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The Odyssey of Balkan revisionism

The book "Balkan Odyssey" is a firsthand account by former British foreign secretary David Owen, who along with former US secretary of state Cyrus Vance (a familiar figure among Greeks from the discussions on the Macedonia name dispute) led the 1992 effort under the secretary-general of the United Nations to address the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

Bulgaria's Eurozone Ambitions by 2025: Addressing Inflation and Economic Alignment

Bulgaria's prospects for joining the euro in 2025 have been bolstered by a cooling annual inflation rate, which dropped to the eurozone average of 2.4% in April, marking its first dip below 3% since the summer of 2021, according to statements from the country's finance ministry to Euractiv Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Among Nine EU States Not Signing LGBTQ+ Rights Declaration

Bulgaria is one of the nine EU member states that did not sign a declaration supporting the advancement of LGBTQ+ rights in Europe. This was confirmed by David Jordens, spokesperson for the informal councils under Belgium's rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, in response to an inquiry by the publication Club Z.

More tourists eyeing Greece

Greece ranks fourth among the top destinations in the preferences of European travelers in a survey by the European Travel Commission, which examines the mood for tourism between May and October this year.

Vucic: We will seek resolution on WWII plight of Serbs at hands of Germany, Croatia

BELGRADE - Due to the proposed UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica, Serbia will seek a resolution on the plight of Serbs at the hands of Germany and Croatia during WWII, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Friday.

Vucic said adopting a Srebrenica resolution would open a Pandora's box.

Economic Update: EU Inflation Holds Steady, Bulgaria Sees Decrease

In April, inflation across the European Union remained steady, with both the EU and the Eurozone recording a rate of 2.6% and 2.4%, respectively, according to data from Eurostat, the official statistics agency of the EU.

Switzerland's Nemo wins Eurovision Song Contest

Switzerland's Nemo won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, becoming the first artist identifying as non-binary to claim victory, in a competition marked by controversy over Israel's participation during the war in Gaza.

Swiss song triumphs at Eurovision; Greece in 11th place

Swiss singer Nemo won the 68th Eurovision Song Contest early Sunday with "The Code," an operatic pop-rap ode to the singer's journey toward embracing a nongender identity.

Eurovision 2024: When is the final and how to watch it?

The world's biggest live music event involving 37 nations, the Eurovision Song Contest, culminates in Sweden on Saturday.

Roughly 100,000 visitors from 89 countries have descended on host city Malmo during the week for the 68th edition of the competition, which has been marked by anti-Israel protests.

Who is in the final?

Eurovision in Gaza's shadow as Israel competes in final

The Eurovision Song Contest final gets underway in Sweden's Malmo on Saturday with thousands of protesters expected to culminate a week of tensions surrounding Israel's participation during the Gaza war.

Eurostat Report: Bulgaria Among Few EU States Witnessing Coffee Price Hike in 2024

In March 2024, the annual increase in the consumer price of coffee in the EU decelerated to 1%, a notable slowdown compared to March 2023, when it surged by 13.5%. This rate is now nearing the level observed in July 2021, when prices rose by 0.8%, as per data from Eurostat, the official European statistics agency.

Misinformation Surrounding Croatia's Inflation Stirs Eurozone Concerns in Bulgaria

A wave of misinformation regarding Croatia's inflation rates has sparked concerns about the potential consequences of adopting the euro in Bulgaria. The spread of misleading claims, fueled by cherry-picked data and biased narratives, underscores the complexities surrounding economic discourse and public opinion.

Bulgaria Absent from Eurovision 2024 as Competition Kicks Off

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 commenced with a grand opening ceremony in the picturesque Swedish city of Malmö, marking the start of the highly anticipated music extravaganza. This year's competition features 37 talented artists from across Europe and Australia, all vying for the coveted title of Eurovision champion.