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Bookings soar as Britons hope for travel restart

International holiday bookings surged by as much as 600 percent after Britain laid out plans to gradually relax coronavirus restrictions, giving battered airlines and tour operators hope that a bumper summer could come to their rescue.

The Vaccination Campaign in Bulgaria Has Stalled due to a Lack of Trust

 According to the Bulgarian health minister Angelov, Some GPs advise their patients not to get vaccinated.

Bulgaria is the country with the lowest vaccination rate in the EU - 1.2 doses per 100 people.

For comparison, the average in the EU is 5.3, and in the UK - 24.7.

The reason for this lag is the distrust in the institutions, writes Bloomberg in an analysis.

Bulgaria’s Health Minister: We May Achieve Herd Immunity by End Summer if Vaccine Rollout Keeps Pace

On Tuesday,Health Minister Kostadin Angelov told journalists that if the share of people getting vaccinated remains as high, Bulgaria may achieve herd immunity by the end of this summer. Together with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, he inspected a vaccination site in the village of Malevo opened  to serve several neighboring settlements.

Bulgaria Ranks 8th in EU in Electricity Generated by NPP

Nuclear power plants in the EU produced about 26% of the total electricity generated in the Union in 2019, according to data from the specialized Eurostat survey.

Thirteen Member States, including Bulgaria, operated a total of 106 reactors, which generated 765,337 GW/h of electricity.

Bulgarian Cybersecurity Expert: Remote Working Heightens Risk of Hacker Attacks

For the larger part of Bulgarians working from home in time of pandemic is an advantage. It's true that some firms could not switch over to a digital-only business model and keep on working. Fortunately, the larger part of businesses made the necessary transformations quite promptly and managed to adapt to the new situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Bulgarian Beekeepers Angry with Agriculture Ministry’s Inadequate Policies

Beekeepers from all over the country mounted a protest in front of the Ministry of Agriculture in Sofia.The reason for their discontent is the high mortality rate in bee families due to spraying with unauthorized chemicals and pesticides, and the lack of national strategy for beekeeping industry.

Bulgaria: Business Will Have Breath of Air in Pandemic, New Aid Program Is Worth BGN 78 M

Bulgaria's government launches a new measure to support business in time of crisis. It is worth over BGN 78 million. From today until March 15, small companies with an annual turnover of over BGN 500,000 in 2019may apply for aid. The other requirement is that the business has a drop in turnover of at least 20% in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Report: MEP invites Janša to Brussels over media

Brussels – Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld (Renew) has invited PM Janez Janša to Brussels to take part in a discussion on the media in Slovenia that is expected to take place in March, public broadcaster TV Slovenija reported on Monday.

Dragu: Possibility of opening direct air route between Bucharest and Skopje, considered

Bucharest, Feb 22 /Agerpres/ - Senate President Anca Dragu said on Monday that the possibility of opening a direct air route between Bucharest and Skopje will be considered, when the epidemiological context allows the relaunch of air transport at an optimal capacity. Anca Dragu had a meeting with Gabriel Atanasov, the ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia to Romania.

Bulgarian Basketball Team Made it For European Championship

Bulgaria has qualified for the European Basketball Championship! News that surprised many... And it shouldn't - although this particular sport is not No1 in popularity in our country, it does not mean that our country does not have its traditions in it.

And these traditions have been built for decades.

Bulgaria: What Has Happened to

The most visited torrent site in Bulgaria,, is unavailable. The first signs of emerging problems with the operation of the tracker were observed from the evening of February 21.

The site's collapse comes about a day after the office of the Prosecutor General office asked for help the US Department of Justice for blocking Zamunda.