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UNICEF: 1/3 of the Bulgarian Children - Overweight

The healthy eating subject brought children and chefs together in the kitchen. The event takes place against the backdrop of alarming statistics, in which Bulgaria ranks first in the number of overweight children. According to a UNICEF survey, their numbers have increased by 120% since the 1990s.

Bosnia Mayor’s Threat to Migrant Camp Sparks Crisis Fears

The Bihac City Administration has informed local utility companies that it will no longer pay for services such as water delivery and garbage collection from the troubled "Vucjak" migrant camp, whose closure has been demanded by the UN among others.

Croatia Protesters Demand ‘Justice For Girls’

Thousands of people on Saturday joined protests in towns and cities all over Croatia, demanding justice for victims of sexual violence who do not receive protection from the system.

The trigger for the protests was the release of five young men accused of gang-raping, harassing and blackmailing a 15-year-old girl in the coastal town of Zadar.

Bosnia Savaged for Dumping Migrants in ‘Deplorable’ Camp

After the UN's country team in Bosnia expressed strong concern over the forcible transfer of migrants and asylum-seekers to the Vucjak camp on the western border with Croatia - noting serious security and health risks - the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights has condemned Bosnia's handling of the situation.

Bye-Bye, Balkans: A Region in Critical Demographic Decline

This is the latest in a series of articles about the demographic crisis facing Central and Southeast Europe. See more.

But serious analysis of the region's demographic decline, depopulation and the hollowing out of the labour force is harder to find. Possibly this is because governments have neither credible answers nor the resources available to change things.

Savaging of Serb Leader Highlights Croatia’s Nationalism Problem

A series of warnings about the rise of intolerance against ethnic minorities, hate speech and historical revisionism in Croatian society have attracted very little or no public attention - except one, from Croatian Serb leader Milorad Pupovac, which has been causing controversy for over a month.

Can Europe Help the Balkans Keep its Young Emigrants?

A big question, however, is whether opening EU accession talks, or even eventual membership, will actually persuade young and skilled women and men to stay in the region.

The answer gets more complicated when the Western Balkan six — Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia — are compared with neighbouring Croatia.

A Key Vote on the Mobility package in the EP is Expected Today

Deputies from the Transport Commission will decide whether to start tripartite negotiations with the Council of Ministers and the European Commission on the adoption of the document.

Last week, the line committee requested that the package be submitted for re-examination, despite opposition from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia.

Balkan Youngsters Join Global Climate Change Action

School students from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo took part in the "Fridays for Future" protests this Friday, joining millions of people from all around the world as part of the global protest against inaction on climate change.

Croatian Bike Workshop Gets Vulnerable on the Move

But free repairs are not the only unusual thing about the project. Since cycling is not only a matter of lifestyle but sometimes also a necessity, especially for people who can't afford a car or to use public transport, Biciklopopravljaona volunteers, in collaboration with other associations, have also been helping refugees, asylum seekers or other poor citizens outside Zagreb get around.

Croatia Mulls Using Retired Police To Handle Migrant Crisis

The Croatian Interior Ministry is planning to introduce an auxiliary reserve police force that will draw also on retired officers - mostly to help deal with the migrant burden and strengthen Croatia's border, which is also an EU external border.

Die Press: Orgies of beating the Serbs in Croatia

Under the title "Orgies of beating Serbian minority in Croatia", Pres describes the assault that occurred in the caf near Knin, where the guests watched the game of Red Star, reports.
"The bullies came at night with disguised faces," Di Pres said, adding that the entire caf was demolished, while guests were beaten with sticks, bottles and fists, including minors.

Croatia to Dismiss Diplomat for ‘White Europe’ Facebook Posts

Croatia has suspended a senior diplomat at its embassy in Berlin over Facebook posts in which she promoted the European Union's newest member as populated only by "white Europeans".

Elizabeta Madjarevic, the embassy's first secretary, was recalled to Croatia and her dismissal has been initiated, the foreign ministry said on Monday.