Latest News from Bulgaria

Maxim Behar Re-Elected as Member of BBLF Managing Board

Bulgarian PR expert and diplomat Maxim Behar was re-elected as a member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) established with the assistance of HRH Prince Charles of Wales.

Worth of Heroin Shipment Ceased in Sliven Estimated at BGN 25 M

Speaking at a briefing in Sofia on Monday, head of the specialized prosecution service, Valentina Madjarova, said that the worth of nearly 500 kilos of heroin ceased during a raid in the southern city of Sliven on June 4 is estimated at BGN 25 million. Two persons, who are Turkish nationals, were detained in the raid. The two, whom the court remanded in custody, have no criminal record.

Bulgarian Banks Shouldn’t Work with Blacklisted Firms, Corruption Has Taken Deep Roots – PM Stefan Yanev

To avoid further sanctions, banks do not have to conduct transactions with individuals and companies blacklisted and sanctioned by the US.

This was recommended by caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev at the beginning of the Security Council meeting he convened. Sanctions under the Magnitsky Act and the work of special services are the two topics on the of the Council's agenda.

In Memoriam: Former US Ambassador to Bulgaria James Pardew Died Aged 77

James Pardew, who was United States ambassador to Bulgaria from 2002 to 2005, has died at the age of 77.

Born in Memphis Tennessee and raised in Jonesboro, Pardew graduated in journalism from Arkansas State University, later earning a masters degree in political science from Loyola University.

Bulgarian MEP: After US Sanctions EU May Well Suspend Funds for Bulgaria

The US sanctions under the Magnitsky Act imposed on six Bulgarians, including Delyan Peevski and Vasil Bozhkov, will have an impact on European policy approach to Bulgaria. This is what MEP Radan Kanev ("Democratic Bulgaria"/EPP) says in an interview with the website.

Slavi Trifonov Gave up on Running for Parliamentary Election

Leader of There Is Such a People (TISP) party Slavi Trifonov will not be on the party's list in the early parliamentary elections on July 11, he announced on his Facebook page on Monday.

"I will not run for a seat in the next Parliament, because I do not belong there. My job is to bear the responsibility for the people who are there, and what they do," Trifonov wrote.

Turkey Takes Diplomatic Offensive on the Balkans, Erdogan Meets MRF Delegation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received on Sunday (6 June) a delegation of the mostly Turkish-Bulgarian Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF). The delegation visit was led by MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi and included MEP Ilhan Kyuchuk. MRF has three MEPs, part of the European Parliament's Renew Europe group.

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 47 Newly Infected. 7 Fatalities

In the last 24 hours the new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria are 47. They were established after 5,601 tests were carried out, meaning the incidence rate was 0.84, show the data from the Single Information Portal.

Those hospitalized with COVID-19 were 2,613, of whom 287 were in intensive care.

Minister of Justice Stoilov: USA Sanctions Are Major Indication for Bulgarian State

It is obvious that certain individuals and companies were patronizing and thus benefited illegally, commented the caretaker Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov to bTV in relation to the US sanctions against Bulgarian citizens under the Magnitsky law.

According to him, this could not have happened without persons holding senior government positions.

Slovenia’s flatwater kayakers Ponomarenko Janić and Osterman European champions

Poznan – Slovenia’s female pair Špela Ponomarenko Janić and Anja Osterman won Sunday’s 200-metre race at the Canoe Sprint European Championships in Poznan, Poland. While their excellent K2 performances at top competitions are continuing, this is their first gold from European or world championships.

Leaders of Bulgarian MRF party Visiting Turkey

Delegation of Bulgarian "Movement for Rights and Freedoms" led by leader Mustafa Karadayi, is in Ankara. They held talks with Turkey's officials.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 157 New Cases, Decline Continues

The new cases of COVID-19 registered in our country for the last 24 hours are 157, which is 13 less than the reported 170 infected the day before.

Thus, their number decreases both as an absolute number and as a percentage. This is shown by the data on the Unified Information Portal. 14,275 tests were performed (PCR and antigenic), ie. by 1,020 less than 15,295 a day earlier.