Latest News from Bulgaria

Bulgaria Observes Day of Reflection Before Dual Elections

Today is a day for reflection ahead of tomorrow's elections for the National Assembly and the European Parliament in Bulgaria. Campaigning for any party or candidate is strictly prohibited until the end of election day at 8 p.m. on June 9. The election campaign officially ended at midnight.

Wizz Air Boosts Summer and Autumn Flights from Varna, Larnaca, and Cluj-Napoca

Wizz Air, Europe's fastest growing airline and the world's most environmentally sustainable*, will increase the number of flights from Varna, Larnaca and Cluj-Napoca to offer passengers even more opportunities to explore the best destinations in its network during the summer and fall seasons.

Scientists trace the origin of modern horse

The horse transformed human history - and now scientists have a clearer idea of when humans began to transform the horse.

Around 4,200 years ago, one particular lineage of horse quickly became dominant across Eurasia, suggesting that's when humans started to spread domesticated horses around the world, according to research published Thursday in the journal Nature.

Bulgaria's Eurozone Dream Delayed: No Euro Until 2027?

Simeon Dyankov, former Minister of Finance from GERB, predicts that Bulgaria is not yet ready for the Eurozone and will most likely adopt the euro on January 1, 2027. He explained to "Nova News" that the convergent report on the adoption of the euro will be released next week. "We will know the Eurozone report next week. We know the results now - we are not ready yet.

Should Bulgaria Import Workers from South Asia? Our Readers Have Spoken

A recent survey conducted on our Facebook page has shed light on public opinion regarding Bulgaria's potential importation of workers from South Asia. Of the participants, 74.3% expressed support for the idea, citing its potential to bolster the economy, while 25.7% expressed opposition, fearing potential negative consequences for the country.

Bulgaria's Economy Slightly Outperforms Initial Growth Forecasts

In the first quarter of 2024, Bulgaria's GDP grew by 1.8% compared to the same period in 2023, slightly surpassing the initial forecast of 1.7%, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. The GDP produced amounted to BGN 43.279 billion, or BGN 6722 per person.

British Tourists Lead the Surge on Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea Coast

The greatest growth of foreign tourists on the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast is expected from Great Britain, according to data from Burgas airport.

A conference was held in Nessebar under the motto "Experience Bulgaria" to promote Bulgarian tourism. Representatives from the tourism industry in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland were in attendance.

Tight Race for Second Place in Bulgaria's Upcoming Elections

According to the latest data from "Trend" agency, six political formations from the previous parliament are expected to secure seats in Bulgaria's next National Assembly, but there is no clear outcome for second, third, and fourth places.

Blazing Heat: Bulgaria to Hit 38 Degrees!

Summer is definitely on its way. On Tuesday, next week, temperatures in some parts of Bulgaria will soar to 38 degrees, according to the forecast from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

Beach Safety Crisis: 100 Bulgarian Beaches Unprotected This Summer!

This summer, nearly one hundred of Bulgaria's sea beaches will be left without lifeguards, posing potential risks to beachgoers. The total count of unguarded beaches stands at 99 across the country, encompassing popular destinations like Irakli, Koral, and Byala-Karadere, known for their nature-based tourism appeal.

Bulgaria holds another snap election to end political instability

Bulgarian voters head to the polling stations on Sunday for the sixth snap parliamentary election in three years, but analysts see little chance of it producing a stable coalition that can put an end to a prolonged period of political instability.