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Balkan Women Have Shortest Lives in EU, Report

Women from the Balkans have shorter lives than women in other EU states, according to the UK Guardian, comparing women's health in the bloc, and drawing on a new report issued by Public Health England and data from the EU statistics agency Eurostat.

Vucic and JT chairman on extending cooperation to new areas

Vucic on Friday expressed his gratitude for launching the new production line in Senta factory.

According to him, this reflects the continuous development of operations and production modernization of the largest Japanese in Serbia.

"We turned down migrants, they put them in Serb villages"

He said that after RS refused to open three reception centers for migrants, the Council of Ministers of B&H decided to situate them across Serbian villages in the Federation of B&H so that they could stay there permanently.

Greek-Albanian border region closely monitored

Despite a 31 percent drop in migrant inflows via the Greek-Albanian border since the beginning of the year, the European Union's border agency Frontex remains on the alert in Ioannina, northwestern Greece. 

Montenegro to Deploy Troops to Deter Migrants

Montenegro's government has authorised the Defence Ministry to deploy the army to help handle a migrant crisis, granting the military the right to deploy a range of joint patrols with police forces.

Minority wants act that declared them to be Croats annulled

The act, that was issued in the form of an order, states that all members of the Bunjevci ethnic minority in Serbia - regardless of how they declare themselves - are to be considered Croats.

23 years since Croatia expelled more than 200,000 Serbs

The operation resulted in more than 200,000 Krajina (ethnic) Serbs expelled from their homes in Croatia.

More than 2,000 people were killed or went missing, and the memory of a dozen kilometers long column of refugees who arrived in Serbia through Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) testifies to one of the most massive exoduses ever in this region.

Balkan Migrants in Germany Number 2.6 Million

Over 2.6 million of the 19.3 million people in Germany with migrant backgrounds come from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo, the latest census data from the German Federal Statistical Office, Destatis, show.

Croatian Police Accused Again of Brutality to Migrants

No Name Kitchen, NNK, an NGO that helps migrants and refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Wednesday on social networks accused Croatian police of beating a migrant and documented the claim with a photograph of his injured back.

It said its volunteers were dining on Tuesday in the town of Velika Kladusa when the man arrived and asked them to check his injuries.

Serbia, Montenegro sign cross-border agreements

According to the Serbian government, they discussed cooperation between the police of two countries in the fight against organized crime.

After the meeting, the ministers signed seven agreements and two protocols on cross-border transportation and border control.

"Two migrants found shot dead in northwest"

The victims were migrants who died from injuries inflicted by firearms, the MUP announced.

Pistol shell casings were found next to the bodies, "which indicates these people have been murdered," the daily Blic said.

Police officers are working to shed light on the case.

A prosecutor has investigated the scene along with the police.

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Migrants move into Radovan Karadzic's apartment

These reports quote neighbors who said the migrants broke into one of the apartments on the ground floor of a building where Karadzic's wife has her apartment, and then into another, where the family lived until the spring of 1992.

The neighbors claim they saw the migrants break into "one of the apartments" and stayed there.

State owned chocolate factory offered for sale

President of the Cuprija municipality Ninoslav Eric expects at least ten bidders.

"I expect at least ten companies to participate in the public auction, and on August 14, we will find out who the new owner of Ravanica will be," Eric told Tanjug.