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Bulgaria Parliament Approves Lifting North Macedonia Blockade

Just two days after the ousting of PM Kiril Petkov in a no-confidence vote, Bulgarian legislators on Friday adopted a declaration which would allow their government to potentially lift its veto on starting EU membership talks for neighbouring North Macedonia.

Bulgaria lifts the veto on North Macedonia

The Assembly of Bulgaria discussed today the decision accepting the proposal of the French Presidency of the EU regarding the negotiating framework for North Macedonia and Albania.

Kiril Petkov Admitted that Bulgaria is Sending Aid to Ukraine through Poland

"Bulgaria sends aid to Ukraine through Poland". In practice, the resigned Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov admitted this in an interview with the Guardian, given before the no-confidence vote this Wednesday.

His statement comes after a question about how Bulgaria's position on the war will change if it fails to form a new coalition.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 320 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

During the last 24 hours, 320 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Bulgaria from 3135 tests performed (slightly more than 10 percent positive). The dead for the same period are three, all of whom were not vaccinated, according to data in the Unified Information Portal.

First Cases of Monkeypox in Bulgaria

As of June 23, 2022, two cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in Bulgaria. The patients are men aged 41 and 44, respectively. Both are hospitalized in hospitals in the capital and are in good general condition. Laboratory samples sent by medical institutions were confirmed at the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases by specific real-time PCR analyzes.

Moscow: Sofia's Refusal of the New Payment System leads to more Expensive Gas

"Bulgaria's refusal of the new gas payment system proposed by Russia will inevitably lead to higher prices for end-users". This was stated in an interview with TASS by Yuri Phillipson, director of the Fourth European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Media: Bulgaria may Lose Millions and Not Join the Eurozone

Prime Minister Kirill Petkov blamed the mafia and Russia for the fall of his reformist government, foreign media reported after the first successful no-confidence vote in Bulgaria, which toppled the cabinet yesterday.

Bulgaria: No More Money for Employers who Hired Ukrainian Citizens

Employers in Bulgaria, who hired Ukrainian refugees, are facing a new big problem. Surprisingly, some companies have been notified that from July 1 they will no longer receive financial assistance from the state for the employed Ukrainian citizens. The money for hired foreign employees is stopped. What will happen to working Ukrainian refugees?