Latest News from Bulgaria

Russia’s Ambassador: Bulgaria is Rewriting its History

Relations between Bulgaria and Russia are at the lowest level for the entire post-socialist period, the Russian ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova said in an interview with TASS.

13-year-old Turkish pianist wins competition in Germany

A 13-year-old Turkish student has won the International Pianele Piano Competition in Germany, becoming the youngest pianist ever to achieve this feat.

Arya Su Gülenç from the northwestern province of Bursa was one of the four winners of the competition held in Fulda, Germany, on Aug. 6, as she was hailed as a "Wonder Child" in the German press.

Electricity prices are spiking

Even with a slight drop Monday, Greece's wholesale electricity market remained the most expensive in the European Union.

The EU is considering preventing New Members from Blocking other Candidates

A special clause in the countries' accession treaties to the European Union can ensure that they cannot block other applicants immediately after entry.

This was stated by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, at the Strategic Forum in Bled, which gathered heads of state and government from the Western Balkans and other countries, including Bulgaria and Greece.

Bulgaria’s PM: There is Dual Power in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

According to Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, there is currently dual power in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and this can seriously hinder the work of the government. He specified that the restructuring of the security services should be discussed at the state level so that there are no "white spots" in their work, as there are now.

Turkey’s Ambassador: The Investments of Turkish companies in Bulgaria reach 2.5 billion euros

"There are about 70 large Turkish companies operating in Bulgaria, whose investments reach 2.5 billion euros, and 15,000 jobs have been created". This is what the ambassador of Turkey to Bulgaria, Aylin Sekizkök, said in Shumen to the participants in the forum "Opportunities for the labor market in North-Eastern Bulgaria", organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Bulgaria’s PM suggested that Slovenia join the Project for New Kozloduy NPP Reactors

Slovenia to join the project for the new reactors in the "Kozloduy" Nuclear Power Plant either as a buyer of energy or as an investor.

This is what Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov proposed to his Slovenian colleague Robert Golob at a bilateral meeting within the framework of the 18th Strategic Forum in the Slovenian city of Bled, reported the government information service.

Mass Inspections of Gas Stations began after the Explosions in Romania

In Romania, the investigation into the causes of the explosion on Saturday night at a propane-butane depot 30 km from Bucharest continues. The accident took the lives of two residents of the town of Crevedia, and 58 people received severe burns. The majority of the injured are firefighters, policemen and gendarmerie.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 92 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

The new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria for the last 24 hours are 92, according to the data of the Unified Information Portal.

1,411 tests were done, which means that the proportion of positive results is 6.52 percent.

One patient with confirmed coronavirus infection died.

Why a Ukrainian Doctor who fled the War cannot Work in Bulgaria

Dr. Igor Prokhorov is from Kharkiv and has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of pediatric surgery. He has been living in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Today, he works as a caregiver because of the long and expensive procedure for acquiring rights to practice his profession in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria: 35% Increase in Migrants from Third Countries in a month

In July, 2,576 citizens of third countries were detained in Bulgaria, which is 35% more compared to the previous month, according to the monthly data on the migration situation of the Ministry of the Interior.

For the period from January to July, 8,740 migrants were detained in Bulgaria, which represents a 14.5% increase compared to the figures for the same months in 2022.