Latest News from Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council Approves Six European Delegated Prosecutors

Meeting on Friday, the 11-member Prosecutors Chamber of the Supreme Judicial Council approved six European Delegated Prosecutors (EDPs) from Bulgaria after two days of hearings of all applicants for the position. A total of 23 Bulgarian magistrates (6 judges, 15 prosecutors and 2 investigating magistrates) applied for the position.

Bulgarians - Most Mentally Stable in the EU

Bulgaria and Romania are at the bottom of the ranking of the European statistical agency Eurostat for the share of citizens of EU countries suffering from chronic depression.

The share of citizens of EU countries suffering from chronic depression in 2019 is 7.2%, according to Eurostat.

According to researchers, this share has increased by 0.3% compared to 2014.

Hackers Meddle with Bulgaria's Online Population Census

Continuous hacker attacks have managed to block the online population census in Bulgaria, which began on Tuesday. On the third day, the system was down due to another large-scale denial-of-service (DoS) attack.

Bulgaria will Revise Its Overall Policy on North Macedonia - Security Council

The participants in the Security Council of the Council of Ministers on September 9 discussed the need to "analyze and update the overall policy of Bulgaria towards the Republic of North Macedonia - our political behaviour and search for future solutions in the interest of the peoples of both countries.

Weather Today: Rain Showers over Eastern Bulgaria

Today the clouds over Western and Central Bulgaria will break and decrease, in the afternoon over many areas to mostly sunny. This was announced for FOCUS News Agency by the weather forecaster on duty Evgenia Egova from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH).

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 1629 New Cases, 52 Dead

1629 are the new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria for the past 24 hours. More than 24,000 tests were performed, which makes 6.7% positive.

4,500 people are treated in the hospital, 378 of them are in the intensive care unit. 1268 were cured, 52 people died.

11,918 doses of vaccine were given during the last 24 hours. The total number of doses administered is now 2,391,930.

Bulgaria Battlles Rapid Surge of Covid-19 Infections amid Strong Vaccine Opposition

ulgaria has introduced new anti-COVID restrictions as the country battles a rapid surge of infections due to the Delta variant.

The eastern Balkan country has one of the highest coronavirus death rates in the European Union since the start of the pandemic.

Despite this, Bulgarian citizens are the most hesitant in the bloc to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

EP Set to Guarantee Labor Mobility within EU, Ensure Fair Working Conditions for All

Labour mobility within the EU should be made easier for workers as well as for employers, with clearer rules to ensure fair, equality-based working conditions. This is the aim of a report drafted by European People's Party MEP Radan Kanev and his team before the start of the corona-crisis, a report that has acquired particular importance in light of the restrictions connected with the pandemic.

Bulgaria Braces for Election 2 in 1 amid Electoral Fatigue

Conferring with the leadership of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) on Tuesday, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said he expects from the Commission to say whether they are ready, in organisational, technical, technological, timeframe and financial terms, for simultaneous holding of the presidential and early parliamentary elections.

Bulgaria: Light Rain in Some Places Today

Today the clouds will be torn, mostly significant. This was announced for FOCUS News Agency by the weather forecaster on duty Krassimir Stoev from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH).