Latest News from Bulgaria

Algerian Recidivist Sentenced 23 Years for 2 Attempted Murders

The Sofia City Court has sentenced Salahedin bin Aladdin to 11 years in jail for attempting to murder a man in Bulgaria's capital last May.

This is the second sentence bin Aladdin receives, after being handed 12 years in prison for stabbing a 20-year-old store clerk Viktoria Hristova last November. Both incidents happened around the central Pirotska Street.

Bulgaria to Invest BGN 153 M in 3 Industrial Zones

Investments of BGN 153 M will go to the industrial zones near Bozhurishte, Telish, and Burgas in the next few years, according to the CEO of National Company Industrial Zones EAD.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Atanas Nenov noted that the figure had been calculated on the basis of contracts signed with investors in 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

Bulgaria Expects More Tourists from Ukraine, Belarus – Deputy Min

Bulgaria expects a significant tourist influx in the summer season, Deputy Economy Minister Branimir Botev announced at a tour operators meeting in Plovdiv, Thursday.

According to Botev, the number of visas issued for Belarusians only has increased by 12% this year.

Bulgaria to Export Rose Petal Jam to China

Bulgaria will export Rose petal jam to China after signing a contract during the first day of the international Food and Beverage Trade Show SIAL China 2014 in Shanghai.

Polish PM Tusk Wants Increased NATO Presence in Eastern Europe

NATO needs to have a larger presence in eastern Europe in light of the crisis in Ukraine, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Thursday, quoted by The New York Times.

Tusk is in the Slovak capital Bratislava, to attend the session titled "Visegrad Up: Finding Common Grounds in Times of Crisis" at the 2014 GLOBSEC Security Forum. 

Bulgaria's GDP Records 1.1% Growth in Q1 Y/Y

Bulgaria's Gross Domestic Product expanded with 1.1 % in Q1 of 2014 over the same quarter of the previous year and with 0.2 % compared to Q4 of 2013.

Bulgaria to Open 8 New Border Crossings By 2017

Bulgaria's Interior Ministry is planning to open eight new border crossing points by 2017, reports Sega daily. 

The checkpoints will be at the borders with Greece – one, Serbia – two, FYROM – three and Romania – two, shows a ministry plan, entitled Strategy for integrated border management. 

Sofia Appellate Court Chief Temporarily Dismissed

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council has voted to temporarily remove from office the head of the Sofia Appellate Court, Veselin Pengezov.

The SJC ruled the same for Petko Petkov, head of the Military Appellate Court. Of the 20 members, 16 voted in favor of removing them from office, a move initiated by the Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov.

Bulgarian Crops to Be Preserved in Norway's Noah's Ark

In October, Bulgaria will send the first samples of seed germ plasm of typical Bulgarian crop varieties to the Global Seed Vault in Norway, also known as the Noah's Ark.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seedbank on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen near Longyearbyen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, about 1,300 kilometres from the North Pole.

Turkish Organization Hacked the Website of Bulgarian Orthodox Church

The official website of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was hacked by the Turkish organization Milli Gucler on Thursday.

The home page displays the Turkish flag and the following text: “The official website of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is hit in response to the vandal attack on the Djumaya mosque in Plovdiv. 

Net Financial Wealth of Bulgarian Households Tripled in 9 Years

The net financial wealth of Bulgarian households more than tripled in the past 9 years, amounting to nearly EUR 25 B by 2013, according to data of UniCredit Group.

According to the analysis of UniCredit´s CEE Strategic Analysis department, the net financial wealth of Bulgarian households is to reach EUR 26.9 B in 2014, compared to a level of around EUR 7 B in 2004.

Sofia Set to Decide Fate of Foreign Electricity Companies

From Financial Times Website

By Christian Oliver in Brussels

Bulgarian authorities are poised to decide whether to eject a trio of Czech and Austrian electricity distributors in a case that is alienating Sofia's EU partners and raising suspicions of undue Russian influence.

Bulgaria Faces New Strasbourg Trial on Prisons

Six complaints from five prisoners have been united in one trial, Neshkov et al. against Bulgaria, which indicates that the Strasbourg court intends to review Bulgaria's poor prison conditions as a systemic problem, Bulgarian National Radio reported.