Latest News from Bulgaria

London Critic’s Circle Awards Bulgarian Actress Maria Bakalova

The Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova won an award at the London Critics' Circle. Bakalova was named supporting actress of the year for her role in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, The Guardian reported.

Maria Bakalova was nominated alongside Ellen Burstyn (Pieces of a Woman) and Amanda Seyfried (Mank).

Weather in Bulgaria: Windy but Still Warm

It will be rainy and windy today, but still warm for the season, the national weather service reports

During the day it will rain mainly in the western part of the country, but late Tuesday night rain will fall in many places across the country.

The wind in southeastern Bulgaria will rise to strong.

Maximum temperatures will be between 12 and 17 degrees.

Vice PM Tomislav Donchev Tested Positive for Covid-19

Bulgaria's Vice-Primer Tomislav Donchev has tested positive for COVID-19 after a routine PCR test.  Donchev feels well, with no symptoms at the moment. The Vice Premier will perform his duties remotely and will be quarantined.

DW: Why is Bulgaria So Dirty?

The travelers around our lands probably feel as if they found themselves in a hospital room of a patient with depressive disorder: the bed is unmade, a musty bowl of yogurt by the window, flies buzzing around the chamber pot. Any doctor will tell you: one of the signs of depression is the loss of desire to keep things around you tidy.

Greece Extends Entry Restrictions Till 22 February

The Greek government extended the validity of its decision to close land borders with North Macedonia, Albania and Turkey, as well as the ban on third-country nationals entering Greece for another two weeks, until 22 February 2021, BGNES reported.

Bulgaria: Growing Cost of Living Makes People Pinch on Education, Healthcare

According to the recent statistical data, BGN 2,542 is the monthly cost of living of a 4-member household with two adults and two children, or BGN 635 per person, shows the new report of the Institute for Social and Trade Union Studies with the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB).

Bulgarian PM Borissov: No More Lockdowns Needed for Now


Bulgaria is in the initial phase of an upsurge in morbidity, and the number of patients with COVID-19 in medical institutions is also increasing, albeit slightly. At the same time, the vaccination process is stepped-up. The payment of additional BGN 1,000 to all medical teams on the frontline of the battle with the novel virus continues

Turkey: Bulgaria Is Our Gateway to Europe

Bulgaria is not only Turkey's neighbor, but also our gateway to Europe, stated Chairman of the Turkish-Bulgarian Business Council , Zeki Saribekir, in a written statement quoted by BNR.

Freezing Cold in Bulgaria Next Week, Temperatures Plummet

The sky over Bulgaria in recent days was dust-laden and colored in orange, and in Western Europe they post pictures of rusty snow cover. This is due to powerful dust storms in Sahara and a southerly wind carrying the desert sand to Europe. This happens against the background of unusually warm February in our country.

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 182 Newly Infected, 20 Fatalities

Updated statistics on the spread of coronavirus in Bulgaria from the Single Information Portal:

Number of PCR and antigen tests made - 2,663

Newly infected in the country - 182

Percentage of positive tests - 6.8%

Total number of active cases - 19,375

Cured for the day - 60

Total number of cured - 193,251

Hospitalized - 3,126