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Ex-President's Election Videos Amuse Croatia


More than 160,000 viewers on Youtube across the Western Balkans region have been amused or bemused by some videos that former Croatian President Ivo Josipovic released on Sunday.

Videos showing Josipovic and people from his "Forwards Croatia - Progressive Alliance" party became an instant hit on Youtube, social networks and websites.

Croatia: Vukovar officials recorded singing fascist song

The deputy mayor of the town of Vukovar in Croatia, Marijan Pavlicek, and City Council President Igor Gavric are shown in a video singing an Ustasha song.

The Ustasha regime was in power in the WW2-era Nazi-allied entity the Independent State of Croatia (NDH). They ran death camps, including Jasenovac, that was the site of mass murder of Serbs, Jews, and Roma.

Croats Chant Anti-Serb Slogans at Nationalist Concert

Some 80,000 people watched nationalist singer Marko Perkovic Thompson celebrate the 20th anniversary of Croatia’s victorious Operation Storm, many chanting “Kill a Serb” and fascist slogans from WWII.

Croatian Serb Refugee Artists Depict Lost Homeland

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Croatia Army’s Operation Storm, Croatian Serb artists who fled the military offensive displayed paintings and sculptures about the place they left behind.

Sarajevo Film Festival Expects 100,000 Visitors

Construction of the main stage has started in front of Sarajevo's National Theatre, which will be the main venue for the red-carpet introductions and presentations at the 21st Sarajevo Film Festival which starts in less than three weeks in the Bosnian capital.  

Croatia Issues Arrest Warrant for Dinamo Chiefs

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told a TV show on Thursday that an internal arrest warrant had been issued for senior officials of the Zagreb football club Dinamo.

The main man in question, Zdravko Mamic, via a video link to the same TV show, called the minister a liar and said he was a victim of a political plot.

Animated Film Festival Opens in Croatia

The annual festival of animated film, Animafest, starts in three cinemas in Zagreb on Tuesday, bringing 300 international short and feature-length movies to the audiences in the Croatian capital.

The festival, which started in 1972, will take place in three cinemas in Zagreb over six days.

Balkan Govts Urged to Uphold Media Freedom

The president of the European Journalism Federation, EFJ,  Mogens Blicher Bjerregard, said his organization will not and must not allow Balkan authorities "to arrest our colleagues, threaten them, and want them to be silent".

Croatian Opposition Chief Rejects TV Debate With PM

Tomislav Karamarko, head of the main opposition party, the centre-right Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, has turned down the offer of a TV debate with his main opponent, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.

In a statement on Tuesday, the HDZ said that Karamarko would not be responding to a call to debate with Milanovic, also head of the governing Social Democratic Party, SDP.

Romanians Linked to HSBC Scandal Face Probe

The Romanian Agency for Fiscal Administration, ANAF, is to verify whether there are differences between the money declared by the 50 HSBC clients and the amounts found in their accounts in Switzerland, according to media reports on Monday.

Any unreported income will be taxed at 16 per cent, ANAF officials were quoted as saying by Digi24 television. 

Croatian Journalists' Leader Promises 'Battle for Integrity'

Freelance investigative journalist Sasa Lekovic, who was elected on Saturday as the president of the association for the next four years, said that the biggest problems for the media in Croatia was the issue of integrity.

Croatia Pays Tribute to Jasenovac Camp Victims

Croatia on Sunday marked the 70th anniversary of the last days of the Nazi-style concentration camp at Jasenovac, where at least 83,000 people were killed.

Theater festival for children opens in Ankara

Thousands of people are expected to attend the international children's theater festival titled "Little Ladies, Little Gentlemen" in Ankara starting April 24.

The festival will stage more than 80 performances from 14 local and 12 foreign theater groups. Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Norway, Italy and Slovenia are some of the participant countries.