Latest News from Bulgaria

The European Commission Continues to Monitor the Air Quality in Bulgaria

The European Commission announced that it continues to monitor the air quality situation in Bulgaria and reminded that it has already taken decisive actions in the past. The EC initiated punitive proceedings against Bulgaria over the levels of fine particulate matter (PM10) and sulphur dioxide (SO2).

Winter Officially Arrives in Bulgaria

The astronomical winter arrived in Bulgaria this morning, December 23rd, at 6:19 am.

Winter is one of the four temperate seasons, along with spring, summer, and autumn.

Bulgaria Earned EUR 3.4 Billion from International Tourism

Bulgaria had earned over EUR 3.4 billion in revenues from international tourism in the period January-October 2019, according to the data of the Bulgarian National Bank released today, said the press office of the Ministry of Tourism. The results show a decrease of only 0.3% compared to the same period of the record 2018.

Over 3,000 irregular migrants held in Turkey

More than 3,000 irregular migrants were held across Turkey over the past week, according to data compiled by Anadolu Agency from security sources.

Turkish gendarmerie forces held some 1,600 of the migrants in the northwestern province of Edirne, which borders Greece and Bulgaria.

The EP Supports the Lifting of the EU Monitoring Mechanism for Bulgaria

The European Parliament supports the lifting of the EU monitoring mechanism for Bulgaria, a letter sent from the EP President David Sassoli to the European Commission's President Ursula von der Leyen says, BNT reported.

Before the definite lifting of the mechanism, the European member states must express their opinions.

South America native coypu floating in Edirne rivers

A semi-aquatic, rat-like creature has been spotted in Turkey's northwestern province of Edirne far from its native South America.

Farmers in Edirne complain that coypu, considered an invasive species, have come to the region through the Maritsa and Tundzha rivers when Bulgarian officials opened reservoir gates due to flooding risk.

Eurobarometer Survey: 60% of Bulgarians Have Trust in the EU

Bulgarians are among Europeans with the highest trust the EU, a Eurobarometer survey shows. 60% of Bulgarians have trust in the EU and 25% do not. Before Bulgaria regarding this indicator are only Lithuanians at 66% and Danes at 63%. The lowest trust in the EU is in the UK at 29%, with an EU average of 43%, BNR reported.

Ivan Geshev Met with the Interpol Secretary General

Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev on December 20 met with Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock, who is on a visit to Sofia to mark 30 years since Bulgaria's renewal of membership in the international organisation.

Volkswagen Plant Will be in Plovdiv, not in Turkey, the City's Deputy Mayor Believes

There is no final decision of the Volkswagen Group where it will make its new plant, but we see that the construction in Turkey has not started yet, Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov told his colleagues in Plovdiv in response to a question whether Bulgaria and in particular Plovdiv lost the battle for Volkswagen.

Five Companies in the Race for Belene NPP

Five companies have been shortlisted for negotiations on the Belene Nuclear Power Plant project, Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova told Parliament's Energy Committee on December 19.

Heads of a Bank in Italy Arrested for Deliberate Bankruptcy

Financial police officers in Italy have arrested the president and CEO of the Bank for Economic Development in the Sicilian city of Catania. They have been charged with willful bankruptcy and other financial crimes.