Latest News from Bulgaria

Bulgaria Tightens Citizenship Criteria: Language Fluency Now a Must!

The Bulgarian Parliament has voted to amend citizenship laws, making proficiency in the Bulgarian language a prerequisite for obtaining citizenship. The amendment, proposed by the Council of Ministers, received overwhelming support with 154 votes in favor and 22 abstentions during the first reading.

70% Of Bulgarians Favor Banning Animal Cages In Farms

According to a sociological study by Market Links from 2023, just over two-thirds of Bulgarian citizens believe that Bulgaria should support the gradual cessation of industrial farming in cages in the EU, and more than half would vote for a politician who advocates this position.

Borisсov: Early Elections "2 in 1" Are A Logical End Of The Non-Coalition!

The leader of GERB, Boyko Borisсov, stated that early elections "2 in 1" in Bulgaria are a logical conclusion of the so-called non-coalition between his party and their "partners" from We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB).

He commented on the memorandum proposed by WCC-DB for management after the rotation.

Navalny Memorial Billboards Erected Outside Russian Embassy in Sofia

Two billboards with the face of Alexei Navalny were placed in front of the Russian Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria. The action was conducted by DBS (Democrats for Strong Bulgaria) in memory of the Russian oppositionist, it became clear from their message to the media.

"There are personalities who rise above everyday life, above the grayness of pettiness, above time...

Borissov Having Fun: No Cabinet Rotation On March 6!

Boyko Borissov, the chairman of GERB, made an unexpected announcement during a live broadcast on "Facebook," revealing that the anticipated cabinet rotation between Nikolai Denkov and Mariya Gabriel on March 6 will not proceed as planned.

Bulgaria's Path to Eurozone Membership: No Reliance on Exceptions

In a significant step towards Eurozone integration, Bulgaria asserts its readiness to join the currency union without relying on exceptions, according to statements made by officials in Brussels. Petar Chobanov, Deputy Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank, emphasized Bulgaria's commitment to meeting the criteria for Eurozone membership during a conference organized by MEP Emil Radev.

Bulgarian Mobile Users Face Price Hike as A1, Vivacom, and Yettel Raise Monthly Fees

In a move that will affect millions of Bulgarian mobile users, major telecom operators A1, Vivacom, and Yettel have announced significant increases in their monthly subscription fees, starting March 1st. The decision comes amid growing concerns over the rising costs of telecommunications services and the impact on consumers' wallets.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev Urges Urgent Action to Address Military Challenges

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has voiced concerns over the critical state of the Bulgarian army, highlighting various issues ranging from resource shortages to personnel retention challenges. In a recent statement, President Radev emphasized the pressing need for comprehensive measures to address the deteriorating condition of the military amidst evolving security threats.

52% Of Bulgarians Will Have Basic Digital Skills By The End Of The Decade

Minister of e-Government, Alexander Yolovski, has set an ambitious target for Bulgaria's digital future, aiming for around 52% of Bulgarians to possess basic digital skills by the end of the decade. This announcement came during the unveiling of the Consumers Digital Empowerment index for 2023.

Bulgarian Kozloduy NPP Confirms Smooth Transition to Non-Russian Nuclear Fuel

Amidst concerns surrounding energy security and the transition away from Russian nuclear fuel, the executive director of Bulgaria's Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), Valentin Nikolov, has reassured the public that there is no risk of operational disruptions.

Gender Pay Gap Widens in Bulgaria: Women Earn 12.6% Less Than Men

In Bulgaria, a stark reality persists: women continue to face significant disparities in earnings compared to their male counterparts, with the latest data from the National Statistical Institute revealing a troubling trend.