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Eurostat: Bulgarians leave their Parents' Home on average at the age of 30

Bulgarians leave their parents' home only after they turn 30.

The country ranks among the member states of the European Union with the highest average age according to this indicator - this is indicated by the latest Eurostat data for 2022, which were published today.

Bulgarians are being Investigated for Trafficking Illegal Migrants in Croatia

Croatian police are investigating a total of 11 people for illegal trafficking of 117 migrants in Karlovac County, Croatia. Authorities say there were six separate incidents between last Thursday and Monday. Bulgarians are also among the suspects, BTA reported.

Serbia, Republika Srpska sign memorandum to build Jasenovac memorial centres

BANJALUKA - The PMs of Republika Srpska and Serbia, Radovan Viskovic and Ana Brnabic, signed on Friday in Banjaluka a memorandum on a project to build twin memorial centres to commemorate of the victims of the WWII Jasenovac death camp in the Independent State of Croatia.

Croatia, Italy and Slovenia agree closer cooperation in Adriatic

The foreign ministers of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy signed a declaration in the Italian city of Ancona on 10 July committing to enhancing cooperation in the management and protection of the North Adriatic, including with a view to preventing migrant boat tragedies.

June Pride Parades and the Digital Ripple Effects on LGBT Rights

Digital Fallout of June Prides: Unveiling Violations of Digital Rights

In June, Pride Parades were held, among others, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Croatia, highlighting the struggle for LGBT rights in these countries.

In Montenegro, Memories of Pain and Generosity on the Refugee Road

Dejan, then 20, had been nearing the end of his military service in Kosovo, then a southern province of Serbia, when NATO launched air strikes to halt a brutal Serbian counter-insurgency war. At the time, Serbia and Montenegro were all that was left of Yugoslavia, still joined together after the other four republics - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia - had seceded.

Bosnia Data Contradicts Croatian Claim about Migrant, Refugee ‘Readmissions’

According to the Service's figures, 3,433 people have been 'readmitted' since 2017, the year that migrants and refugees mainly from the Middle East, Asia and Africa began crossing Bosnia in any great numbers. That does not include the thousands returned illegally, so-called 'pushbacks' across the border that fly in the face of the internationally-guaranteed right to seek asylum.

Belgrade and Skopje Airports ‘Hubs for Illicit Activities’: Report

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, GI-TOC, a Geneva-based NGO, published a report on Monday warning that Balkan airports are vulnerable to organised crime and that Belgrade and Skopje airports in particular are regional hubs for illicit activities.

Pandemic and Earthquakes Take Toll on Young Croatians’ Mental Health

Boris Jokic from the Institute for Social Research told a panel discussion at the Journalists' House in Zagreb on Friday that the coronavirus pandemic and the large-scale earthquakes that hit Croatia in 2020 strengthened school pupils' relationships with their family and friends but negatively affected their mental health.

Slovenian minority elects its representatives in Croatia

The Slovenian minority in Croatia has elected its representatives in local communities amidst very low turnout. There will be Slovenian minority councils in nine local governments and Slovenian representatives in eight, Croatian Electoral Commission data shows.

Child Pornography, Hate Speech and Cybercrime Surge in Balkans

Child Porn Scandals Rock Romania, Croatia

In April, Romania saw a surge in cases involving child pornography, with victims as young as seven years old. Croatia recorded similar cases.

Women with their eyes covered with violet scarfs participate in a flash mob in front of Romania's Internal Affairs Minister in Bucharest, Romania, 01 March 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/BOGDAN CRISTEL