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New 5 Positive Samples for COVID-19, 112 Total

The number of cases of coronavirus infection in Bulgaria is now 112. The head of the of the National Operational Headquarters for Covid-19, Prof. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski, was quoted as saying at a regular briefing this morning by the BNR.

As of last night, when 107 cases of infection in Bulgaria were reported, 56 samples were examined, 5 of which were positive.

107 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria! Another Victim!

The number of coronavirus infected in Bulgaria is already 107. This was said by Prof. Mutafchiiski in front of NOVA TV.

The 80-year old woman who was diagnosed earlier died. Thus, there are already 3 death cases in the country.

More information will be provided.

Four Bulgarians in Italy Infected with COVID-19

Four Bulgarian citizens have contracted a coronavirus in Italy and have been admitted to a hospital in the Emilia-Romagna region. According to the Consulate General of Milan, one of them is in serious condition. A case of a sick Italian born in Bulgaria has also been reported. This was reported by the MFA.

105 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria

The number of coronavirus infected in Bulgaria is already 105. This was said at a briefing by Prof. Mutafchiiski.

On Thursday, 11 more cases were registered. Two people from Smolyan, two from Plovdiv and seven from Sofia tested positive for COVID-19.

Among them is a child who is 8 years old but has no complaints.

Turkey closes border with Greece, Bulgaria over virus

The Turkish government's decision on Wednesday to close its borders with Greece and Bulgaria as a measure against the coronavirus pandemic is seen to mark the end of the three-week migrant crisis in the Evros region that pitted it against Athens and Brussels.

New Death Case in Bulgaria, there are already COVID-19 Infected in Burgas and Pernik

There is a third coronavirus death in our country. An 82-year-old woman, who was in Pirogov, died. This was reported by Prof. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski at the morning briefing of the National Headquarters.

In addition, 2 new cases of COVID-19 patients in 2 new areas were registered in Bulgaria. These are Pernik and Burgas. The sick woman in Burgas was a cook in Bansko.

Bulgaria Bans Entry of Citizens from non-EU Countries

Health Minister Kiril Ananiev issued an order banning the entry of third-country nationals into our country. This was reported by the Ministry of Health.

It shall enter into force on 20 March (midnight) and shall apply until 17 April inclusive. The ban applies to all types of vehicles - air, car, rail and passenger cars.

Turkey shuts Greece, Bulgaria land borders to passengers

Turkey's land borders with Greece and Bulgaria have been closed to the entry and exit of passengers as a measure against the coronavirus outbreak, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on March 18.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny and Warm

The weather will be mostly sunny today. Around noon in eastern Bulgaria clouds will increase but no rain expected. There will be light northwest wind; in southeast Bulgaria - a light to moderate wind will blow from the northeast.

Maximum temperatures between 13C and 18C. The atmospheric pressure is higher than the average for March; it will slightly drop in the afternoon.

Bulgaria, Cryptocurrency and the Law

If you're not familiar with Bitcoin (btc) and other cryptocurrencies or familiar with Bulgaria, you may be surprised that cybercurrency mining is popular in the country. Cryptocurrencies are a form of virtual of currency which operate on a system of trust and decentralization, using an underlying technology called blockchain.

Cybercurrency and the Bulgarian authorities

China to Help Bulgaria in the Fight against COVID-19

Bulgaria's Premier Boyko Borissov held a phone conversation with his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. Premier Borissov congratulated China for taking effective measures against the new coronavirus and for the assistance provided to Bulgaria, BNR reported.

Turkey shuts Greece, Bulgaria land borders to passengers, reports TRT Haber

Turkey's land borders with Greece and Bulgaria have been closed to entry and exit of passengers as a measure against the coronavirus outbreak, state broadcaster TRT Haber said on Wednesday.

A TRT reporter said the gates were still open for logistics.

Bulgarian Investigative Journalist Attacked by Masked Men

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry suggested on Wednesday that the attack on investigative journalist and editor Slavi Angelov on Sofia's central Dondukov Boulevard could be related to his work.

"Most likely it is an attempted assassination," Ivaylo Ivanov, the Interior Ministry's chief secretary, told Nova TV.