Latest News from Bulgaria

Only 40% of Bulgarians Consider Vaccines as Safe

Public distrust of vaccines means that the world is taking a step backwards in the fight against lethal but preventable diseases, said experts quoted by the BBC and the Bulgarian National Radio.

The largest global survey of attitudes to immunisation indicates that confidence in the vaccines is low in some regions.

First-ever Ferry Services between Bulgaria and Turkey Launched

The first-ever sea bus transportation between Turkey and Bulgaria was started Tuesday, as a ferry carried passengers from the Bulgarian city of Burgas to the northwestern Turkish province of Kırklareli, reports Daily Sabah. 

Istanbul's Sea Bus Operators (IDO) initiated the services with an aim to boost tourism along Turkey's Black Sea coastline.

Bulgarian Development Bank will Finance the Construction of New Kindergartens

The Bulgarian Development Bank will assume the role of the financing institution under the InvestEU plan. This European Union program has inherited the "Juncker Plan" and will support the private sector in the European economy. The news was announced on the 18th of June - the Bulgarian Development Bank marked 20 years since it was established, reports BNT. 

UN: There Will Never Be More People Living in Bulgaria

The population of Bulgaria will never be more than the current just under 7 million people, according to the latest UN forecast. In the best scenario at the end of the century, there will be 5.5 million people in the country. But the data on population-accelerated population projections seem to increase the likelihood of worst-case scenario occurrence.

Bulgaria Ranks on one of the Last Places for Innovations in EU

Bulgaria and Romania are the two countries in the European Union, defined as "modest innovators," a report by the European Commission showed. According to it, Bulgaria has improved its achievements compared to the previous seven years. A sharp decline has been observed from 2011 to 2012, and an improvement has begun.

New Car Registrations in Bulgaria Jumped with 10%

New car sales in Bulgaria increased by 10.1% on annual base to 3641 in May. This shows data from the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA).

In the period January - May, the registration of new cars in our country increased by 3.9% yearly to 15 068 units from 14 496 for the same period in 2018.

VMA Will Held Free Lyme Disease Tests

The Military Medical Academy (VMA) organizes free examinations for Lyme disease. From today, June 19th, the Department of Infectious Diseases will consult adults and children over twelve-years-old, bitten by ticks. Lyme disease cases in the country are now around 100.

Lyme disease is the most common infection in Bulgaria, which is transmitted by a tick bite. 

Gaming: An Emergent Sector in Bulgaria


Various different types of gaming are on the rise in Bulgaria in 2019, with the internet helping to fuel the emergence and increasing popularity of various genres. With major developers in various subsections of the gaming market operating from the country, Bulgaria could soon emerge as a chief player in the industry.

Canadian Paratrooper Dies During Military Exercises in Bulgaria

The accident in which a Canadian paratrooper died happened during a parachute jump on Monday evening near the village of Cheshnigirovo, close to Plovdiv in central Bulgaria, the Ministry of Defence said on Tuesday.

The three survivors have been hospitalised at the Sveti Georgi University Hospital in Plovdiv and have no life-threatening injuries, the ministry added.

Bulgaria Dumps Over 3 Million Tonnes of Garbage

More than 3 million tonnes of waste are disposed annually in garbage containers. This shows the data of the National Statistical Institute for 2017.

L’Oréal Bulgaria Employees Join Forces with PULSЕ Foundation to Renovate the Crisis Centre of the Organization

Sofia, June 03, 2019 - The Crisis Centre of PULSE Foundation nearby Sofia was renovated and refreshed by volunteers from L'Oréal Bulgaria. In just one working day - May 31, the employees from the cosmetics company succeeded to change the atmosphere and environment in the centre both inside the building and outside in the big yard and turn it into a better temporary residence.