Latest News from Bulgaria

Sofia Open Will Be in September

The participants in Sofia prove the high class of the Bulgarian tournament, reported NOVA TV. 

The World Bank Opens a Shared Services Center in Sofia

The World Bank chose Bulgaria for its future outsourced Shared Services Center, where 275 people will be recruited for up to five years. The government press service announced today that the Council of Ministers has supported the intention, quoted by

National Palace of Culture With Abmbition of Being the Number One Producer of Cultural Events in Bulgaria

The National Palace of Culture sets the ambitious goal of being the number one producer of cultural events in Bulgaria. The leadership of the National Palace of Culture today presented its main tasks for the next two years - an even richer program, affordable ticket prices and more viewers.

In the coming months Hall 1 will again host concerts of Bulgarian  and world celebrities.

Bulgaria is at the Bottom of the EU by Number of Innovative Enterprises, According to Eurostat

Bulgaria is in the last three countries of the European Union (EU) with the lowest share of innovative enterprises in the Union, according to data from Eurostat analysis of the survey of community innovations in 2017. In Bulgaria only 27% of the total share of enterprises develop some effective innovation activity, with an average EU indicator of 51% of high-tech enterprises.

The Bulgarian Economy Growth Lags Behind most Countries in the Region

Bulgaria remains behind most of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries on GDP growth at the end of last year. Eurostat data show that our country is behind Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia on this indicator and outpaces only the Czech Republic and Croatia in the last quarter of 2018 compared to the same period of the previous one.

Gazprom Stops Transit of Gas to Turkey Through Bulgaria

Gazprom stops transit of gas to Turkey through Bulgaria. The company has sent an official letter to the Bulgarian government stating that it will stop supplying gas on the Trans-Balkan Corridor through Ukraine until January 2020, the Turkish version of the Russian Sputnik News site reports.

First Hydrogen-Powered Bus Will be Launched in Bulgaria in May

The first hydrogen bus will be launched in Bulgaria in May, said deputy transport minister Angel Popov, who participated in a discussion on hydrogen fuels.

He explained that work is under way to change the legislation to start construction of hydrogen charging stations on the main highways.

9 European Countries in Sofia Are Discussing Future Agriculture Policy

The adoption of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020 is unlikely to become during the mandate of this European Parliament. But even if there is a delay, this will not delay payments to the agricultural sector in Bulgaria. This was assured by Minister Rumen Porozhanov during a discussion in Sofia.

Potami leader says creation of cremation sites long overdue

The leader of centrist Potami, Stavros Theodorakis, said on Tuesday Greece needs to speed up the establishment of cremation sites so that people will stop sending their dead to Bulgaria where the procedure is allowed.

New Study: The Desire of Young People to Emigrate Abroad is Decreasing

The desire among young Bulgarians to emigrate abroad is decreasing. If, in 2002, 14% claimed a denial of emigration, the percentage was 61% in 2018.

The data was presented by Prof. Boris Popivanov from the Institute of Sociology "Ivan Hadzhiyski" in the presentation of the results of "Youth Surveys in Southeast Europe 2018/2019", organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Bulgarian Energy Minister: I Hope the Belene NPP Procedure Will Be Successful

,,We have yet to find out if there will be a Belene NPP. I hope that the procedure will be successful because the project is important for Bulgaria as well as for the whole region.'' This was announced by Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova in the studio of "This morning".