, the press service of the Ministry of Health announced, citing data from the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (NCIPD). Of the 457 clinical samples analyzed, this variant of the virus was found in all of them.

Bulgarian IT Industry Completive Globally, Boasts Revenue Growth

Bulgaria's software industry is among the few left unaffected by the world pandemic. Quite the opposite - the crisis born of the global spread of coronavirus actually gave an impetus to one of the few Bulgarian industries that are competitive globally.

United States Placed Bulgaria in Highest Travel Risk Category

The United States placed Bulgaria and Norway in the last, fourth category, with a very high risk of travel due to the new coronavirus, informs CNN.

So far, both countries have been in the penultimate, third category.

Fourth category are countries with more than 500 coronavirus cases per 100,000 population in the last 28 days.

Weather in Bulgaria: Significant Clouds with High Chance of Rain

Today the clouds will be significant and in many places in Western and Central Bulgaria it will rain. A light to moderate wind from the east-northeast will blow and cool air will continue to penetrate with it.

Bulgarian Pop-Folk Diva Set to Run for President on November 14

Bulgarian pop-folk diva Luna Yordanova has submitted her application to run for president at the forthcoming Presidential elections. She was nominated by an initiative committee, the BNR's reporter Maria Fileva informed. For her part, Luna Yordanova refused to disclose the name of the person who would run for Vice President and said: "It will be a nice surprise. Life itself is a show.